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Enjoyment of AREMA Malang Meatballs in Pontianak  Visiting the city of Pontianak at any time can easily enjoy various traditional markets and snacks in a city dubbed as the city of this equatorial earth trajectory. Almost all types of good supermarket-class culinary to the side of the road can be easily enjoyed. One of the snacks that makes miss is AREMA Malang meatballs. There is no need to go out of town to taste the soup, in Pontianak there is also.

I invite my best friend who happens to have business affairs in the city of Pontianak and will soon return to Malang. "Sep, there is an Arema Malang meatball here right? Can we go there later?" Pramono asked, who was really the Nalang. He seems curious to try whether the taste of Malang Arema Meatballs in the city of Pontianak is in accordance with the taste in Malang/

This story is a memory for me because of the Bakso Malang AREMA now has been moved to uknown area.  I did not know for sure how to find the Arena Malang Arema due to lots of similar Bakso Malang around Pontianak.

TAHU : Selalu ada piliham Tahu dalam setiap mangkuk Bakso yang kami pesan.  Boleh juga tidak sesuai selera saja lah.  Asyiik. Foto Asep Haryono
 There is always a choice of Tofu in every bowl of Meatballs we ordered. It is also possible not to use (know). Photo Asep Haryono
LENGKAP : Sudah tersedia sambel, saos sambal, kecap dan jeruk tersaji dimeja,  Pelanggan bebas memakainya.  Ini juga nilai tambahan untuk kedai ini. Foto Asep Haryono
COMPLETE: There is a sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and orange served on the table. Customers are free to use it. Photo of Asep Haryono
PANGSIT : Inilah yang saya suka.  Pakso Goreng yang benar benar pangsit yang digoreng. Bukan kerupuk pangsit.   Poin tambahan untuk kedai ini. Foto Asep Haryono
 This is what I like. Really fried fried dumplings. Not dumpling crackers. Additional points for this shop. Photo of Asep Haryono
MEGAH: Inilah kedai Bakso Arema Malanvg di kawasan Sungai Raya Dalam Pontianak diambil fotonya sebelum pulang. Foto Asep Haryono
STUNNING: This is the shop of Bakso Arema Malanvg in the Sungai Raya Dalam Pontianak area, taken a photo before going home. Photo of Asep Haryono

AREMA Malang Sungai Raya Dalam Meatballs
The time arrived. At around 8:00 p.m., I invited Mr. Pramono, an employee of one of the government agencies in the city of Malang to eat at the Malang AREMA Meatball shop in the Sungai Raya Dalam area. After we parked our motorbike in front of the shop, I and Mas Pramono took a seat that went a little inside. "It's good to just sit here, it's a little bit behind the wall, so you can concentrate on eating, hahahaha" he said. There is just this reason for Pramono.

I also called one of the employees and ordered 2 servings for a special Bakso Arema Malang complete with 2 glasses of medium-sized iced tea. Not long after the employee came to our seat and presented our order on the table. I also pay attention to every detail of the portion of Malang Arema meatballs that we ordered.

Before entering the stomach of both of us, I also documented it first. It's my habit, what was photographed first. Mas Pramono also noticed that I took the menu menu with the HP camera. "Kenaoa photographed?" asked Pramono. He asked me a quick question directly "I want to make a review, then share it on social media" I replied casually.

Taste as awesome as it looks
It was not until the next day that I asked about his impression of the Malang AREMA Meatballs which had been tested the night before. "In terms of taste, it is not much different from the street-level Arema Malang meatballs or on the roadside or by using two-wheeled vehicles that used to enter my complex in Malang," said Pramono. lime.

For those who want a brewing dish, there is a natural ACID taste sensation by using this Lime. Not the taste of ASAM that comes from CUKA.

So the element of returning to nature using lemon or lemon juice can be a wise choice. Another small note is the fried dumplings provided are really dumplings. Not crackers that resemble dumplings like most in certain broth meatballs in the city of Pontianak. Fried dumplings are not always identical to Malang Arema Meatballs. Fried dumplings are also suitable for chicken noodles even eaten with other organic dishes.

People now no longer need to go out of town or even outside Pontianak just want to taste the pleasure of Malang Arema Meatballs, because there are already many available at Malang Meatballs outlets in all parts of Pontianak city. With affordable prices and with a sense of grace, the city of Pontianak records its own history. Pontianak City will become a famous culinary center throughout the archipelago along with other big cities in Indonesia.

In closing, some notes that I can give about Malang AREMA Meatballs are listed as follows:

First KUAH is Number one
The sauce became one of the important points for my taste. If the sauce is fun and delicious for me, I have given the overall picture. The meatballs menu that I ate this time was bland. Maybe this is intended so that connoisseurs can add themselves how much MSG or micin they want to mix. If this is the purpose and purpose, I appreciate it very much.

Second ,  Large Comfortable Room
I had counted about 8 long tables facing each other with a long table in the middle. You can imagine how noisy this store is if in full book or full of visitors. A large, comfortable room is very well liked by loyal loyalists

Third, Good service
Customers can come directly to the cook and order the preferred menu. Customers immediately sit down and the order menu will be delivered after it's finished. Customers can also sit sweetly, and the East Java Malang Meatball staff or staff will come to your table, order an order and make it. This is a standard service in almost every meatballs that I visit

Fifth. Competitive Prices
For customers if a sense of comfort, good taste and pleasant atmosphere, the customers (customers) will not question the price. The average price of a bowl of Malang Meatballs in East Java is Rp.22,000, - (Twenty Two Thousand Rupiah) per bowl is quite affordable. 
 (Asep Haryono)

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