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TIPS : How To Wash Dirty Clothes with Orderly  For those of you who have a Washing Machine, there may not be many obstacles no matter how much dirty laundry in your home. But it will be a problem if you don't have a Washing Machine and or don't have a housekeeper at home who helps you take care of household chores while you are busy. What's the solution?

Washing a choir or even a dinner plate can be a problem if it's kept stacked and delayed washing. Photo of Asep Haryono
Washing a choir or even a dinner plate can be a problem if it's kept stacked and delayed washing. Photo of Asep Haryono

First , Wash when there is little dirty laundry.
Well, for the first tips, it's a habit to immediately execute dirty laundry in your home when it's still a little. Don't let your dirty laundry accumulate little by little until it finally becomes a hill and can't be dammed again.

If the laundry or dirty clothes have been cleaned (read: washed) while still a little, then you will no longer wash dirty clothes until 2 large buckets are full. Let alone want to wash, just look at it you might be "full" to cause laziness.

I myself have proven it. We must set the time, not the opposite time that governs us. I always try to clean up dirty laundry when it's still a little, and it's fine so there is no accumulation of dirty laundry that can make it lazy to do it.

Second , Separate laundry according to the material or color
Have you ever experienced while soaking clothes or dirty laundry in a bucket whose contents were mixed between colored clothes, with white clothes and there were clothes stained by other colors?

There are your favorite clothes that fade in color because they wear off and wear off other clothes. The problem will be more complicated when the clothes that are worn are the children's school uniforms, or white clothes that are covered by other dirty laundry. Of course annoying isn't it?

The wise thing if you will plan to wash dirty clothes while still a little (it could also be when dirty laundry is mountainous) is to separate dirty laundry laundry based on the color of the clothes. If there are school uniforms, children that are usually made of white or base material should be separated in separate buckets first before mixing with other dirty laundry.

Dirty clothes made from hard materials such as jean pants, levis, work clothes, it feels sore to squeeze it. Therefore give extra attention to clothing made from hard like this

Third , Make the "batter" of the soap before it is soaked
Often friends "immerse" a pile of dirty laundry or laundry in a large or small bucket and then put the water in the bucket and then sprinkle with detergent powder or a new washing powder and then with your hands rubbing the dirty laundry. Foam everywhere.

But remember that washing detergent powder taboos may not all "dissolve" when you rub them, and may "sink" on certain laundry from your dirty clothes. So that it will cause "stain stains" because there is a detergent powder that does not have time to dissolve when you rub it.

The solution is that you make a "mixture" or "mixture" of washing soap water first. The method is very easy. First, you prepare in advance a large bucket of enough water, but do not get too full, let alone "overflow".
Then give or sprinkle any brand detergent powder. Sorry I can't mention the brand name here because it can be considered a covert ad. Measure to make a "mixture" of this soapy water can use a special dose or spoon that is usually found in any detergent powder of a certain size

Can also use the palm of your hand. Just set how much detergent powder you will use to wash dirty clothes. Now after the bucket full of water is sprinkled with detergent powder, immediately "stir" using both hands or one of your hands.

After your bucket has changed to "soapy water" then put in the dirty clothes, and soak for about 15 minutes. Stir again so that your dirty laundry dissolves into soapy water. Well, thus, it is certain that your dirty laundry is all washed in water and exposed to soap all.

In closing, it is about drying the laundry. Now this is also the art. I have had experience while washing clothes in sharp colors like pitch black.

Long story short, when I washed the clothes in pitch black and when I dried them directly under the midday sun, it immediately caused my dirty laundry to dry quickly due to the scorching sun but the color quality of my clothes became reddish reddish. Well, the ends of our clothes are bad.

Therefore, if there is your dirty clothes (both certain types and materials) that are sharply colored like black, red, etc. so as not to dry such sharply colored wet clothes under direct sunlight.

This is important so that the clothes are not reddish in color due to direct sunlight. Put the type of clothing in the room that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Let your clothes dry by themselves because of wind assistance, and not because of direct sunlight.
(Asep Haryono)

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