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What Should You Take With You When You Trip To Bali  Bali is one of the most famous islands in the Republic Of Indonesia, and people around the world knew Bali very well, and that is why Bali is one of the most wanted and dreaming islands to be visited and internationally recognized. My very latest visit to Bali has been conducted in last December 14th to 17th, 2011. It was really long time ago but I was not able to forget the precious moments I have had like that. I  have uploaded many colorful photos in my facebook aslo.

However I have been visited to Bali for many years , but I have not been able to see its natural wonders, beauty beaches, tourist destinations, and cultural events around Bali. What I have known only around Kuta, Sanur and some other parts outside of the Island such as Karangasem and Buleleng last October 2010. I have had only small visits to some tourist facilities such as Jogger, Khrisna , Erlangga, Bomb Bali monument and little culinary journey inside Denpasar.

Enjoying Meals in the Hotel.A glass or orange juice and a slice of bread with switzerland butter is my fave breakfast. How about you?. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar
Enjoying Meals in the Hotel.A glass or orange juice and a slice of bread with switzerland butter is my fave breakfast. How about you?. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar

Most of my programs in Bali were administered and organized by Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) in conjunction with Kang Guru Indonesia based in Bali. All accommodations, travel arrangements, and every thing regarding the trip were funded by Australian Government through AusAID Jakarta. Today, I will never tell boring stories of my programs I have been through so far during my 10th visit to Bali which mostly about presentation , discussion and meeting.

However my trip to Bali has been done for many years since the beginning of 2005, I have not been able to see other beaches beside Kuta and Sanur and just little area ouside Denpasar such as Karangasem and Buleleng last October 2010. I have had only small visits to some tourist facilities such as Jogger, Khrisna , Erlangga, Bomb Bali monument and little culinary journey inside Denpasar.

I still remember when I visited to Bali between 5th to 9th Oktober 2010 , when I and the other 6 Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together in IALF Denpasar traveling and visiting to some AIBEP schools outside Denpasar. The AIBEP here stands for Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program) whose finance and funding provided by AusAID and supervised by IALF.

There were only Seven Kang Guru Indonesia Champions all across Indonesia which have been selected by Kang Guru Indonesia. The Kang Guru Indonesia Champions are Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Ririn Pudya (DKI Jakarta) , Keyko Sri Rahayu (Semarang), Fadil (Mataram, NTB) , Syahrir Badulu (Makasar) , Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), and me.

The funding for those AIBEP schools also available to all across Indonesia, including some places around Kalimantan Barat. The financial support provided by the AusAID programs which also part of Indonesia Australia Partnership (AIP) between the government of Indonesia and Australia working together in the field of training, basic educations and bilateral cooperations.

The AIBEP programs is intended to assist remote areas all across Indonesia in the field of basic education for SMP and SMA school levels by establishing physical buildings. The Australian government support this initiative which always in line with the policy of basic education programs conducted by the government of Indonesia

What Should I Take with me
See that is only a short review on what Kang Guru Indonesia Champions are for, and this is the time for me to tell you some simple tips or practical tips if you have planned to visit Bali for leisure , I hope so , or for business contact. The following tips are from my personal experiences during visiting to the island since the beginning 2005.

First, Letters of Identification
The first thing you have to prepare very well is about the identification letters to be with you all the time. The most important identification letters that should be well prepared are KTP or SIM which are still valid, and some other personal identification. Please copy all those personal identifications and left them at home.

Make some copies left at home, and also took some copies and put them in your luggage, some copies at your room in your hotel, and some copies are in your purse, wallet or pocket. It is not recommended and some people consider this very trouble. It is your decision to make them comfortable with you

Second, Glasses

The glasses especially black one is quite important during traveling or make some sightseeing around Kuta and some places around Bali. Based on my personal experiences there are lots of strong sun shine coming over your eyes. Wearing those black glasses for tourist in Bali are very common and lost of people did it for eyes safety instead of for fashion.

We often many foreign tourist in Indonesia are wearing the black glasses , right? Well, that is what I mean by. Wearing those black glasses are simply similar to protection for the eyes of the people for the strongest shine from the sun. It is recommended for those who wants to trip to Bali is preparing the black glasses. Many cheapest glasses and cool model available every where.

