Wonderful experience Staying at All Seasons In Denpasar

www.simplyasep.com  Traveling to Bali is so much fun especially for those whose best hobby is traveling and this happened to me a lot. The island of GOD, or well-know as Bali, the most important and one of the most famous islands in the world, just like my third motherland instead of Jawa, and West Kalimantan.

The first island was the place where I was belonging, the second one was the place where I was staying now.

I was so lucky to visit the island many times since the beginning of 2005 until the end of December 2010. Perhaps ten times visiting to Bali,. awesome right.

According to my travel notes, there are lots of hotels in Bali that I have been staying since 2005 until the end of 2010. The following hotels I used to visit were Legian Paradiso Hotel, Adi Dharma Cottage Legian, Hotel Puri Ayu Denpasar, Puri Dalem Hotel Sanur, Hotel FAVE Kuta, Ratna Beach Sanur, Puri Kelapa Garden Sanur, Hotel Bali Summer Kuta, Segara Agung Hotel Sanur, and Pop Harris Kuta. Insya Allah I will tell the stories in the future, Insya Allah. I am not promising.

My latest visit to Bali happened in 14 t0 17 December 2011 along with the other six Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together again at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) building located in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali. The main program we did together during that period of time was helping the Kang Guru Indonesia pack up in the office including a small nasi kuring and farewell party. Today's stories was about the hotel we are living in, All Seasons Bali.

RELAX : Relax in at lobby of All Seasons Denpasar Bali. Relax way just wearing a short dress. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar

A glance of All Seasons Denpasar Bali

All Seasons Legian Bali located in Jl. Padma Utara Legian 80361 Legian Bali. I could have searched the whole area of the hotel during me and the other Kang Guru Indonesia champions stayed in the hotel last 14 t0 17 December 2011. I have planned to search the whole area in the hotel but hardly find the spare time there at the time. Since it was a great pity that I was not able to.

Free Wi-Fi in all areas including in our room. Unlimited Wifi access included in the price of my room. Other facilities are double beds, plasma or LCD TVs, good breakfast, Tea and Coffee free available in the hotel. At all seasons , the screen are flat and the beds are big. Other facilities I saw were the swimming pool (I cannot swim remember-red) , restaurants, and many other excellent services.

I have AA Club member and I supposed I will get the plain reward for this, unfortunately, the staff of the hotel confirms that I will not get anything due to the hotel arrangement conducted by my agency, Kang Guru Indonesia. I think I can accept it, based on my trip arrangement, everything has been controlled and conducted by Ogi Yutarini, project coordinator from Kang Guru Indonesia. We just take it for a grant.

Cool Room
The hotel has been officially launched in October 1st, 2011 on Saturday by the mayor Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra SE.Msi, and I could read from the banner inside the lobby at the hotel. According to the official website of all seasons, they clearly stated the total number of the room was 113 which consists of 78 superior rooms with a modern influence and 29 deluxe rooms.

ROOM : Syahrir Badulu (Kang Guru Champion Makasar) entered our room at All Seasons Denpasar Bali. He was my room mate any time in Bali. Photo by Asep Haryono/Kang Guru Champion Pontianak

COOL: TVs set with free WIFI facilities are some of the facilities you will get when staying at All Seasons Denpasar Bali. Photo by Asep Haryono/Kang Guru Champion Pontianak

BED : Double bed rooms available in every room with every price. I love green color very much indeed. Photo by Asep Haryono/Kang Guru Champion Pontianak

WRITE: Sitting in a relaxed way, typing my travel notes at night with a cup of coffee and good friends. Wonderful life. Photo by Asep Haryono/Kang Guru Champion Pontianak

I have taken some photos during my stay at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali on this posting. All photos were originally taken by me using Canon Coolpix 12 Megapixel, unfortunately, I forgot the name of a type of the camera. Telling you the truth that the camera did not belong to me. I borrowed the camera from Mr Ngatiran, a staff at FKIP Untan in Pontianak. You can see the photos above and below at the same time.

I did not use the laundry facility available at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali . I could have taken your clothes for laundry services anytime you feel like it. If you want to use the facility with your own need, is all up to you. Based on my traveling experiences, I always count the day of the visit with the number of clothes I would like to wear on.

