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Trump Threatens Iran's Trading Partner Countries

washinton.  President ASDonald Trump made a strong warning to anyone who trades with Iran, following the reinstatement of sanctions against the country.
"Anyone who does business with Iran will NOT do business with the United States," the president said.

A number of sanctions re-apply overnight, and the harder ones relating to oil exports will come into effect in November.The Iranian president said the action was merely a "psychological war" of the United States aimed at "sowing divisions among Iranians".

The re-enactment of the sanctions follows the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, also known as the Iran nuclear agreement, earlier this year.The deal brokered during Barack Obama's presidency, making Iran limit its controversial nuclear activities in return for easing sanctions.

Trump said the deal was only 'unilateral benefit', which was a 'disaster' and 'the worst deal I've ever seen.' According to him, new economic pressure will force Iran to agree to a wider agreement. European Union, which remains committed to the initial agreement. has been loudly opposed to the US steps. They are determined to protect companies that do "legitimate business" with Iran.

Donald Trump threatens countries that continue to trade with Iran. (Reuters)
Donald Trump threatens countries that continue to trade with Iran. (Reuters) 

What does Trump say in his latest love?. He boasted "the most biting sanctions ever dropped" and stressed that next November they would increase it.

"I expect WORLD PEACE, no less!" he says.On Monday (6/8) yesterday, Trump said that Iran faces the choice of "changing the nature of threatening and disrupting and rejoining the global economy, or continue along the path of economic exclusion".

"I remain open to reaching a more comprehensive agreement that addresses various kinds of wrong regime activities, including ballistic missile programs and support for terrorism," he said. -- Iran: Trump is waging a psychological war
President Irani Hassan Rouhani said that the US government had "turned away from the path of diplomacy."

"They want to launch a psychological war against the Iranian nation," he said. "Negotiations with sanctions are absurd. We always support diplomacy and negotiations ... but negotiations need honesty,"

Rouhani also accused the Trump administration of using Iran a tool to gain domestic political influence ahead of the US elections in November.On Monday, German, British and French foreign ministers released a statement affirming that a nuclear agreement with Iran remains "important" for global security.

They also set a law intended to protect European companies that do business with Iran despite new sanctions from the US.

Alistair Burt, a British official for Middle East affairs, told the BBC: "If a company is concerned that legal action will be taken against it and enforcement measures taken against it by an entity as a follow-up to US sanctions, the company can be protected, according to European Union provisions. "

He said Iran would only continue to be talks until the US general election later.However, German truck manufacturer Daimler, which last year announced a joint venture in Iran, confirmed this week that it had stopped activities in the country.
(ita / ita)

Original resource : Trump Ancam Negara-negara Mitra Dagang Iran
Reporter : Ita Ita - DETIK COM
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