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OPINION: Artist Online Prostitution  The outbreak of raids on Online Prostitution Nest Artists who have viral news lately, increasingly strengthen us all that cyber crime will indeed always be there.

Even far earlier, it has been conveyed to the young generation in the country that Social Media and the Internet besides functioning as a means of entertainment and information, along with various abuses, misappropriations and misuse, which have been very terrible not only cause material, property and even loss. Now the morality of the Indonesian nation has again become a gamble on the rise of internet crime cases and cybercrime that have returned to viral.

INTERNET CRIME : Your stay is decisive. What will you make with the internet. For the purpose of good or evil. You will decide yourself. Photo of Asep Haryono
INTERNET CRIME : Your stay is decisive. What will you make with the internet. For the purpose of good or evil. You will decide yourself. Photo of Asep Haryono

Anyone Can Be Anything

The rise of online prostitution cases for artists has actually been going on for a long time. Even the type of internet crime and misuse of Internet media like this is directly proportional to the increasing use of cyberspace and the use of the Internet for evil purposes and committing crimes.

For example: Carding, Hacking. Online gambling, SPAM, until now, is the use of cyberspace for moral crimes in the form of Online Prostitution, no matter you are a movie star, a famous artist, a top artist or a board not above, even ordinary people can arrogantly cheat in cyberspace . As long as you have certain skills and you understand the basic basis of social media, and the internet, you already have enough stock to do anything and become anything in cyberspace and the Internet

Facebook for example. One of the social media which according to the statistical data of users including many in Indonesia has always been the target of many people for various purposes. Facebook is now like a "night market" where there are many activities of humans or users in it with various purposes and purposes.

Some use FB to find a mate, sell online, search for affair, find victims to be cheated, selfie events and show photos of themselves, to political campaigns to blaspheme against each other. Anyone can do on Facebook. The threat of punishment is of course ready to lurk you: Information and Electronic Transaction Law for example

The proliferation of curbing and the arrest and arrest of suspects of the perpetrators and managers of Online Artists who have been rampant lately, I see it from many things.

One point of view that I am trying to discuss is a certain skill (skill) from the manager of the Online Prostitution of the Artist which is fair. I myself have never found a URL or address of a site that has become a source of "living" these cyber bandits.

Because Google, both the Overseas version and Google Indonesia, have applied lock (key) to certain keywords that contain elements of SARA, Sex, Terrorism.

On the other hand, Google has done a lot to "clean up" its features from submissions in the form of audio visual files, images and text that smell like I mentioned above. What I regret is why the manager of Online Prostitution wants to work for something that is not good? Where is the administrator's moral? Money? Big Salary from Pimps? Geez. If the money is above your head, then you will darken your eyes. As a fellow online site manager, I really regret this moral. You deserve to be pitied.

If you want to discuss it again this article is very long. The problem is complicated, and indeed it's quite complicated how the solution to solve it. The basic problem is actually just MORAL.

If your morale is good, of course you will use social media and the Internet for good. If your morale is bad you do whatever you want with social media and the internet.

MORAL Affairs is not solely your business, but it will also drag on the name of the nation if your morality is the image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. The case of online prostitution, for example, is already bad, giving a bad name for Indonesian internet users. This online prostitution is accessible to everyone on planet earth. The Nation's Name is a gamble too. Is this how the morale of the Indonesian nation becomes a cyber bandit, will we be proud of it? Of course not. 
(Asep Haryono)

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