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Fly with Qantas's Economy Class Premium Taste at QANTAS Even though you have chosen to ride an economy class plane, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the comfort of long-haul flights. The Australian airline, Qantas, proves that you can ride the premium economy class. One of the routes is from Jakarta to Brisbane.
On Tuesday (07/02/2018), flew with Qantas to Brisbane. This trip takes a total of 10.5 hours. Seven hours to arrive in Sydney, transit two hours, and fly again to Brisbane for 1.5 hours. However, this time passed comfortably thanks to all the equipment provided on the plane as well as the professional and friendly service of the flight attendants and flight attendants.

When you first enter the plane, you will be welcomed by the cabin crew who are ready to direct all passengers to their seats. For international flights, each seat is equipped with pillows, blankets, USB slots that can be used to charge mobile phones, as well as headsets and touch screens containing entertainment entertainment (inflight entertainment).

Qantas economy class seats are quite wide and comfortable. The distance between seats was not too narrow, so even if the passengers in front of them lay their seats, most people didn't need to bend their legs to sit down. The chair has also been equipped with a headrest that can be adjusted in height and the wings can be bent.

Thus, you don't need to experience embarrassing events. Like waking on a stranger's shoulder, or waking up in shock because the head fell forward. After feeling comfortable in the seat, you can start looking at the entertainment that has been provided.

The entertainment collection offered by Qantas is quite complete and can be enjoyed by all ages. When tried this flight, we found Blockbuster films like Black Panther and the Greatest Showman, classic films like Titanic, and Asian action films on Jakarta-Sydney flights.

In addition, Qantas airplane entertainment was also equipped with television shows, music , radio and games

 Ilustrasi maskapai Australia, Qantas.(ist)
 Ilustrasi maskapai Australia, Qantas.(ist)

Food and drinks on the plane to Sydney
With a longer flight time, of course we have the opportunity to eat more on international flights. The cabin crew will share the food menu with you. There are three main food choices, this time one of them is yellow rice which has been reviewed by, and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you want to get a little footage for Australian beer or wine before setting foot in the Land of the Kangaroo, this is the time. The cabin crew will be happy to pour it for you. If you still don't feel full or want to stay up late, Qantas has also provided fresh fruits for you.

But if you have decided to go to bed immediately after eating, you can request equipment to brush your teeth from the cabin crew. During the flight, you can also immediately take drinking water without waiting long from the dispenser that has been provided next to the toilet.

Before landing in Sydney, Qantas will also distribute pandan muffins with almonds, and a choice of drinks in the form of coffee, tea and juice.

Flights from Sydney to Brisbane
After going through the customs process and checking in baggage, you will continue to travel to Brisbane on a domestic Qantas flight.

Qantas domestic aircraft are not much different from international ones. Although the number of seats is not as much as Jakarta-Sydney, the seats on this flight are the same width and distance.

Friendly and professional flight attendants and flight attendants will also make your short flight more comfortable. Then, although entertainment on international aircraft is more complete, we find many similarities between the two, especially for new films. A Wrinkle in Time, for example, is on the Jakarta-Sydney and Sydney-Brisbane planes.

For food, due to the morning flight hours, Qantas offers two breakfast options. You can choose between sandwiches containing ham and eggs or muesli. chooses sandwiches that are served still and warm. The eggs are still soft. Then, Qantas domestic flights are also equipped with free WiFi. So, you can still connect with your beloved family and friends in Indonesia (
Shierine Wangsa Wibawa).

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