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5 Reasons You Need to Make a Name Card  Have you ever met an old friend, a new friend, a new friend, a new boyfriend, a new affair (oops), or a new business partner and exchanged WA numbers or BBM? Of course it's often not. Now how about exchanging business cards. Why should you prepare a business card for all purposes?
NAME CARD: I have a business card stack. There is a lot of information you can have if you have a business card. Photo of Asep Haryono
NAME CARD: I have a business card stack. There is a lot of information you can have if you have a business card. Photo of Asep Haryono

First, Practical

The first thing I want to say here is why you need to have and or make a business card is the practicality. Just imagine if you were in a forum (meetings, conferences, seminars, general sessions, even in RT meetings) you did not bring a pen or cellphone at that time and wanted to record what you used when you got a business card from someone?

Thank God, your person or friend has paper or pens so you can borrow from him to record his name and address. It's rarely like that. In other words, not everyone brings paper and pens to take notes or write. It's a shame you also get a business card from your partner / friend, and you don't have or aren't ready with your own business card. Shame.

Now exchanging business cards is a special thing. Practically extraordinary. There is no need to take notes down via Mobile. Although sometimes people will also save and or record the BB or WA pin number from the business card into their mobile device. But at critical times such as seminars, meetings or conferences, having a business card is necessary and very vital. Never mind a business person, a civilian person, even a business card runner as a way to provide complete, practical personal information. Just give a business card. Finished.

Second. More complete information
There is still a connection with point number 1 above. In addition to its cool practicality, having a business card also represents self-identity and self-image. What information is usually on a business card? Wow, of course, it can be loaded and / or included in the broadest information or information that you want to include. There are no restrictions and conditions. Everything information is up to you, whatever you want to include in a business card.

But in general a business card contains the name and full address of the owner. Sometimes the address of the company where he works and the place of his house in the village is also included. It's OK why not. Then social media information such as Facebook address, email, BB, WA, Yahoo Messenger (YM) Linkedin or Instagram. What social media do you have can be included in your name card. If there is a website or blog address, it can also be listed. Even your cool and cute self-portrait can also add style to your business card

Third. Effective and Efficient
Ow is clear. As mentioned in points 1 and 2 above, it is not only because of the practicality level that you no longer have to re-record the names and addresses of your friends or friends at critical times and are busy, this is the effective and efficient name. By having a personal business card, it has functioned as an "ambassador" or "personal ambassador" for yourself

Fourth. Cheap

To make a box of two front and rear business cards, the price is also affordable. Average in the range of 50 to 80 thousand per 1 box with the contents of 100 business cards. You can design your own business card like what you want if you have image processing capabilities with Adobe Photoshop., Corel software or the like. If you are able to please design yourself as beautiful as you want.

But if you don't have time and or can't, you can order (order) business cards at the printing company in your respective city. Discuss with the printing owner, about the format, color, and design of the business card that you want. The price of 1 business card box with 2 different colors for example is also affordable. Practical, easy, effective and efficient also affordable

Fifth. Elegant and classy
I have had friends in the Netherlands. His name is Douwes Dekker, he is a chef or chef a restaurant in Beldanda. I met him in the city of Pontianak in the 1994 era, if not mistaken. Well he once said "expensive boy" to me because at that time I had a business card that I gave him while he did not (did not carry) at that time.

So in other words, those who have business cards can be considered elegant, classy and respect network (network). 5 reasons you need to make a business card (Asep Haryono)

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