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One Air Squadron Success Cakra Flash Training in Papua

Kubu Raya  ONE Flight of the 100/200 Hawk Fighter Plane belonging to the Air Squadron (Skadud) 1 Elang Khatulistiwa has returned to the home base at the Airadio TNI Base (Lanud) Supadio, Thursday (9/8). The return of the falcon falcon, after a week of straddling the skies of Bumi Cendrawasih, Papua.

Led directly by the Squadron Commander (Danskadud), Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto, a Flight of the Hawk 100/200 Combat Aircraft was successful when participating in combat training at Manuhua Air Base, Biak. Combat training with the code "Hanud Flash Chakra D in 2018", is a showcase for the ability of Air Squadron 1 fighter pilots.

"Alhamdulillah, we have completed the mission well. Even able to land again on Supadio Airport safely. Thank you for the support of all parties, "said Danskadron 1, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto.

Sumber Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Sumber Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio

The return route taken by one Hawk 100/200 Combat Aircraft Flight is Manuhua Airport, Biak to Pattimura Lanud, Ambon. From Pattimura Air Base flew to Lanud Haluoleo, Kendari. Had to stay overnight, on Thursday morning (9/8), the Elang Tenpur flew to Lanud Syamsuddin Noor, Banjarmasin.

Before landing on Syamsuddin Noor Air Base, the three tactical fighter planes had a flypass over the sky of Pelaihari City, Tanah Laut Regency and Banjarmasin City. The presence of the three pride aircraft of Supadio Lanud, of course, became an attractive attraction for the community, including students.

"We had a combat attraction, such as flying very low with a formation of three planes and swooping flypasses. This is done to entertain the people of Banjarmasin, so that they know that Indonesia has good military strength, "said Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto.

Besides being active in the Hanud Kilat-Cakra D 2018 training at Manuhua Airport, Biak Numfor, pilot of Skadud 1 with the Hawk 100/200 Airplane, also carried out the mission in the "Roaming Eagle" exercise. This exercise begins with a flight from home base of Equatorial Eagle Pontianak, to the Dhomber Balikpapan Airport, East Kalimantan, then to Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado.

"Then we continued our flight to Ambon Pattimura Airport, and the peak was during the Hanud Kilat-Cakra training at Manuhua Airport, Biak. Roaming Eagle Training is an annual work program of Skadud 1 with patrol activities to units in Indonesia, "said Danskadron.

Regarding the scenario of Hanud Kilat D 2018 training in Manuhua Airport, Biak, Danskadron 1 explained that the exercise was led by Commander of the National Air Defense Sector (Hanangknas) IV Biak, First Marshal (Marsma) TNI Jerry S Koloay.

In addition to the presence of a single 100/200 Hawk Fighter Flight, - the exercise also involved Boing 737 Indonesian Air Force from Halim Perdana Kusuma Air Base, 8 Air Squadron Heli, Atang Senjaya Bogor Air Base, C-130 Air Squadron Hercules Aircraft 31 Halim Perdana Kusuma Jakarta, and 583 personnel.

"Lightning-Chakra Training starts 2-7 August. It is divided into two parts, namely Quick Training on 2-4 August, and Cakra Exercise August 6-7. "These two exercises are combined in the communication of radar systems, joint communication systems, and air defense with weapons," Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto said.

Kilat Cakra D 2018 training is a work program of Kosek Hanudnas IV to enhance the professionalism of the Indonesian Air Force soldiers in carrying out their main tasks, namely to maintain the sovereignty of Indonesia's most eastern airspace which includes Maluku-North Maluku, Papua and West Papua Province.

"There are also four radar units from Manuhua Biak Airport, Silas Papare Jayapura Air Base, Johanes Abraham Dimara Merauke Airport, and Lanan Yohanis Kapiyau Timika Airport," continued Danskadron.

"During the Cakra Kilat D Exercise 2018 operation, there were also scenarios for the terrorism demonstration of the TNI AU Special Forces (Paskhas) soldiers, static shows, coloring competitions, paramotor and exhibitions," concluded Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Supriyanto. (Source of Supadio Air Force Base Information)

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