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Smokking Is Not Allowed?  There is no secret that our Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Mrs. Susi, who is famous for her eccentricity, has announced that she will stop or at least reduce her bad habit of smoking. He apologized privately because his action was smoking on board the KRI Barakuda during an operation when he experienced fish thieves appearing on social media. Smoking once smoking is an old issue that we already know.

Although the adverse effects of smoking habits have been widely known by the public but still there are still hundreds or even millions of Indonesians who do not want to stop smoking. We cannot tell people to turn off their cigarette smoke in an area that has been allowed to smoke. It's different if people smoke in smoke-free areas, then we can ban them.

I have had experience when riding a Koasi public vehicle from Inkopol (Kranji) towards East Jakarta Cilitan a few years ago. In the Koasi there were many passengers inside the vehicle. I remember 4 women, and the rest are men. One passenger in the vehicle smoked. The smoke filled the room in the car. Some passengers closed their noses.

Some others opened the vehicle window with the intention of expelling the cigarette smoke through the opened window. Incidentally in front of me there was a TNI Officer who looked clearly from the rank above his shoulder, and the clothes he wore. The father asked the young smoker in the car to turn off his skirt in a firm voice. The young man might be scared and finally turn off his cigarette.

Smoking is not good for your health. Its not a problem with your habit of smoking or your hobby is smoking but if other people is suffering because of smoke from your cigarette, it means you have a problem. Photo taken from Riau Aktual
Smoking is not good for your health. Its not a problem with your habit of smoking or your hobby is smoking but if other people is suffering because of smoke from your cigarette, it means you have a problem. Photo taken from Riau Aktual

Very Confusing
Many forms of cigarette crime have already been known. Various information about the dangers of smoking and its impact on health and self and the environment have also been widely spread in various media. People already understand the adverse effects of cigarette smoke and smoking habits on health. It is directly proportional to cigarette fans or smokers spread and everywhere around us.

This is indeed a dilemma. We cannot, once again, forbid people from smoking because their own cigarettes are sold freely everywhere. Cigarettes are one product that gives a lot of positive contributions to the people. It's no secret that many Sports Scholarships and national sporting events such as Badminton, which many badminton athletes produce, are feared by the world all thanks to the support of cigarette sponsors.

This is a fact that we cannot refuse. Cigarette companies in the country contribute a lot to the progress of the world of Badminton Sports in Indonesia. I don't need to mention the name of the cigarette product. I think friends all know. Not to mention Cigarette companies absorb hundreds of thousands of workers. In addition to the cigarette tax which is very large and provides a fantastic income for the State Budget. If this is the case, the cigarette company is like a Hero.

According to Hasan Aoni Azis, the joint secretary of the Indonesian Cigarette Manufacturers Association said that if the Government's plan to raise cigarette tax rates had a negative effect on the national cigarette industry. He said this because the impact would be very large for his company. "When the excise tax rates rise, the producer burden will increase, because the company must add the deposit to the Government," said Hasan. (KONTAN Tabloid, page 15 February 6 2015).

If the cigarette company went bankrupt, aka Roll Mat. the supply of foreign exchange in the form of cigarette excise to the state will stop. Cigarette companies close so they will automatically "lay off" (lay-off) thousands of employees. This will have an impact on increasing unemployment in Indonesia. The more unemployment will be more complicated, the nation's problems will arise.

Do you want to quit smoking?
Alhamdulillah, I myself or no smoker, both active and passive. Unfortunately, I who or not these smokers also "enjoy" or are "forced" to enjoy cigarette smoke from smokers around me. For example, when in a public waiting room like a bus stop, there are many smokers around me. It is impossible for me to ask people to turn off their cigarettes. I could be scolded by people. Nekatisme is the name.

It's a bit difficult, too, I write down how or is there a way or we to stop smoking. Of course to get valid data I have to interview directly to those who are now smokers. There are a lot of my co-workers who in their spare time cannot leave their hobbies to smoke. "It's delicious. After eating and smoking sadaaaap. Try it," said a friend of mine who didn't want to be named. Hah, I was told to try?

If, for example, there are no more smokers or a minimum number of smokers in Indonesia decreases sharply, it can be expected that cigarette sales will drop very sharply. Cigarette Manufacturers will go bankrupt, Automatic Cigarette companies will go bankrupt and lay off thousands of their employees. So that you indirectly participate "participating" in creating new Unemployment in Indonesia. Will you accept the accusation?

Friends don't frown first if they are accused of doing so. The government itself is also questionable about its commitment to keep raising revenues to the state treasury to not focus too much on raising Cigarette Excise in projects called "excise and tobacco sharing funds" or known as DBHCT. Do you know this information? Yes, the Excise Fund is raised and taken by the Central Government and then distributed again to the regional government. Extraordinary.

Are the regions that receive Government funds transfers from the Tobacco Excise products those who have Cigarette Factories in their respective regions? What about my question: Should cigarettes be banned? Do you want to stop smoking?
(Asep Haryono)

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