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4 Japanese Athletes Hire Hookers at ASIAN GAMES 2018 In Jakarta  The splendor of the ASIAN GAMES 2018 grand event which is currently taking place in the cities of Jakarta and Palembang is slightly "disturbed" by the case of 4 Japanese ASIAN GAMES basketball players who are allegedly hiring Commercial Sex Workers (PSK) in Jakarta.

The news and the video have been viral in various online and print media everywhere, DETIK COM has also dropped a lot of reports. I myself listened to this embarrassing tragedy also from DETIK COM.

Actually the issue of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) has been discussed for many years and has also sought a solution together with relevant agencies in Indonesia. Not only in Jakarta, as the state capital. Especially now that the City of Jakarta as the host of the grand event of ASIAN GAMES 2018 is certainly the center of the world's attention.

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The case of PSK 4 Japanese athletes who were found (and indeed proven) to hire the services of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) gave a signal to Jeloas that the issue of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) is an ever-ending PR.

ASIAN GAMES 2018. Photo courtesy Detik COM
ASIAN GAMES 2018. Photo courtesy Detik COM

In addition to the rampant problem of corruption which is rampant throughout the life of the nation and state, drug cases that have also become common enemies, and our war against it, terrorism which damages the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, is now increasing again with the issue of commercial sex workers who also have to get attention We together. Our task is all to eradicate these three diseases: Narcotics, Terrorism, Corruption and PSK.

With the emergence of the case of 4 Japanese Athletes, ASIAN GAMES, which had a PSK lease in Jakarta, had already been punished by their contingent. Amazingly, the 4 Japanese basketball team athletes announced the names of their names. It is no longer covered with initials as what we usually see in news in Indonesia.

The Japanese contingent officially apologized for the actions of their 4 national team athletes. They have been dropped from the list of Japanese national team players and returned to Japan with their own money. The punishment for the 4 Japanese national team athletes was also added to the ban on their appearance at the upcoming 2020 Olympics

The discovery of this case because of the behavior of the four athletes who were allegedly negotiating until the act occurred because it was known from a uniform or T-shirt that was still wearing a Japanese T-shirt. Obviously this is their fatal mistake which they did not realize until it finally arrived at all of us.

Obviously the PSK scandal for the 4 Japanese athletes had a very serious impact on both Indonesia and Japan. Japan, in this case, is clearly very embarrassed because of the actions of its athletes who carry Japanese names in international events like ASIAN GAMES like this. Obviously this scandal will tarnish the good name of JEPANG as one of the participating countries in this grand ASIAN GAMES 2018 event. Of course this is done by someone, not Japan as a whole.

The bad impact for INDONESIA as the host of the ASIAN GAMES 2018 grand event was also "tarnished" by the impact. This seems to signal to the world that the City of Jakarta is also a haven for seekers of pleasure from Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs).

Obviously this is less profitable from any perspective. The city of Jakarta as one of the other International cities around the world does have many problems. And one of the common problems of urbanization in the world, not only in the city of Jakarta, is the problem of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs). And by re-raising the issue of this CSW being a PR that really must be completed thoroughly, thoroughly and with measurable risks. 
(Asep Haryono)

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