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Is It Possible For World To Exist Without United States Presence?

Measuring Indonesian and American Relations After US Unilateral Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

After Donald Trump, president of the United States, unilaterally announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the United States has been like a "crowd" crowded by the international community. History records that the future of the city of Jerusalem will be determined by direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israeli occupation. Why is it called occupation, because Israel has intentionally annexed Palestinian territories for a long time.

If you look at the background of the unilateral recognition of the United States that was "represented" by its President, Donald Trump, because of the promises made by Trump to his supporters. One of Donald Trump's promises in the struggle for the seat of the President of the United States with his traditional rival, Hillary Clinton, is the recognition of Israel as the legal owner of the city of Jerusalem. And now after Trump is elected, he also carries out his "promise".

In its latest development, the State Countries that are members of the UN General Assembly number 128 countries where Indonesia is in it compact supports a UN resolution to urge the United States to withdraw its statement recognizing Israel as the Capital of Israel. It is a pity that the actual resolution is not binding (because it does not originate from the Security Council resolution) in a landslide Veto by the United States. Thus the resolution can be postponed and or is considered non-existent.

DONALD TRUMP: When giving a speech replacing Amitab Bachan at the YES 2009 Southeast Asia Youth Conference. Photo of Asep Haryono
DONALD TRUMP: When giving a speech replacing Amitab Bachan at the YES 2009 Southeast Asia Youth Conference. Photo of Asep Haryono

Threat of Stop Financial Assistance

As is widely expected by many, the United States with its economic hegemony over the world spreads "threats" to delay. stop or cut financial assistance to countries that oppose the United States and or support the UN resolution. This has been predicted by many international relations observers from all over the world.

Indonesia, and hundreds of other countries in the world that currently foster good diplomatic relations with the United States, could be "disturbed" from the current political conflict. The impact is very multidimensional because from Political affairs it can spread everywhere and eventually it will penetrate the world of education.

The direct impact for Indonesia as one of its many citizen countries who are currently studying in the United States starting from Strata 1 to PHD or doctorate. Or maybe the USA alumni have to return the education funds that have been issued which are worth hundreds of millions of US dollars? If you imagine it, it's scary.

More "horrifying" again, for example, the degree that has been achieved by Indonesians resulting from the struggle of many years of education in the Uncle SAM State can be removed or not recognized. If this is already the case, it will run out. Moreover, if it happens that the expulsion of expelling its respective Ambassadors can be predicted that bilateral relations between the two countries, Indonesia and the United States, will end.

The international world uses the United States Dollar as a method of payment and economy. It could be that the international world "retaliated" the United States by conducting Boycott (boycott) against the US Dollar international currency using other currencies such as the increasingly well-known EURO.

Can the world isolate the United States which is said to be considered more and more arrogant? The United States, which is known as the country that feels it is the right to "punish" other countries, can be repaid with the same treatment. The International World "adjudicates" the United States on a chair in prison? Could it be possible?

If Mr. Donald Trump is truly offended by the initiative to reject United States' unilateral recognition of Jerusalem carried out by Indonesia and hundreds of other Islamic countries by cutting down and even stopping his education support program, then there are certainly many Indonesian students who are currently struggling S1 until his doctoral degree in the country of Uncle SAM can be stopped. There is no longer an American BEASISWA program for Indonesia.

If the scenario above runs as it is, and Donald Trump is still baper alias remains offended by the initiative of Islamic countries that support the UN Resolution could be more widening to bilateral relations between the two countries. Withdrawal of their respective ambassadors, so that the decreasing relationship status between the United States and Indonesia which has been sweetened is threatened to fall apart. Both countries, Indonesia and the United States could be cut off or decided. It's a dilemma. Do Is it possible for the world to exist without the United States presence? 
. (Asep Haryono)

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