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5 Reasons Why Drinking Tea in the Morning Is Good For Health

Jakarta Tea turns out to have a good impact when consumed in the morning. Experts even recommend drinking tea at breakfast.

A cup of tea turned out to be not only soothing and refreshing, the drink from this tea leaf also had many benefits. Reported from Standard (9/8) following 5 positive benefits that can be obtained if you consume tea in the morning.

First , Tea repels stress. If you feel stressed and have lots of thoughts, try to enjoy a glass of warm tea. A UCL study shows that tea can repel stress hormones in someone.

The study, published in the journal Psychopharmacology, proves that people who drink tea can relieve stress faster than those who do not consume tea. The recommended tea is natural tea that is brewed manually. Not tea packaging.

Drinking a glass of tea at least one in a week can improve your quality of healthy. Photo Asep Haryono
Drinking a glass of tea at least one in a week can improve your quality of healthy. Photo Asep Haryono

,  Can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke  A researcher at Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study of 70 people with at least 70 percent coronary artery blockage. After drinking black tea for four weeks, blood vessel function increased by almost 50 percent.

Dr. Vita concluded that drinking tea can prevent or reverse the function of the arterial canal and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. They concluded that this was due to the role of flavonoids, plant compounds that contain antioxidants so as to prevent the formation of plaque on the arterial wall.

Third. Can prevent cancer. Drinking tea can also prevent cancer. Researchers at Rutgers University identify compounds in black tea known as theaflavin-3'-monogallate, or TF-2, which causes colorectal cancer cells to destroy themselves without damaging normal cells. In addition, they found that TF-2 suppressed Cox 2, a gene often associated with colon cancer. 

Fourth, Can improve memory, focus, and concentration-. rink a cup of tea before you go to the meeting room. Extensive research has shown that the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine, the natural amino acids found in tea can improve memory, focus and concentration.

Drink tea regularly in the morning so that activities run smoothly without problems. Also read: This is the word health experts, the best time to drink green tea.

Fifth. Take down cholesterol  A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that consumption of black tea can help reduce cholesterol levels in adults. This study was conducted on 15 people for three weeks.

The results are astounding. Five glasses of black tea a day can reduce cholesterol levels by 6.5 percent. So you don't need chemical medicines, just drink tea every morning. (dvs / odi) 


Original title : Ini 5 Alasan Mengapa Minum Teh di Pagi Hari Baik Untuk Kesehatan
Writer : Devi Setya - detikFood
|Translation into English : Asep Haryono

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