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Danskadron 1 Supadio Airport Motivates Students at SMAN 1 Pelaihar

Kubu Raya. There is a unique, melancholy story when Commander of the Air Squadron (Danskadron) 1 Elang Khatulistiwa, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto landed at Lanud Syamsuddin Noor, Banjarmasin. The Danskadron has fond memories of the Thousand River City.

Lieutenant Colonel Pnb Supriyanto, Air Force Academy Alumni (AAU) in 2000 was the best graduate of SMAN 1 Pelaihari, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan (Kalsel) 1997. He came from Gunung Melati Village, RT 03 Batu Ampar District.

When returning to the city of his birth, "Beaver", the nickname of the pilot of the Hawk 100/200 Airplane, had the ability to fly the combat iron bird. Together with the 2019 Cakra D Hanud Training Team, doing formation flight maneuvers like on the battlefield.

"I am proud to be able to return to my homeland. Moreover, it can motivate the younger students in the Senior High School 1 Pelaihari Almamater, "said Lieutenant Colonel Pnb Supriyanto.Atraction battle formation of three aircraft Hawk 100/200 Squadron 1 Equator Eagle above the sky of SMAN 1 Pelaihari and Banjarmasin City was carried out after one flight of the fighter when going back to home base at Supadio Lanud.

The pilots took off from Lanud Haluoleo, Kendari, landing at Lanud Syamsuddin Noor, Banjarmasin. Before landing, they took the time to surprise the entire city of Banjarmasin, by flying low (flypass) and combat formation.

"I have conveyed it via WhatsApp message to the teachers at SMAN 1 Pelaihari. All of this is to motivate the younger siblings, so that they also have confidence, if they are diligent in learning, they can also be combat fighter or whatever they aspire to, "he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Pnb Supriyanto, who served as Airborne Detachment 1 Elang Khatuslitiwa, Supadio Air Base since April 26, 2018, had experience flying with the Hawk 100/200 aircraft since 2003. The total flight hours owned by the friendly officers were 2,700 flight hours.

Sumber Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Source :  Supadio Air Base head of Information

Sumber Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Source :  Supadio Air Base head of Information

 "Thank you for the welcome of the people of Banjarmasin and my alma mater at Pelaihari Senior High School 1. Hopefully this relationship can still be maintained, "he said. The action of three Hawk 100/200 Hawk fighters in the Banjarmasin sky and flying low above SMAN 1 Pelaihari is part of the return of a 100/200 Hawk Fighter Flight Flight of the Air Squadron (Skadud) 1 Equatorial Eagle to the home base of the Supadio Air Force Base (Lanud) , Thursday (9/8).

The return of the falcon falcon, after a week of straddling the skies of Bumi Cendrawasih, Papua.

Led directly by the Squadron Commander (Danskadud), Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto, a Flight of the Hawk 100/200 Combat Aircraft was successful when participating in combat training at Manuhua Air Base, Biak. Combat training with the code "Hanura Flash Cakra D in 2018" and "Roaming Hawk 2018", is a means of demonstrating the ability of Air Squadron 1 fighter pilots.

The three fighter planes were piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto, Major Pilot Andres, and Major Nobel Prize. On Thursday morning (9/8), around 10:00 WITA, the community on Jalan Ahmad Syairani or in the office area of ​​the Tanah Laut Regency Government, beside Pelaihari State High School 1, witnessed the attractions of the 100/200 Hawk nurses.

The noise of fighter planes flying was not too high, making a number of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and all siwa-siwi and teacher assemblies of SMAN 1 Pelaihari, take a moment out. In addition to seeing directly, there were among them who perpetuated the low flight of combat aircraft using cameras from smartphones. (Source of Head of Supadio Air Force Base Information)

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