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Antonio Rebollo's Arrow Controversy in the Opening of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics   A few days ago I idly opened the album of memories of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 through Google Image. There were lots of photos of athletes and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. But when I opened the gallery of Youtubenya Videos at the opening of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics there was something that caught my attention.

What's interesting is the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Flame Controversy which was carried out by Antonio Rebollo with the fire arrow: Did the fire arrow that Antonio Rebollo fired into the caldron cauldron to light the Olympic fire OR the arrow passed (failed to enter the Kaldron , but the fire stays on because it is manually switched on by the control tower controller, that is the controversy

Antonio Rebollo sedang bersiap mengarahkan panah api ke dalam Kuali Kaldron untuk menyalakan api Olimpiade pada pembukan Olimpiade Barcelona tahun 1992.  Photo dari Youtube

Chronology of Controversy
For initial information. In the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, the Olympic Flame ignition process was not carried out in the usual way, which was to ignite it by igniting it with a torch as we normally see. But the unique thing about the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 was that the Olympic Fire ignition procession was carried out using the Fire arrows by Antonio Rebollo.

Well some people consider (of course after seeing for yourself the video) the arrow of fire that was fired by Antonio Rebollo did not enter the Olympic Fire Caldron cauldron. The arrow of Flame passes and or passes the cauldron cauldron. The Olympic fire is still on because it is manually turned on by someone in the control tower.

Some people judge that the arrow is not IMPORTANT or not because the Olympic Fire Caldron Pot uses a very sensitive GAS. The arrows do not have to enter the Kaldron Pot but only by passing (the caldron cauldron) just the hot arrow of the Fire that was fired by Antonio Rebollo has triggered a sensitive GAS on the surface of the caldron cauldron and immediately ignited

Some even hope that the arrow APi that Antonio Rebollo has passed must pass the Kaldron Kuali for security reasons. Because the position of the Kaldron Cauldron is with the audience stand. If the arrow does not reach the cauldron, the caldron is worried that the arrow will hit the audience in the stands near the Kaldron cauldron.

I am a bit difficult to research because I am also not an expert. I am not a video maker expert, nor an authentic or fake video analyzer expert. I am just an ordinary person who tries to give an opinion on this controversy. I tried to give my answer to the controversy mentioned above

I watched several versions of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Flame Ignition. There are indeed several versions. But in general it's almost the same. Now I then try to make a screenshot and make a red circle over the arrow that was powered by Antonio Rebollo. Please friends to see in advance the opening video of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

One of the videos that I analyzed was
 The Real Story of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Cauldron Lighting

Fire Arrow Antonio Rebollo just about 2 meters above the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Caldron cauldron which does contain GAS that is very sensitive to burning by fire.

he has to pass over it, to set the gas fumes on fire..Antonio Rebollo's Fire Arrow passed the Caldron Pot and triggered a sensitive GAS to burn inside the surface of the Caldron. The fire was already burning in the cauldron

he didn`t missed , it was calculate to overpass outside the stadium for security reasons. Arrows are designed not to enter the caldron for security reasons, Arrows can trigger GAS in the Caldron and it is on

What Do You Think?
Have you watched the video? To be able to understand the problem, I suggest friends to see the opening video of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, especially on the opening keywords. You can type in the keyword "lighting the Olympic cauldron" or the like. Then there will be lots of videos. Can be seen from any version.

The video uses a lot of Spanish. But don't worry, some versions of the video are equipped with Indonesian subtitles and English subtitles. If friends have difficulty using Google Translate for translation

I have included another picture of the Antonio Rebollo video as a comparison:


Antonio Rebollo himself in an interview said that he had a little difficulty when aiming at the cauldron cauldron with fire arrows that he was ready to set off because the whole stadium was very dark and he saw very little light in the direction of the Caldron he would light with his fire arrow.

Antonio Rebollo. Photo courtesy Youtube

" I was ready in my position when the Fire started right at the tip of the arrow. I, and as soon as the tip of my arrow was on, I set the time for a while while preparing an arrow to direct me to Caldronm. I saw the fire at the end of my arrow also stabilized. I look towards the very dark caldron. There is a reflection of the light from the audience but not much help. Once ready, I aimed the arrow towards the caldron. I looked at the direction of the fire arrow as I wished to fly to the middle of the ball with the right height, and the caldron flames lit up. I will not forget that I have managed to do the task" - Antonio Rebollo

You are invited to watch the video by yourself and enjoy Antonio Rebollo's interview  here   (Asep Haryono)

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