Third,  Hat
The function of the hat is similar to the number 2 above, as protection for your head and hair. It is not always, but the function of the hat is quite essential for traveler when walking down the city around Kuta and other cities around the island of Bali. The weather in the island cannot be predicted, and it is recommended to prepare appropriate hat for your own good

Fourth , HandPhone

I think this kind of cellular or mobile phones are very common to be with you every time in every where. Most of Indonesian and also almost all travelers around the globe using the cell phone starting from very basic and simple one until the most recent of those smart phones. The internet access embedded with the phone is not really essential and just simply optional.

You can access the internet almost every corner of the tourist spots around Kuta, and many net cafes, restaurants, clubs , tourist spots and many places around the city were already equipped with WiFi facilities, and free internet connections. Accessing the net from the cell phone is also common and that is optional. I will not recommend you to prepare for this since the net zone are every where.

Fifth, Battery

It is very important thing for photographer , traveler and every one, using the battery during activities which need additional power supply for notebook, digital cameras, cell phone and any stuffs which power are from the batteries. Please prepare some back up for your batteries from home before departure.

It is recommended for you to prepare rechargeable batteries model, and just simply plug them in the electricity circuit to reinstall the power and get energy for your digital tools. Once you have forgotten to bring rechargeable batteries or regular one, then you have to borrow from your friend, and the worst thing is purchasing a new one on scene.

Sixth, Money
The last one and one of the most important things to do is all about the money. You can purchase goods or services during on the location cash or using your credit card. For those whose money saved in regular bank, you may bring your own debit card and just take some money on your pocket.

When you are shopping, then you can simply use your credit card, using your debet one or just paying them cash. Lots of advantageous when shopping with credit card or purchasing them with cash money. Just be careful when keeping the money in your luggage and do not leave them when you are going out of hotel. Take them always with you and guard them.

A Video in Indonesia

I have recorded some of those tips in my short video at below. When I was in Puri Ayu Denpasar Bali last 2009, I took small video recording for you to enjoy. It is quite funny and unfortunately I recorded in Bahasa Indonesia, and I think some of you already understand about the language if you are from the South East Asia countries.

In the next posting , I would love to tell you some stories about staying in several hotels in Bali such as Legian Paradise , Bali summer , Puri Ayu , Segara , Adi Dharma and many more with some photos with them. It was really very cool and comfortable places if you could there for free. I was very luck to visit several times in Bali and most of my traveling arrangements, and accommodations provided by Australian Government through Kang Guru Indonesia.

Another recommendation when you are staying in those hotels in Bali, please take some important clothes or outfit in your luggage. You may also take some other fancy or fashion ones you like, but I did not guarantee you come home for nothing. There are so many interesting things in Bali to take home. You may purchase many souvenirs, food or merchandise. Make sure of those things are packed with your own luggage.

How about hotel's laundry services?. Well if you stay in Bali for four-day visit for example, then you can take clothes or outfit for those days. You don't have to use their laundry facilities which for me can be very expensive. I am a budget traveler, and every thing should be considered carefully for purchasing or buying. It is optional I am afraid. If you have enough budget, and you don't want to get any trouble, then you can laundry your clothes absolutely.

How about the language used in Bali? Well, don't worry about your English. Most of Balinese are speaking Indonesia, our national language, and in some cases they would love to use English if they have to , especially dealing with foreign tourists. You will be surprised to see the fact most of local vendors or seller in the Kuta Beach able to speak English and other foreign language fluently.

Our Bahasa Indonesia is very common spoken and written in all areas in Bali. As I mentioned before , please don't worry about the language. You don't have to force yourself to speak English even in Bali whose image are very famous for visitors all over the world. You could have used Bahasa Indonesia in every way in the island of Bali. We love Bahasa Indonesia, right?

Well, the last recommendation from me is that about food. If you are traveling around Denpasar, Kuta and other parts of Bali, please consider to eat at home or from your own hotel. I will not suggest you to take some food around Bali due to suspected materials such as pork and another unknown food around Bali. As moslems, I must be careful in purchasing "jajanan" or local cuisines in Bali. Those are what shoud I take with me to Bali. How about you my dear friend?  
(Asep Haryono)


  1. Seumur-umur saya belum pernah ke Bali �� Btw, majalah KangGURU masih ada kah, Kang?

    1. @Diar : Wah ini Diar yang mana nih? Teman saya ada juga yang namanya Diar. Ataukah Diar Duta Bandara kah? Btw Majalah Kangguru sudah tidak ada lagi bersamaan dengan Say Goodbye nya KangGuru Indonesia sejak tahun 2011 yang lalu

    2. Iya, ini Diar yg dulu di Duta Bandara, Kang :)

      Wah, udah lama ternyata ya KangGuru gak ada lagi. Saya gak update.


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