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TIPS : How To Maintain Your Matic Motor Correctly

How To Maintain Your Matic Motor. Before I talk about how to maintain your Matic Motor. I would like to know first, do you use the Matic Motor? What kind of the Matic Motor that you have had?> There are lots of Matic Motor distributed to all across Indonesia.  There are lots of famous kind of the Motor Matic such as Honda, Yamaha, and many others famous companies.

The trend of the automatic motorbike is present in the year 2000 where up to now the trend of buying motorcycles is bigger and beating the motorcycle, sport bike. from year to year motorbikes always experience an increase in sales figures. even all motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia seemed to be competing to market their motorcycle like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. but as we all know using a matic motor requires special care.

Maintenance of motor matic itself is actually not much different from caring for a motorcycle. just like the Duck Motor Motor matic does need special care from its owner, moreover now the motor matic already uses a lot of injection engine technology where you will be required to provide extra maintenance especially the motor matic with more injection technology requires extra attention than the generation of automatic motor use Carburetor the importance of Tips and How to Take Care of Matic Motors.

The growth of motor matic in Indonesia alone according to a survey from a transportation agency rose 5% annually, this further proves that consumers prefer matic motors because they are simple and easy and Tips and Ways to Take Care of Matic Motors, from some of the many manufacturers that sell motorcycles in Indonesia like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki the name Honda Bear Fi makes the best-selling matic motorbike today with more than 984,276 units, and the second is Yamah Mio with sales figures of 307,357 units and number three is the Honda Vario series and underneath is the Honda Scoopy.

This is one of my own Matic Motor from Yamaha Mio which has been repaired a few days ago. Photo Asep Haryono
This is one of my own Matic Motor from Yamaha Mio which has been repaired a few days ago. Photo Asep Haryono

If you are a motorbike matic, surely the tips from us are very helpful and can be practiced at home so that the motor is durable, by taking good care of the motorbike it will certainly minimize damage especially as we know that when you arrive on a motorbike trip your friend dies or has engine failure it is definitely not wearing, especially usually it will take a long time to overcome the damage to the motor engine, now here are some tips and how to take care of the Matic motor to be durable.

1. Heating the Motor Every Day
Heating the motor is the way we usually do in the morning before using the motorbike, this is done so that the oil in the engine is ready to lubricate the engine so that the performance of the engine can be maximized, heat the motor for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes. electrically, it will certainly reduce the battery from the motor. if you feel enough don't forget to pull the gas so that the oil is hot enough from the engine.

2. Stabilize Gas Speed
Tips this time are usually often performed by automatic motor users, ie When the motor speed is in fast condition, do not suddenly reduce the gas or vice versa when the motor is in our direct low speed, gas without realizing it will damage the life of the engine. with an unstable speed open it will only damage the engine but also on the Fan Belt motor, for friends who do not know what is a Van Belt, van Belt itself as well as a chain on a duck motorbike or sport only made of rubber, try to replace it once every 3 years to minimize fant belt breaking up on the road.

3. Don't run out of gasoline

Tips and Ways to Take Care of the Next Matic Motor Most of us certainly refuel when the fuel is going to run out, but the worse is that many matic motorbikes have run out of fuel, whatever the reason this is not recommended because it would be very bad for the engine, always try your motorbike mate, don't show the E indicator on the speedometer, and try to use a full motor fuel to anticipate this. with a motorbike it often breaks down because fuel shortages are certainly not very good.

4. Oil Change Routine
This one treatment is very important and is a compulsory maintenance. For the schedule of oil change, usually the motor is carried out every 1000 KM and for the maximum transmission oil of the motor (axle oil) when the motor has reached 5000 KM. if you find it difficult to count with a speedometer, then you can do this routine maintenance every 2 - 3 months, do not forget to also use oil that is more lean to motor specifications, by changing the oil periodically it will certainly maintain the engine performance.

5. AKI treatment
It is very difficult to know the condition of the battery on the motor matic, surely matic motorbike users have experienced the motor having AKI Dead, with the death of the motorbike battery you will lose the power of the motorbike besides that the light will decrease, which is definitely when you want to live the motorbike must use the kick starter it will certainly be a little troublesome if the matic that you use has a big weight, then a little suggestion you can treat AKI in 7-8 months after the last replacement.

6. Check Vantbel and Roler

Tips and Ways to Take Care of the Next Matic Motor Van Belt itself as well as the chain on a duck motorbike or sport is only made of rubber, it will be very unpleasant if you experience a vant belt break on the road, because automatically the motor can not go, because the valve is vant belt so we strongly recommend that you make regular replacements to avoid this, don't forget to always use Original Parts so that your friend is guaranteed. if servicing the motorbike, always ask for the condition of the van and the roller

7. Periodic service
Tips and Ways to Take Care of the Last Matic Motor Usually on a regular motorbike matic service is to change oil, and clean the carburetor and set the motor, we recommend you to ask about the battery whether it is still feasible, Vantbel and rollover does it require replacement, of course it will the better if you use original parts rather than using cheap ones but the quality is still questionable, do periodic service for about 3 months keeping your motorbike performance mate.

Carrying a motorbike is definitely giving more driving experience than if you think of using a duck motor, as we all know automatic motorbike maintenance is difficult, one of which is compulsory, of course, is periodic service at special merchants for Tips and How to Care for Matic Motors, besides usually after 5 years the performance of the engine and components will decrease in addition it will be very appropriate if you upgrade the alias to replace a motorcycle with a new one of course every 5 years because after 5 years usually the motorbike will often need service and the performance will decrease.

Besides the tire change if it looks thin, the use of thin tires will usually be very dangerous because the thin tires will reduce the grip on the asphalt tires, if cleaning the motor also try to clean the brakes, especially the disc brakes that are usually used on the front wheels make sure interrupted in the clean brake, this is done so that the condition of the disc remains good. so tips from us regarding Tips and Ways to Take Care of Matic Motors to be durable, hopefully it can be useful for you. 
Original Title :  Tips Dan Cara Merawat Motor Matic Agar Awet
Translated into English by: Asep Haryono 

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