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The initial phase of the Rehabilitation process of the Babussalam Mosque has begun  Alhamdulillah. From the morning until the afternoon, Sunday (Sunday) August 5, 2018, the first and early stages of the development process and the total rehabilitation of the Babussalam Duta Mosque Kubu Raya Airport has begun. According to a report from Bendaraha, Babussalam Duta Airport, Mr. Sabikis Airport, that cash (cash) funds that are already in cash at the Babussalam Mosque are only around 250 million rupiah.

Indeed, if you look at the ideal plan, and have been presented in detail and complete in the master plan, the total rehabilitation plan and the rebuilding of the Babussalam Duta Mosque Kubu Raya Airport have been calculated by the assessment team and examiners from the relevant agencies will swallow more than 2 billion rupiah.

Various businesses have been carried out, and administrators of Babussalam Duta Airport Kubu Raya Airport have all out in collecting public funds and also funds that come from their own business and from among themselves namely from the residents of Permai Airport Ambassador Complex ranging from infaq sadakah, jimpitan piggy bank to requests for assistance in the form of cluste rclusters

RAME RAME:  Apa pun pekerjaan itu, jika dikerjakan secara bersama sama atau gotong royong selain menjaga silaturahmi satu sama lainnya juga dapat  menyelesaikan pekerjaan lebih cepat. Photo Asep Haryono
TOGETHER:  Whatever the job, if done together or mutual cooperation in addition to maintaining friendship with each other can also complete the work faster. Photo of Asep Haryono

SIBUK  Herman (Ketua RT Blok C Kompek Duta Bandara Kubu Raya juga "turun gunung" merapilhkan besi besi seperti tampak dalam foto ini.  Photo Asep Haryono
BUSY :  Herman (Ketua RT Blok C Kompek Duta Bandara Kubu Raya) also working and helping us firmly. Thank you.  Photo Asep Haryono

POTONG POTONG :  Besi besi berbentu memaniang ini kemudian dipotonh potong menjadi kecil agar mudah diproses ketahap selanjutnhya. Photo Asep Haryono
CUT  :  This iron-shaped iron is then cut into small pieces so that it is easily processed to the next stage. Photo of Asep Haryono

In the main proposal of the total rehab plan and the redevelopment of the Babussalam Duta Mosque, Kubu Raya Airport is expected to begin effectively in August and September this year.

Through this opportunity also on behalf of the Management of the Babussalam Duta Mosque Kubu Raya Airport, I would like to express my gratitude for the participation of the residents of the Airport Ambassador Complex, which although not all "down" have helped the community work in the initial phase of the total rehabilitation process and the rebuilding of the Babussalam Duta Mosque Airport.

Special thanks are also given to the surrounding residents, and also from the pacifists who have donated various food and drinks to the "workers" who have worked hard from morning to afternoon in order to realize the initial stage of the total rehabilitation of Babussalam Kubu Raya Mosque.

Starting from various cakes, fried foods (tofu, bakwan, mendoan, bombs), typical delicious Putusibau crackers, as well as various kinds of drinks such as Tea Water (Ice Tea), Coffee, White Water to Cincau Canned Water. Not to miss the fruit as a balancer of fiber and nutrition that day like Rambutan and also Duku.

Hopefully the acts of worship and sodaqah jariyah that provide food and drink for the "work" get a reward and change that is worthy of Allah SWT. Aamin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

We Still Need Support
Please Pray and Support for Mosque Development To all of you, friends, anyone anywhere, on behalf of the Babussalam Mosque Ambassador Kubu Raya Airport pray for and support all of you so that the process of building the Babussalam Duta Mosque Kubu Raya Airport can be realized and completed in accordance with time specified.

Donations in the form of material can directly contact the name below:

1. Chairperson of Babussalam Duta Mosque Kubu Raya Airport
H. Ahmad Farhan - Mobile 0858 2230 5123
2. Secretary of the Babussalam Mosque: Mr. Sugianto S.sos - HP 0812 5369 7099
3. Treasurer of Babussalam Mosque: Mr. Sabikis - Mobile 0821 5515 8616
4. Chairperson of the Construction of Babussalam Mosque: H.Rudyanto Putro - HP 0815 2897 4538

Funds for Infaq and Sodaqah in the form of cash (cash) can be channeled to the following accounts: MasjidBabussalam Duta Bandara Kubu Raya:

Account number. 1021258161
a. Babussalam Mosque

Account number. 7117073728
a. Babussalam Mosque
MANDIRI -min bank.

The organizers and executors of the construction committee of Masjid Babussalam Duta Bandara Kubu Raya have estimated that whatever funds will be collected later from all the hard work, God willing, keep moving forward until the realization of the Babussalam Duta Mosque in Kubu Raya Airport is comprehensive.
 (Asep Haryono)

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