Nice Restaurant

Food and meals every one? Well, this is one of my fave subjects regarding food and meals during traveling. Instead of having meals outside of the hotel where we live in, we may also use all the facilities for the guest including having meals at the restaurant inside the hotel. This happened to me and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali.

FOOD: We can select any food we would love to have at this restaurant. This is a photo I took at the 
All Seasons Denpasar Bali . Don't forget to show your meal coupon before entering the restaurant. Photo by Asep Haryono

FRIENDS OF MINE : From left to right : Suryadi (Champion Madura) , Keyko Sri Rahayu (Champion Semarang), and Saptari Wibowo (Champion Medan) were having breakfast at the restaurant. Can you see a man with glasess sitting behind them? That is Syahri Badulu from Makasar, and I was sitting in front of him. Photo by Asep Haryono/Pontianak

SO GOOD : There always a glass of orange juice each time I was having meals in Bali. This is an example of the food I ate during my days at the restaurant inside of the 
All Seasons Denpasar Bali . Back from Bali, I got one kilo heavier than before. O noo. Photo by Asep Haryono

We used a meal coupon or meal voucher at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali. We have been staying at the hotel for three days, and it also mean that we have had three primary meal coupons for the days. One single meal coupon is valid for the day and for the two of us. You only just show your meal coupon to the staff or guard at the restaurant. You may also tell the number of your room for their database. The following were photos I have taken during having meals at the All Seasons Legian Bali.

A glass of orange juice will always become my priority whenever I was having meals. I love it due to the taste was so fresh and healthy drink ever, and a friend of mine, my roommate, Syahir Badulu from Makasar , would love to drink the same orange too. What kind of food do you like? Well, I would love to eat nutritious food with good taste too.

When staying at Legian Paradiso Hotel located in Kuta in 2007, I always love to have bread with Switzerland butter along with Pineapple and Strawberry jam together. The butter was really good, soft and healthy. I would love to have the bread toasted and sometimes without roasting them. With a slice of the bread only, I was feeling more than enough for the day.

They're always available to grab too, Coffee and milk. You can taste both of the drink altogether if you want. I really do not like drinking too much coffee especially the black one. I prefer milk to coffee, especially with low-fat ones. I did not want to get my body heavier due to having too much food. Unfortunately, I got one kilo heavier after I have returned from this trip. Oh no

Wonderful Experiences
The location of the All Seasons Denpasar Bali was very perfect for local traveler like me too. This is because the location was very close to markets, shopping malls, local restaurants, and Legian famous beaches. I would love to hang around the beach especially around Kuta Beach and also other parts of Bali if I got the chance to do so.

I found an art shop also available at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali here, but I supposed there was not more I can do at this section due to I was not able to get the place for my busy and tight schedule during my programs at the hotel. I recommend a friend of mine, Syahrir Badulu from Makasar , to comply with this section, and asked him whether he would like to go shopping on the art shop.

We were impressed also with the speed and internet connection we got from the hotel, WIFI, which very comfortable and accessible from our room at the hotel, and we made the most of the facilities to support our online activities at night. Could I add however that we always return to the hotel especially by night and we would love to use the WIFI only at night? The WIFI facilities at the All Seasons Legian Bali was excellent.

BYE : See you again in Bali. I was standing in front of the All Seasons Denpasar Bali. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar
Having discussed with him in our room at the hotel, we decided to go shopping at different locations outside of the hotel, such as Jogger , and Erlangga 2 by taking one cab from the hotel to those locations. It was very easy to get the cabs from the hotel, and the staff of the hotel would love to help you find the cabs. The BlueBird cab group will always become our main transportation to anywhere else in Bali, and we would love to use the cabs each time in Bali.

I and my friend, Syahrir Badulu from Makasar, were very impressed with the well warm and hospitality from the staff of the All Seasons Hotel Denpasar Bali, and they would love to inform us anything regarding the hotel rules and facilities for their guest, like us, to stay comfortable at the hotel. We have had very wonderful experiences in staying at the All Seasons Denpasar Bali which we cannot forget 
(Asep Haryono)

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