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When the Doctrine of Radicalism Is Embedded in the Family

SIMPLYASEP.COM Still warm some time ago was a coordinated attack on 3 pieces in Surabaya City carried out by suicide bombers who claimed dozens of lives and injured dozens of others. We all probably already knew that the suicide bombers turned out to be one family head or one family.

As reported by Tribunnews, National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian explained, the bomb blast in Surabaya was actually carried out by one family with Dita Oeprianto as the head of his family. Then the other perpetrators were Puji Kuswati (Dita's wife) and his four children. Two sons and 2 daughters.

Based on the news from Tribunnews, I tried to track it down on the Facebook network and it turned out that it managed to find the Puji Kuswati (Dita's wife) Facebook account, which one of the photos turned out to be suitable as posted on the Tribunnews website. The following is one of the photos taken from Puji Kuswati's facebook page

One of Puji Kuswati's photos with her child on her Facebook account page. Deliberately photos of her child were blurred or obscured to respect and maintain confidentiality. Photos from the Internet
One of Puji Kuswati's photos with her child on her Facebook account page. Deliberately photos of her child were blurred or obscured to respect and maintain confidentiality. Photos from the Internet

There is no Radical Impression
Well friends can all see a picture of Puji Kuswati who allegedly took a photo with her four children. Two sons and two daughters. This photo was posted by Puji Kuswati on January 20, 2014. This clearly shows that Puji Kuswati has stopped socializing Facebook media since that date.

In the photo it is clear that Puji is wearing a brown hijab, and uses glasses. Together with Puji, there were 2 boys who were already teenagers, and 1 boy who had a bandage on his forehead. Then there were 2 daughters who all wore the hijab.

"Mother cat and child cat share the sculpting without fighting ... Pinter huh ... He ... he ... Who likes to fight over food ???". This is Puji Kuswati's last post in 2014

The Tribunnews news portal mentions the two daughters of Puji Kuswati named Fadhila Sari (12) and Pamela Riskita (9) and 2 of her sons named Yusuf Fadil (18) and Firman Halim (16).

From the photo photos on Puji Kuswati's facebook account there are no signs without radicalism in the photo gallery and or the sentences, in fact there are many photos of their happiness and joy as a harmonious, unpretentious family. There is no sign of impression or charge of radicalism at all. At least that was in my observation of Puji Kuswati's Facebook account

Sadness and Concern: Children Are Sacrificed
Tribunnews said that the main perpetrator of the Dita Oeprianto Suicide Bombing had just returned to Syria where the memorandum was affiliated or became a way to the ISIS group.

Don't ask where Dita Oeprianto can bring a high explosive bomb. Did Dita mix, make and assemble the bomb itself because of her own intelligence and ability?

Or if there are certain parties who "capitalize" or "equip" Dita and her family members in the form of a deadly bomb that is ready to be blown up. This is only my guess. We are just waiting for the results of a thorough investigation by police officers who are thoroughly investigating this terrorism case.

I feel very sad. A feeling of sadness mixed with anger. Sadness and Concern: Children Are Sacrificed. I can't imagine how this family head like Dita Oeprianto was able to convince and explain his intentions and goals to Puji Kuswati and his four children to become suicide bombers

Perhaps Dita Oeprianto gave the doctrine of "JIHAD" to his wife and children according to Dita's understanding, and agreed and obeyed by his children and wife. In Islam there is indeed an emphasis that the WIFE must obey and obey her husband. But obedient and according to what was first, and that became a question.

Loyalty and obedience of the wife and her child are well used by this Dita Oeprianto. I cannot hide the feelings of sadness, emotion, as well as being angry with it.

Children who are supposed to go to school, are cheerful to play with other children, especially tonight is Tarawih's first day in the holy month of Ramadan 1439 Hjiriah, they are Dita Oeprianto's "victims" to be the same as suicide bombers. Dita Oeprianto, Puji Kuswati and their four children were killed because they blew themselves up to attack three churches in Surabaya City on Monday (1/14).

I am sad because I also have children, One of the victims of the suicide bombing was a 9-year-old girl who was the same age as my daughter. I feel very sad and grieved that there are 4 children who are funny funny that they have to die because they were invited to commit suicide by their parents.

This terrorist attack has nothing to do with religion. There is no religion in this world that tolerates barbaric acts like this. All religions spread peace and love friendship. Being a suicide bomber is an act of terrorism that is an enemy of humanity, our enemy all.

The Indonesian nation must unite together to crush cowardly terrorists like this to its roots. As ordered by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jowo Widodo, to the Chief of the Indonesian National Police to take firm action against every terrorist who clearly disturbs the security and unity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia to its root. We are not afraid. Let's fight with Terrorism together
(Asep Haryono)

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