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I Would Like To Go Abroad  I am just like another young man in the world.  Wait a minute. A young man?  However I am not young anymore, especially at the age I am now.  Some people said that talking about the age is not polite in Indonesia. I think I am a little bit shy of telling you my real age.

Well let's forget about the age. Do you believe in fortune or bad lucks of someone? I am not really agree with that point of view. I never believe any fortune teller, magic predictions or gambling of life.  As matter of fact, I have been loosing so much time for years. I have many failures in my whole life which can be a good lessons to me. 

  • First, when I have finished my 12-year at senior high school in Jakarta, I have been so many heavy burdens.  I have failed at the first university entrance seletion test, as soon as I have graduated from my senior high school in 1989. I was thinking that my brains was still okay, then I have been learning so hard to be able to take the University entrance test in 1990.  I made it.

    I took a major of English at the University of Tanjungpura Pontianak. Do you know where is Pontianak city?  Pontianak is the capital city of West Kalimantan Province in Indonesia. All people all across the world prefer calling "borneo" in addition to West Kalimantan.

    Times running by, I was not able to complete my studies at the university and I have to be dropped off my studies.  I was very sad to know this.  Many problems at the time, from myself, and my family. I was wondering I might be one of the poorest guys in the world.  As matter of fact, I was forced to drop my studies at English Department at the university. 
  • Second,  During the journey of my life, I was working at one of the most outstanding companies in the heart of Pontianak. A newspaper company. I have spent 13 years working in the company as one of full time database staff at the company. People said the title of my position is Website Content Specialist.

    I enjoyed working there so far, but as private officers I could not control my free time. I have spent many years working at the same room, the same building, the same friends, and the most important is the same level of life. I was boring. With so much considerations, I have decided to quit my job there

    I spent more than 13 years working there, but the salary was very sall, and that was not enough for me and my famly. Everything is quite expensive by now.  I have been working for at least 8 hours a day from 08.00 am until 16.00 PM In the afternoon.  It was really a boring job facing the sae computers, the same building and the same people.   I must quit and start a new business of my own 
  • Third, I failed many times in application to study abroad.  It happened so many times that I was not so lucky to be qualified to study abroad in several institutions.    I would like to take the selection test of Australia Development Studies (ADS), I was not qualified in the field of education background which should posses at least Graduate studies. I failed many times in taking many English proficiency test such as IELTS, and TOEFL in Indonesia due to I did not have enough money to purchase tuition fees or Test Fees of the language proficient test

I don't believe a miracle.  I need a plan

Many friends of mine have been succeeded in completing their studies at many universities from abroad.  For example Ricky Raymon who is now taking PhD studies at London, Angga Dwimarta has been graduated from University of Indonesia,  Master degree,  Refaldo Fanther completed his MBA from Newcastle University in London, and many other friends of mine.

I was thinking that I was so late in pursuing the goals in life just.  I was thinking that I might be the poorest guy in this world.  I was quite old by now.  Nearlu at the age of 50.  I have not had done many thing in this life.  Do you think my life is over right here now?  I have so many goals in my life that I have to pursue with all cost, and I never give up to pursue my dreams even if I must be very old to get them all.  O GOD please help me

To be continued

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