My Reply To Janna, 40, Ukraine

Janna, 40, Ukraine. Photo courtesy arabiandate

Hello! Never stop smiling, even if you are very sad, someone can fall in love with your smile! Did you fall in love with my smile? ))))

 As you know I have only one chance to write to you and draw your attention…then everything will depend on you….

My interest and my intentions are sincere. Happy is he who can see the beauty in ordinary things, where others can not see anything! Everything is fine, you just need to be able to look at me.

Look narrowly at me !!!! And I will show you the most colorful rainbow, the brightest star, the most affectionate sun .... We will enjoy life together, always and everywhere 

Answers :

Hello Janna

First of all, I cannot close my eyes to the fact that you are such a beautiful lady I have seen on the net. I am not sure of that is really you.  What I mean is., I am not telling you that is a fake photo of you. I cannot beliave anything on the cyber world actually.  I am sure of you are honest on your photo.

You are gorgeous actually. I cannot deny it

I did not hope my profile at arabiandate will be like this.  To be honestly, I just make a research for this case.  A small research just like social experiment on people engages connecting with other people over a dating site just like at those members listed in arabian date.

I would like to apologize for my profile in the dating site which actually fake in every way.  I have put fake photos, address and some information about me myself.  I would like to apologize if this make you feel so bad.  I don't have any intention to hurt anyone else or give a fake hopes.

Beside, I am not upgrading my membership at the Arabian date, so I am not able to write down this reply to you directly.   If I have purchased the credit or membership at the dating sites., I will certainly be able to contact directly to your inbox.  I am so sorry that I am not interested in upgrading the membership of the dating site.

This is Internet.  People can find me in certain way.   People around the globe could easily find me with certain keywords or google searching devices.  Who knows people in your areas, or people in your neighborhoods can find me on this site, please read this answers.  Who knows they can forward this messages or replies to you eventually.

One of my logical reasons that I put fake profiles at the arabian date is about English language.   I have been learning the English language more than 12-years , and I would love to improve it in every way.  By learning any replies from members of the dating site I have received in my inbox at the site, I will have many opportunitis to analyze and learn the English language they are using. This is  one of the most exciting ways of learning English for me.

One but not least, I do confess that this can be an easy way of getting new and fresh content for my blog.  I will use your reply which can be sure of using English, as fresh materials to complete and enrich the variety to my contents of my blog along the way.    You may say this is a cheating way.  I can accept that

Good luck with your searching. Hopefully you will find someone you love and ready to be with.  I pray for you. 
(Asep Haryono)

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