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Remembering the DALNET MIRC Victory

I know the Internet is still considered new. Maybe in the era of 2001 if not wrong. That is because I work part time job at an Internet shop inside the campus of Tanjungpura University (UNTAN), the only state university (PTN) in the province of West Kalimantan. The name of the internet shop is KOPMA UNTAN, which means Tanjungpura University Student Cooperative.

When working as one of the Biliing staff at Warnet, I became acquainted with a chat room platform called the MRIC or an extension of the Microsoft Internet Relay Chat at a time when it was very booming. It's not bad if it's not ceting (read: chat) with MIRC, he said hahaha.

Usually every internet cafe there must be one or more fanatics who can pick up from morning to morning again. While working as an internet cafe user, I also recorded income and receipts from internet cafe visitors. The name is also the billing section. While occasionally going to the user's desk if they have difficulty operating the ceting. I still remember that my nickname was @borneo who had used the conde in front of the nick.

KENANGAN : Saat saya masih kerja sebagai petugas Billing di warnet KOPMA UNTAN di tahun 2001 yang lalu. Sudah lama memang. .Dokumen fotonya masih ada juga ya.  Foto dokumentasi pribadi
When I was working as a Billing officer at KOPMA UNTAN internet cafe in 2001. It's been a long time indeed. The photo document is still there too. Photo of personal documentation
Server MiRC Dalnet. Gambar dari Internet
Seperti inilah Tampilan Chat Room MiRC.  Gamba dari Internet
This is what MiRC Chat Room looks like.  from the Internet

The one who ever wants MiRC usually knows what is "conde" in front of our chat username. That is the name "office" at the level of an operator who can crack or memBAN members in a channel. At that time "hung up" I was mostly in the #america channel commanded by @kuddels who was an Australian native as the super operator at that time. It's funny too. Channel #america but the founder is Australian.

There is a unique story too. As a fellow operator on the @america channel, there seems to be an Indonesian operator, too, if one of usernamenya is @susie (coincidental person-red) finally edited (married-ed) with @kuddels earlier. That is to say they are married real, and it is said that the latest news they both settled in Australia.

Now there have been many stories of couples who managed to get married because of cyberspace. There are those who know from Facebook then meet and get married too much. So don't tell the bad side of the social networks that are a lot of media blow up. It is only up to all of us. How to react, and wise in using it. Being aware of Internet crime must, of course, be closely watched.

Successful romance stories and deciding to have a family because of encounters in cyberspace are also often written by many people. There are still many more cries in MiRC Dalnet, which if peeled (fruit peeled) will not run out, like downloading songs via MiRC, guessing guessing, even war aka war can pass through MiRC.

Now the use of Chat Room today is increasingly diverse with features that are far more sophisticated such as Chat Rooms through Facebook Messenger, WhatsAp that can send video, pictures and telephone, BBM, Line and Instagram. The more rich the fun features for chatting. Now what about the fate of MIRC Dalnet now? Are there still users? I don't know. You tell me

I don't know whether the chatroom platform on MIRC is still in existence or is still in use today. Please enlighten from friends all right. (Asep Haryono)

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