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Special Food on Eid al-Adha

SIMPLYASEP.COM After returning from the Idul Adha 1439 Hijriah prayer, it is usually followed by enjoying a meal that is already prepared at home. This also applies to my home. That morning on Thursday (8/22) Eid al-Adhai after returning from Id Prayer, my family and I enjoyed a meal at home. What menus are usually "mandatory" available at home on holidays?

People say tastes are not debatable. Clear. My family's favorite menu during Hari Raya is also normal. Generally, rice cake with chicken opor, chicken satay, and also not to forget is rice complete with meat rendang menu and several other menus. There is no diamond this time.

Lontong sayur and opor ayam become one of the "mandatory" dishes that must be available at home usually on holidays. Actually, for days that are usually fun too, just enjoy a meal like this. However, the "sensation" is very different if you enjoy lontong and opor ayam dishes when on Lebaran Day like today.

The lontong and opor chicken menus are a kind of highlight in every Idul Fitri celebration in Indonesian families. A dish that seems "mandatory" is at home. However, all of this is returned to the taste of each.

Rendang. What is famous is of course the famous Pandang city with its global rendang menu. Rendang has been recognized by the world as one of the most delicious foods in the world, indeed coloring the culinary world in Indonesia. Each region certainly has a special recipe on how to process and present rendang, but the city of Padang is the winner. I also love rendang.

MENU LEBARAN : Menu sate ayam , sambel kentang dan lontong hidangan yang saya santap sepulang Sholat Idul Fitri. Tidak selalu menu seperti ini. Sekedar ilustrasi. Foto Asep Haryono
LEBARAN MENU : The menu of chicken satay, potato sauce and rice cake which I ate after Eid prayer. Not always a menu like this. Just an illustration. Photo of Asep Haryono

Rendang can be eaten with rice or lontong sate combined with potato sauce and rendang is also a suitable combination. Rendang for me personally is not suitable if combined with soupy dishes such as Chicken noodles or Meatballs. But it is not possible if this "mismatched partner" is interested or fans. It's legitimate. Not suitable for your tongue is not necessarily for someone else's tongue. As I have mentioned above, Tastes are not debatable.

The diamond. Well here is the menu of dishes that are "Lebaran" banged. It has become a stereotype in Indonesian society that celebrating Eid al-Fitr is identical to Ketupat, and therefore people often refer to and combine them as "Ketupat Eid". The way of serving can be directly "washed" with vegetable lodeh, sayur labusiyem or opor ayam.

Turn into an image or icon that can be included in every Eid greeting card made from either digital paper or Eid cards. Majid images and Ketupat Lebaran are very identical to each other. In other words there is no "ketupat" there will be no "Eid" and vice versa.

Sambel ati or potato sauce. Now there is a slight difference in perception about the word "Sambal". In Javanese culture it is usual to interpret "sambal" or "Sambel" as sambal or sambal ulek by using a mortar. The ingredients consist of fresh tomatoes, small red chilies (cayenne pepper), salt, shrimp paste, which are pulverized together.

But for Malay people, the word "sambal" is in the form of a particular menu mixed with chili which is then called Sambal or sambel. For example "Sambal potato", "Sambal Ati" or "Sambal Teri". If you have other information or more knowledge about the typical "sambal or sambal", please be informed here. I would love to record it -
(Asep Haryono)

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