REVIEW : Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Can not be denied anymore, Samsung is one brand of mobile phones that are so famous with its various outputs. In fact, despite the presence of various new brands that become its competitor, Samsung still has a name that continues to sky with many fans. And one of the interesting types of Samsung is Samsung Note 8.  Dwi Wahyudi has written his review on this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which you might find interesting

This one phone is present and officially released in 2017 ago. And since its release, this Smartphone managed to experience sales fast enough. Well, for those of you who are also looking to find a Samsung phone quality, then this phone could be your answer. Especially with the various important advantages that are in his possession.

However, before that, you need to know more in advance about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Especially that is directly related to the specifications. As for more reviews about it, please directly refer to the following reviews.

This one phone comes with a look so attractive that it is ready to be your choice. Not only his body is slim, the screen was quite wide and more than 6 inches. In fact, the size has reached 6.3 inches. That way, of course this one smartphone will be very suitable for you who like to use it playing games or just watching videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Photo courtesy Sea PCMags
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Photo courtesy Sea PCMags


Furthermore, please note that in this case one of Samsung products tesebut in the design dnegan curved screen. Layae comes with a resolution of 2960 x 1440. While talking about color, this phone also comes with some favorite colors that can be your best choice.

In its emergence, there are 4 colors that accompany it. Starting from black, gold, gray, and blue. One of these colors is probably the color you really like. So, if interested with the Samsung Note 8, please adjust the color options in accordance with the criteria you want.

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Need to know also, that in the beautiful design that is given on the phone, it turns out there are some interesting advantages are stored. One of them is, this phone is a phone that is resistant to water, even dust so. And this makes it even more interesting. Not only that, the various security features that are provided will also be more profitable for you

Storage Capacity, USB, And Processor

In addition to the appearance and some things that accompany it, in this case it is important also to know some other things concerned such as storage, USB and processors that support it. In this case, for processor problems, directly entrusted to the qualcomm snapdragon 835.

Furthermore, for the storage problem, do not worry because this phone is already equipped with a very high capacity so you can save data with as they pleased. How not, the storage provided in the course has reached 64 GB for the minimum limit. In addition, there are still other options in the form of storage capacity of 128 to 256 GB.

Not only get there, it turns out this phone can also accommodate up to 256 GB micro sd. Thus, certainly for you who like to store various important data in the phone will be more secure and comfortable. No more afraid of running out of storage space or the phone becomes distracted by too fast full of storage capacity.

If for USB, in this ponsle provided USB type C which will help you in data processing easier. Well, talking about the data, to facilitate sharing as well, the phone is already equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 feature.

Features, Camera and Battery

In addition to some points that have been mentioned, there are still some specifications that are important for you to know with certainty. Among them are additional feature issues, camera and battery. And for information related to some of these things, consider the following reviews.

Various Interesting Features Inside
Talking about features in the phone, there are many interesting features that you can enjoy so that any activity can be done with the easier and lighter. While the list of some of its features is the fingerprint sensor, iris heart rate sensor scanner, IP68 and many more. Of course some other features are also no less sophisticated to complement the Samsung Note 8.

Main Camera
The camera of this phone comes with very interesting, especially for the main camera located at the back. The main camera is even equipped with dual cameras so the results were more steady, especially with the camera each 12 MP. In fact there are still some other interesting features that accompany it, including important features like autofocus.

Front camera
If the front camera is a dual camera, of course the rear camera comes with no less interesting. In this case, on the camera behind the phone is available 8 MP camera which is certainly very enough to accompany your days and immortalize various selfie photos. In fact, 8 MP sensor is already equipped with autofocus.


The last one, talking about the battery, Samsung Note 8 also has a large battery capacity, especially when compared with the class Samsung. The capacity reaches 3300 mAh which certainly can last long enough. Not only get there, in charging any battery in bekali features fast charging and battery saving.
(Dwi Wahyudi)

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