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Experience Flying with Sriwijaya Air  Actually this article has to be aired after the first article goes online (not printed). But because of something and other things followed by the Birthday or the 68th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, finally Alhamdulillah once again the article which contains and is entitled "The Experience of Flying with Sriwijaya Air" can also be present.

Our family already has a return ticket from Jakarta to Pontianak by using the airline Sriwijaya Air Flight No. SJ1860, the destination of Pontianak is postponed (Delay) to 17:10 WIB.

In our ticket, boarding was supposed to be Boarding at 4:10 p.m. but it was finally postponed (Delay) until 17:10 WIB. I and the other passengers have been restless because they have to wait to be held. Even when we are allowed to board, we still have to wait for another 45 (forty five) minutes. Ealaa, if totaled, has waited for about 1 (one) hour if you have one of my fees.

Indeed, when everything was in the plane, I saw from the window (window) the plane from the glass looked dewy and probably more like granules of rainwater. My guess is that Tower might not allow the plane to take off due to unfriendly weather considerations. But Alhamdulillah, it doesn't feel 45 (Forty-five minutes) has passed. I and everyone can depart. Is the problem that we experienced at that time completed? Apparently not yet.

The weather in the Sriwijaya Air Flight No. SJ1860 plane for Pontianak city is cold. My experience of flying with other airlines does not feel this cold. From the roof of the plane I saw a thin lump of smoke that I used to find when I opened the hood of the ice box in the fridge. The thin smoke that I believe comes from the coldness of cooling adds to the nervousness.

Coincidentally my children (Tazkia and Abbie) don't wear jackets or sweaters. We forget that the children's talents and sweaters will enter luggage. So inevitably we have to find a reason so that children are not cold on the plane that was flying that night.

COZY  : Get a light snack on the plane. 1 package consists of dense raisin cake, and one glass of mineral water wrapped in a paper bag. Photo of Asep Haryono
READ: When taking this picture we just entered the seat of each of them around 17:10 WIB. Just entered, and the weather is still bright. While waiting to read and read the magazine. Read in place huh. Don't take it home Photo of Asep Haryono

Confused, I finally ventured to ask the crew of the Sriwijaya Air Flight No. SJ1860 flight attendant. "Sorry, if there is a blanket, the children are cool," I asked one of the flight attendants. "Sorry, sir, there's no blanket," replied the flight attendant. Huaaaaaaaaaa. I don't think, the airline should be

The reason for the delay was announced through loudspeakers as I captured the picture above. There are passengers who grumble and some are grumbling themselves. Naturally, I think. I myself am still layman and for the first time Sriwijaya Air, and only just flew first, has Sriwijaya Air been delayed, it should provide blankets for the passengers.

Helped by Good Man

In our ticket there are 4 (four) seat numbers of 15 B, 15 C, 15 D and 15 F. While the seat position or seat of Sriwijaya Air is only available 3 (three) seats both on the left and on the right. So with 4 (four) tickets, automatically one of the people will "bounce" or leave the group. I decided that I was the only one who sat "alone", while the Children and their bundles sat in a row.

You know, my children themselves sometimes like to get close to their father. While his father sat in the seat next to him. Finally, with permission from Crew Stewardess, and also got permission from the seat of the person next to me, finally our family can sit at the same seat, 1 group. In fact, in the Manifesto, this is not justified because it will be difficult if something happens.

Before taking off, our family still had time to joke, and joked with children. Well the name is also the children sometimes the words and sentences they say are certainly in accordance with their catching power. Sometimes it can make stress. For example, said Abbie. "Dad, is this a plane if it falls on the water? How about it? Can you swim, Abbie?" Whined my child. This sentence is what stresses the father who sits in front of and behind us. They gawed at us. Duh, don't talk like that, bro. Make people confused only

Get a light snack on the plane. 1 package consists of dense raisin cake, and one glass of mineral water wrapped in a paper bag. Photo of Asep Haryono

GOOD HEART: This is a kind-hearted young man who lent his shirt as a blanket to my sleepy little daughter to avoid being cold on the plane. Who is he?. Thank you for the help. May God repay your kindness and sincerity. Aminn. Photo of Asep Haryono

Back to the matter of the blanket. The plane had flown around 30 (Thirty Minutes) and outside the window it didn't look anything else. Black all. Because it's night flying. The cold was increasingly unfriendly on the plane, I was increasingly upset because all the methods had been taken so that the children who were already asleep were not cold.

Try looking at the photo of the young man I took the picture above. This young man spends more time praying. I take the picture silently with the lens not using the flash (flash) so as not to attract attention. When I finished praying, the young man who didn't have the chance to ask me for his name and address lent him the shirt that he wore (see the photo above) to wear for our little daughter, Tazkia, who was already asleep.

"Just wear my shirt, sir, make a blanket for your son. Poor him, he is cold. I still use the shirt inside. I also have a kid. Please," said this kind young man. I too, without further ado, immediately hampered the offer of this kindhearted youth assistance. I put on the box box shirt as a Tazkia blanket until the plane landed safely at Pontianak Supadio International Airport around 7:30 p.m. WIB. I also returned the shirt to the young man with thanks for his help.

When taking baggage at Pontianak Supadio International Airport, I have not seen that good young man anymore. He is no longer there, already not at the baggage collection location. All that remains is only the memories of his photos that I managed to take the picture silently while still on the plane.

If my brother, or my own father, who reads this blog, our whole family would like to say thank you for the help of your brother or father that night. Thank you for borrowing his shirt for the blanket of my child so it won't be cold. Hopefully the good of the father or brother will get a more beautiful reply from Allah SWT. Amii
n. (Asep Haryono)


  1. it's nice of this man to lend your child a shirt, it does not happen very often..

    1. Yes he is a good man. Thanks for coming


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