Opportunity To Follow ARBITRASE With Capital Just 0.01 Bitcoin At Aitrades.co

The meaning of the word Aitrade, TRADE means the sale and purchase exceeds conventional business. Ai means Artificial Intelligence in a technology platform. It is a member community that makes a revolution in digital money exchange globally. This opportunity comes from Kiev, Ukraine and please visit.
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3 Principles of Making a profit from aitrades.co :

  1. The difference is in aitrades.co, we don't do it alone, but supported by the software Aitrades. Co, which was built by the team with more than 14 years of experience automatically, there is an opportunity for many people to trade electronic money (COIN) without having deep experience or market analysis capabilities.
  2. There are automatic facilities in the United States 24 hours in the AI ​​Rot platform successfully choose this coin-coin.
  3. Already there are producing ATM bitcoin crypto.

With these three foundations, aitrades.co provides daily profits in bitcoin (depo and wd in btc). Investors receive 100% profit, no trading fees are charged. After making a deposit and agreement, it takes 7 days to start receiving daily profits and Monday manually must click Robot Arbitrage at your back office arbitrage
Available packages :

  1. Paket LV1, 0,5 – 0,99 BTC, admin USD 49,99.
  2. Paket LV2, 1 – 2,99 BTC, admin USD 99,99.
  3. Paket LV3, 3 - 4,99 BTC, admin USD 149.99.
  4. Paket LV4, 5 BTC ke atas, admin USD 199,99.

All of these packages receive benefits for 365 days including capital.
The first meeting after starting to distribute profits August 15 2018 will be an event on September 16, 2018 in Japan and then in Seoul, South Korea and other countries.
Please lock your position right now, this is proof of agreement and don't miss www.aitrades.co your current position, this is proof of agreement and do not miss www.aitrades.co
Marketing plain aitrades.co :
  1. Direct Sponshor 
    LV1, 8%
    LV2, 9%
    LV3, 10%
    LV4, 11%
  2. Level Commission
    LV1, Level 2-3 dapat 2%.
    LV2, Level 2-3 dapat 2%, Level 4-5 dapat 1%.
    LV3, Level 2-3 dapat 2%, Level 4-5 dapat 1%, level 6 dapat 1%.
    LV4, Level 2-3 dapat 2%, Level 4-5 dapat 1%, level 6 dapat 1% ,Level 7-9 dapat 1%, level 10 dapat 2 %
  3. Bonus Binary Sponsor 1 di kiri dan 1 di kanan LV1-LV2-LV3-LV4 semua 10%.. Maximum payout harian 20 BTC.
  4. Bonus Matrix 3x15
    LV1  – Monthly fees 0,01 btc
    LV2 – Monthly fees 0,015
    LV3 – Monthly fees 0.020
    LV4 – Monthly fees 0.025
Experience has proved teamwork is the most important in addition to product and company. After register aitrades.co please join in whatsapp group +6281331603988 and telegram

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