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Why People Hard To Get A Soulmate ?   This is one of my fave subject not because of the photo of the lady I put here is so beautiful and gorgeous, but also something wrong in their searching for the right man for their future soulmate.  What I meant here is a person he or she would like to be long lime partner which leading to a marriage. 

Some people here in Indonesia, particularly man, whenever and wherever he is, must be thinking of this lady.  By the way, I found the photo of this lady from one of very famous dating site, arabaian, just for a small research.  As I have told you before that I registered myself at arabian dating site NOT to find a woman.  I am a married man with two lovely children.

I just make a research for people connecting each other especially in relationship based on Islamic faith which have been shown by AlHaditsh and Holy Al Quran.   This is quite very interesting topic to discuss with.  For physical appearance, No doubt the lady is so pretty. 

The question is WHY does she cannot find a good man for her future husband?  How come with the beauty face she already had, still cannot find a good man for her soulmate?  I would like to discuss this stuff with you all, my loyal readers.  I would like to know your opinions about this matter.  What is wrong with the lady so that she has not found a good man for her future soulmate

Celine, 31, Algeria. Photo courtesy arabiandate

Muslimah : Don't Just Wait

Islam does not forbid a woman to pick up her soul mate. This is an endeavor that is blessed by Allah. If it is not matched, the effort itself has reaped rewards. A woman who has provided herself with religious knowledge, homemaking, and feels ready to marry must get married quickly. For this reason, Islam provides a way for women to find prospective husband.

There so many ways of Muslimah to find out appropriate man for future husbands such as asking for father to find one

Father, brother, uncle, son, and all men who are in the list of guardians have the obligation to find a candidate and marry the women in his trust. When they are out with this task, it is mandatory for the women to be reminded. These activities include the category of amar ma'ruf.

Asking a father / guardian is preferred rather than searching for himself. A father / guardian is usually more capable of objective evaluation in order to find the best prospective husband for his children.

The dominant feelings of women are often the source of reason and make it easy to be fooled by men who have intentional motives. However, the father / guardian should not hinder / refuse to marry his daughter without the sanctioned law of the Shari'a, when the child recommends his candidate. Allah SWT said "... do not let them get them married (again) with their prospective husband, .." (QS Al Baqarah: 232) .

You Could Have Offered Yourself

Islam does not forbid nor regard low-paid women who are willing to marry, not to dizinai. If a Muslimah sees the figure he considers fit as a husband, it is lawful for him to invite this man to marry.

Narrated in a hadith, a woman offered to marry the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) openly (in public). He looked at the woman from top to bottom, but did not respond immediately.

Seeing this situation, a noble companion soon stood up, "O Messenger of Allah, marry him with me." The Prophet replied, "Do you have something as a dowry?" Because of his poverty, this friend is only able to offer his half-dowry as a dowry. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa salam then married them with the memorization of the Quran as his dowry. (Narrated by Bukhari No. 5132).

As the last effort is making the most of any Muslimah dating site.  This is one of alternatives or solutions to those two options. Muslim women can also utilize Islamic matchmaking media to find husbands. Conventional media, such as through ustadz / ustadzah, to trusted online media are facilities that can be chosen.

You may read TIPS : How To Join Dating Site Safe And Secure

There are many Islamic online matchmaking media both international and local, including, Half Our Deen (HOD),, Rumah Taaruf,,,, and

Things to watch out for when using online services are the responsibility of service providers in maintaining member data privacy. This guarantee is important so that the site does not sell these data or use it for illegal purposes. To anticipate this problem, use a site recommended by people we know.(From different resources)

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