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West Kalimantan Journalists follow Safety Riding Education Astra Motor invited West Kalimantan journalists to take safety riding education for journalists in Pontianak's Print and Digital media at the HSO Main Dealer Training Center (MDTC) on September 2, 2018 attended by Kalbar journalists

This is done as a form of Honda's commitment to spread safe driving viruses at every level of society, especially West Kalimantan journalists. Along with the times, journalists have high activity and mobility. It is not surprising if journalists ride motorized vehicles to support their daily activities.

One vehicle that is widely chosen is a motorbike to carry out daily activities. Moreover, the matic motor is very easy to operate. But unfortunately, not everyone has an awareness of safe and comfortable driving for safety. Even though I already have a motorbike, in fact not everyone understands the importance of safety riding.

Photo Asep Harypno

TANYA : Susana kelas Safety Riding yang digelar ASTRA MOTOR diikuti sejumlah jurnalis dan blogger di MDTC Astra Motor hari Ahad (2/9) diselingi dengan tanya jawab dari para peserta. Photo Asep Haryono
QUESTION: Safety Riding class held by ASTRA MOTOR followed by a number of journalists and bloggers on MDTC Astra Motor on Sunday (2/9) interspersed with questions and answers from the participants. Photo of Asep Haryono
PRAKTEK : Instruktur dari team Safety Riding ASTRA MOTOR sedang memberikan penjelasan kepada para Jurnalis/Blogger tentang keselamatan berkendaraan di jalan. Photo Asep Haryono
PRACTICE: Instructors from the ASTRA MOTOR Safety Riding team are giving explanation to Journalists / Bloggers about the safety of driving on the road. Photo of Asep Haryono

Dony Adrian, Instructor of Safety Riding, explained that the Safety Riding Team regularly held safety riding education through the #Cari_aman campaign in all cities in West Kalimantan. One of the training agendas is for students, Honda motorcycle communities, and employees.

"Safety riding education aims to provide knowledge of theory and practice regarding basic techniques of controlling motorbikes, while also teaching to comply with traffic laws and good driving ethics," said Dony

Dozens of online and print media journalists from Pontianak, present listening to the basic theories of driving. Almost all Pontianak journalists drive motorbikes every day to work, from one location to another.

Surely the risks on the highway are very large they face. "There are three factors that cause accidents on the road, namely vehicle factors, environment and weather, and human factors. Believe it or not, this human factor is actually the highest cause of road accidents. More than 90 percent," said Dony Adrian, instructor's safety riding Astra Motor

In order to test the skills of journalists who participated in this activity, the riding Astra Motor safety team held a safety riding competition between journalists after obtaining theoretical & amp; practice from a safety riding instructor. Astra Motor hopes that the safety riding campaign can provide awareness for motorcycle users. This will lead to the emphasis on the number of employee traffic accidents
(Sumber : Team Safety Riding ASTRA MOTOR)

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