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Want to Review Military Food from the TNI - T2SP  It is common for Indonesian tongues to enjoy a variety of foods and drinks that are packaged in sachets or in packages. Even since I was in junior high school in the 1980s, food in packs already existed. Maybe you who were born earlier than me might have enjoyed it too.

Various foods that are preserved and / or packaged in packs have long been known, starting from processed food products ready to be served, foods that are ready to be prepared or served. Now, what was recently VIRAL, maybe I who rarely see it is ready to eat food from the crowded Indonesian National Army I see on youtube.

Fast food or food which is known in English as MRE or stands for Meals Ready To Eat from the Indonesian National Army (TNI) has many kinds. But what I often see on Youtube sharing videos is the type T2SP. Tenggo Tenggo Dua Sera Papa.

I have watched the challenge several times or the challenge of the video creators to present a TNI food review of this T2SP code. Try to see the photo of T2SP that I certify below. I took the photo from Google

BOX : Ini foto saya ambil dari Google. Seperti inilah kotak Ransum TNI Siap makan kode T2SP dalam kemasan box berloho TNI.  Saya sudah cek produk ini banyak dijual online.  Gambar dari Internet
This photo I took from Google. This is how the TNI Ransum box is ready to eat the T2SP code in the box with TNI. I have already checked that many of these products are sold online. Pictures from the Internet

UNBOXING : Now this is the photo I took from Google. This is how the contents in the TNI Ransum box are ready to eat the T2SP code in the box packaging with the TNI containing 3 Cans of Rice, Enertab, Enerkit, Minsertan, cutlery like spoons and Paraffin Stoves. Pictures from the Internet

Very Inspiring 
Now what do you think after seeing the TNI ration food product Ready to Eat the T2SP code that I have included in the photo above? Tempted not. I have just witnessed REVIEW of TNI food products several times, the t2SP code from Youtube alone can't stand it anymore, eager to try, try and want to REVIEW this cool TNI product.

I was able to ask one of the members of the National Police who was one complex with me at the Airport Ambassador Complex, his name was Haryo. He said that the TNI ration food was not circulating in the community. "Food is okay," he said to me on one occasion. Well, Haryo, he has an investigation, it turns out that his father is a former member of the Indonesian Air Force

And it turns out that MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) is also produced by many other countries. Call it the United States Army also produces this MRE. Maybe even they are pioneers or food warfare like this, also from other countries also produce MRE like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and others. I also saw the foreign country REVIEW MRE also from Youtube.

Now the TNI's Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) is of course Indonesian. As seen in the photo above after the T2SP Unboxing box contains 3 cans of rice or canned rice, various flavors, 3 packs of powder consisting of powdered fruit drinks, coffee and milk. Paraffin stoves, and cooking utensils.

Well, the Milk powder in T2SP really inspired me Hahahhaa. I now like to imitate milk powder in sacget packaging which is put into a transparent bottle, whipped into a shake and become MILK and ready to drink. Hhahaha. I admit, I'm very inspired.

Well, I was very enthusiastic to see the REVIEW of people on Youtube or the TNI Meals Ready To Eat product of this T2SP code. Especially when 3 cans Rice is a variety of flavors that are heated on a simple Paraffin stove, and watching the REVIEWERS try it, it makes you really want to. There is black pepper flavored rice, Rujak seasoned chicken rice, and various kinds of flavors. Waa really cool.

Aseli food, this TNI ration seems really good. And after I checked in several Online stores, it was a lot to sell this TNI MRE and not just for the T2SP code. The price also hits around 60K, and serves reservations online. How come I can't wait to want me to REVIEW the Food of the TNI Ration - T2SP.
(Asep Haryono)

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