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What's the meaning of a name

Photo from Internet
Photo from Internet

Photo from Internet
Photo from Internet  Just take a look at the above two pictures I have got from searching for Google.  Have you seen those pictures?  So sorry if the pictures written in Indonesia.  I can translate it into English as follows  {

Mendoan MIyabi.   Mendoan here is a kind of traditional cuisine from Indonesia. MIYABI is porn star from Japan. Many adult videos all over the internet, and Miyabi is one of the famous porn stars all across the globe. While "SD Negeri Bokong" here is actually a name of Elementary School in Indonesia.

The problem meaning here is the usage of the word "BOKONG" which can be translated into English as "butt" or "Ass".  Sorry.  From the above simple pictures as selected example, what do you think of it? 

What is the meaning of a name?

atecently in the group circulated photos or photos that seemed to play words but looked funny even though there was an impression that it was inappropriate to be disseminated. After I search on Google, there are many strange and hilarious name names popping up if I read them.

Before I discussed this phenomenon, it would be a good idea to include a few photos of the village name, the name of the school, or the name of the place that reads funny and funny. Photos or pictures are at the bottom of this article.

TOKET VILLAGE. Sorry there is no intention to discredit the word and or to hurt the feelings of women. TOKET here is Indonesian which  can be translated into English "Tits" or "Breast". As matter of fact (in fact) there is indeed the name of the Toket Village in Indonesia. Desa Toket is located in Proppo, Pamekasan, Madura. Maybe friends from Madura Bloggers and or those who understand this area can help correct or add information that is less than this short article. The reference can be found here

This reminds us of the name of the people in Indonesia who had become the subject of Netizen conversations like God. There are Indonesians named God, and he is an Indonesian, precisely Banyuwangi. There is also the name Syaiton in Palembang. There is even a state official who asks respectfully so that the person who changes his name is just there, but in reality there is. We certainly speak facts
Photo from Internet
Photo from Internet

Given Name Has A Reason
"What is in a name," said William Shakespeares, which translates into Indonesian as "what is the meaning of a name". Every parent certainly has the purpose and reason to give a name to his child.

I did not discuss the arguments of the argument or any legal basis related to the theme of my writing this time. Let the discussion be relaxed, and only limited to my personal opinion. Considering my limitations in the case of postulates and references.

Try it as an analogy is giving a website name or site. It doesn't need to be cool to remember people. It is precisely by giving names that are a little weird (weird) and other than usual, people tend to be able to remember outside the head. An easy example is Ebay.

Who would have thought this simple name felt like it was really cool, young or easy to remember. Giving certain names that are legible or strange sounds will be even easier to remember. This is my personal view.

It's so easy to remember that people can't realize that it's not what it really means. For example, parents often tell us to clean dirty clothes with Soklin. Wow, I mentioned the brand name, Hehhehe. I have already paid for it. OOpps. Well do you know that Soklin's name is a play on So Clean (English which means so clean).

Likewise with color vocabulary such as Red (red), Black (black), white (White), Gray (gray), and many more. There is nothing strange not because it is in accordance with the definition in Indonesian. Then what about Chohcolate? Why does translating into Indonesian mean relatively the same as "chocolate"?

Why doesn't Chocholate mean Burik, or something. Well it's not unique. What is the symptom of the language? Also other words like Pension (retirement), Perhaps friends and colleagues from the Indonesian / English Department can help me explain this phenomenon. How do you think? 
 (Asep Haryono)

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