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Spicy Sate Taichan   In general, chicken satay or brown beef satay isn't it? That's because of the combustion process and from the peanut sauce seasoning that is "bathed" into the body of the satay and then combined with the coals that burn it to become a brownish color.

Perhaps this one type of satay is different from the mainstream satay that is currently lively. Sate Taichan, that's the name. What is the specialty of the Taichan Satay, here are the notes.

One of the features of this Taichan Satay presentation is that it is served without the use of peanut sauce or peanut sauce at all. It sounds awkward, there is also a satay that is burned but does not use chilli sauce or peanut sauce in general. The body of the Taichan satay is left clean and baked on coals until the colored ones are kept as white as white.

As for "accessories" in eating Taichan Satay this is relatively the same as mainstream satay in general: Lontong. Packaging this culinary dish is relatively easy too. Lumuran sambel bathed in the body of Taichan satay is very tempting to the foodie to try to taste the sensation of the spicy Taichan satay.

Taichan Satay. Photo Asep Haryono/
Taichan Satay. Photo Asep Haryono/

After the Taichan satay is finished baking with enough heat and not too long (to maintain the white sensation), then it can be served immediately by adding other "accessories" such as lontong sayur, kerupuk, or fried onions. According to your taste. For the matter of taste it is not debatable.

History at Glance
Silvita Agmasari from KompasTravel used to find out the history of Taichan Satay on their travel stories. In 2016 Taichan satay had gained high popularity. Taichan satay enthusiasts are still increasing to this day. This is evident from the many shops or street vendors who sell taichan satay. Taichan satay itself is roasted chicken satay without soy sauce and peanut sauce.

This dish originated from a street vendor in the Senayan area, Jakarta and now spreads throughout Indonesia. Amir is a Taichan satay trader in the Senayan area, Jakarta who claims to be the pioneer of the Taichan satay dish. According to Amir, the taichan satay recipe was found by satya buyers from Japan.

"At first there was a couple who were Japanese men who were our women (Indonesia). I still remember the name of her woman, Inet. The man wanted to make his own satay. He gave salt to the meat with oranges (lime) and sambal. Then I asked 'What is this satay?' the person said 'taichan!', "Amir told KompasTravel at that time.

This trend makes the business of selling Taichan satay also more tempting. Like Sate Taichan Kemang which was pioneered by Lerry Mario in 2015, now has 12 franchise shops.

"For the franchise the package price is Rp. 20-25 million. In the Taichan Kemang Satay (located in Kemang) I can sell 1,500 to 2,000 sticks per day. With a net profit of Rp. 3 million a day," Rio said, his nickname is KompasTravel

Taichan satay can now be easily found in several locations, especially in Jakarta. Uniquely Taichan satay is always sold at night before dawn. One of the Taichan satay centers is in Senayan, precisely in front of the gate of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jalan Plaza Barat.  There are more than ten taichan satay sellers in that location. To find out more about the taichan satay, you could have seen video from KompasTravel in the show 'Mamam Yuk'. (
Silvita Agmasari)


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