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REVIEW: Bakmi Ayam Sedap Mie with Original Chicken Meat

Pontianak.   In this edition I want to review one of the latest products from Mie Sedap, the Chicken Chicken "TASTY" with original chicken meat. I bought this Chicken Noodle Noodles at one of the stores in the Pondok Indah Lestari (PIL) Kubu Raya area and also from Alfamart. The price is not wrong, Rp.7,500 per 1 pack.

I'm curious about what it feels like later. Because all this time I have enjoyed similar products but from different manufacturers but with the same product substance: Chicken Noodles. Chicken noodle products in the box that I have reviewed are Bakmi Mewah. I have published the review.

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Before I processed it to become a Prepared Chicken Noodle, the first thing I did was UNBOXING from Mie Sedap "TASTY" Chicken Noodles with this Original Chicken Kriuk. After I opened it and took out the contents, I got a few items for completing this item of "TASTY" Chicken Noodle Noodle

1 pack the contents of the chicken noodle itself
Ketchup, Sambal Sauce, and Oil
Kriuk Ayam Aseli which is very crisp
1 pack of original chicken meat
Salty soy sauce 

    TASTY : Inilah satu kotak Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam saat masih dalam segelnya. Siap direview. Foto Asep Haryono
    TASTY : This is a pack of Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam before unboxing. Foto Asep Haryono

    UNBOXING  : Saat isi kotak Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam dikeluarkan isinya untuk dibedah dan direview.  Banyak ya.  Foto Asep Haryono
    UNBOXING  :  When a pack of Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam has been released from its box for review reasons.  Foto Asep Haryono

    SIAP SANTAP  : Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam dengan daging ayam asli siap di santap.  Foto Asep Haryono
    SIAP SANTAP  : Mie Syedap "TASTY" Bakmi Ayam with real chicken meat is ready to serve.  Foto Asep Haryono

    Serving Method
    I think the average of all Chicken Noodles in Box packaging such as Noodles "TASTY" Chicken Noodles with Native Chicken is the same as other packaged Chicken Noodles. The average fixed procedure (Protap) is relatively the same, namely the first time by boiling water to cook Chicken Noodles with a sufficient amount of water then cook until boiling.

    Second, remove Chicken Noodles from the Box Box. Take out all the contents of the "TASTY" Mie Noodle box with this original chicken and separate it from the table. Prepare the AYam Noodles first. Well after that the water in the pan has boiled, then just enter the chicken noodles. All seasonings are separated first. Once it feels quite soft and cooked (don't overcook it because it will taste soft), drain

    Kandungan Gizinya. Foto Asep Haryono
    Nutritional content Of a Piece of Bakmi Mewah. Foto Asep Haryono

    Third, pour the cooked chicken noodles on a flat plate. Avoid using plastic plates because it can pose a risk of plastic plates will release chemicals.

    Use a plate of glass to be sturdy and heat resistant. After the noodles are served on a plate, then put all the spices that have been prepared, and also sprinkle 1 packet of Aseli Chicken on top. Don't forget to stir it first so that the seasoning seasoning is evenly distributed, then sprinkle 1 pack of real Chicken Meat on it.

    Assessment: Worth recommending
    From the taste of Mie Sedap, the "TASTY" Chicken Noodle with original chicken meat is generally delicious. However, from the aroma or smell typical of conventional Chicken Noodles (Chicken Noodles with Carts, or mobile Chicken Noodles), it is still clear that the chicken noodles or chicken noodles are more pronounced with carts that we usually temuo on the side of the road.

    The "typical" Chicken Noodle aroma compared to similar products "Bakmi Mewah" and also the original chicken meat is still superior to the Luxury Bakmi with the original chicken meat. Chicken meat flavor (Semur native chicken) is relatively the same. Likewise with the completeness of chicken noodles such as chili sauce, vegetable oil, soy sauce, and dried vegetables. For Sedap Noodle, "TASTY" Chicken Noodles with original chicken meat, there are no vegetables.

    After I tried my own Mie Sedap, the "TASTY" Chicken Noodle with original chicken meat, then I felt quite comfortable with this product. One of the uniqueness of the Mie Sedap product, the "TASTY" Chicken Noodle with aseli chicken is the crunchy original chicken crispy and of course krispi. Try the Mie Sedap, the Chicken Noodle "TASTY" with original chicken meat and feel the crunchy sensation 
    (Asep Haryono)

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