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Wise in Understanding the Nature Character of Men  I am interested in responding to an article or coverage written by Eny Kartikawati - wolipop which contains and is titled "Husband Candidates being caught  Watching Porn Videos, Women Cancel Marriage". Not to be curiousity, please read the news that I have linked the link above

There was a bride named Claire Dalton who decided to cancel her wedding because she found her bridegroom to collect adult film or pornographic film. Though the marriage according to the plan will be held in another week.

Claire Dalton's story was then discussed at the What Matters site, and he also told the chronology of the story so he made his big decision to cancel his wedding plans with the idol. The most surprising thing is that Claire Dalton only learned about the groom's habits after years of building relationships

"I feel like I've been cheated on. It all changes all of my relationships with him, including the happy memory we've made before. It makes me feel worthless and loved," he wrote on the What Matters website.

"Someone who I love and love so much turns out to be lying great during our relationship, it can even take longer. Instantly I feel like I'm dealing with strangers I don't know, not people I really understand," he wrote again.

Photo: Doc. Claire Dalton Facebook
Photo: Doc. Claire Dalton Facebook

As a man, of course I do not automatically defend the prospective groom. However, what was revealed by the prospective bride Claire Dalton who had felt hurt because she felt "betrayed" also needed appreciation. Naturally, if people feel angry because they feel betrayed, cheated or cheated. I feel legitimate.

But it is also necessary to clarify here that the nature of MENS throughout the world (although not all men are of course-ed) are happy with those whose names are pornographic. Men have always been seen as God's creatures who are most easily tempted by the temptations of women. Even if you want to be consistent, women are perceived as teasers.

The opposite is also often the case even though it is caseistic. There are also women who are also tempted by the temptations of men. However, it is generally the MALE that is in the spotlight because it is considered as the creature that is most easily tempted by the temptations of women. Need to be addressed wisely here because the basic character of men really likes the beautiful beautiful of a woman. Again, not all men are like that.

So if only the prospective bride Claire Dalton canceled her marriage plan with the prospective bridegroom, I personally responded with neutrality only.

The nature of men in general, as I mentioned above is indeed regarded as the creature that is most easily tempted by the temptations of women. Always perceived that way. Although, once again, not all men are like that. I need to emphasize this because if someone misunderstands or perceptions I can be beaten because my writing is considered biased. Absolutely not.

But the UNIQUE here is the habit of the prospective groom watching a blue film or pornographic film which is suspected to be his habit or preference. It should be noted here that habits (watching pornographic films) can have a negative or bad impact on one's mental development. I am also not a psychologist, I only explained what I knew.

If someone is addicted to watching porn, there will be many adverse effects that will be experienced such as the habit of masturbation, the emergence of feeling lazy to work until other actions that have the potential to invite crime. But if the habit (watching a blue film) is just a "HOBBY" or "pleasure" the prospective bridegroom, I think it's only natural because it's basically a man.

If the habit (watching a blue film) doesn't have any effect. Why did the planned marriage be canceled unilaterally by the prospective bride or Claire Dalton? I think, and this is my personal opinion, it's overblown in responding. Too rushed

In my view, who is also a man, watching movies like that (pornographic films) is just a bad habit, which can be little by little attempted to be diverted or replaced by good habits such as reading books, sports, music and so on. Everything requires a process. Just In Understanding the Nature of Men..
(Asep Haryono)

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