My Very First Time Cashing Out Google Adsense Earning  Getting easy and free money from other sources other than salary is "something" amazing which is very so much fun. The topic that I would like to present today can be unpleasant for those whose Google Adsense account is not active and has not reached the minimum cash out, and for those who still struggling in pursuing good traffic in order to give them big chances of clicking the ads

And I think there is no intention from the bottom of my heart about cashing out the Google Adsense eaning to offense anybody, only just to inspire all of my friends who are still working very hard to be qualifies as Google Adsense publisher all across the globe.

Not an easy thing to be able to gradually as I say today because it is a lot of challenges that must be passed and phasing towards a website or blog that is popular and widely read by people every day is "something" that is very difficult and also not easy.

However there are still many opportunities and also other efforts that must be taken to be able to achieve in that direction.

How to make a website or blog can be read by people every day also need a very serious handling. Maybe later in the future I will try to describe the "key to success" to earn the American Dollars to all my friends.

Having Experience cashing out earnings from Google Adsense several times is enough I feel I share information that I know based on this experience for friends in the future. Today I would like to share my experience in cashing out the earning of the Google Adsense. Can we start?

I am holding up a PIN sent by Google Adssense Headquarter in US. If you reached out at least 10 $ then you will be sent the PIN.  You have to put the code inside the PIN to verify your address in your account
I am holding up a PIN sent by Google Adssense Headquarter in US. If you reached out at least 10 $ then you will be sent the PIN.  You have to put the code inside the PIN to verify your address in your account

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
For the city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province has a lot of Western Union outlet in almost every corner in the city of Pontianak. Many adsense publisherrs who have to wait for so long the arrival of the Google Adsense check directly from the United States.

A Google Adsense check will be on their way to your address within a few weeks until a month of time. That is quite long period of time which can make people boring in waiting.

I prefer to receive the PIN to check from Google Adsense.  Do you know what is the Google Adsense Check ? 

According to the official website of the Google Adsense clearly stated that "Business account payments will be made payable to the Company Name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the payee name of the account holder". 

So the first thing to do to make sure of the method of payment you love, then you may your Google Adsense account type, ten Sign in to your AdSense account. Make sure of in the left navigation panel, click Settings, then click Payments.

For any Google Adsense publishers who have achieved minimum earning $ 10  will definitely be sent PIN in the form of postcards as shown in the photo as above.

Well the PIN is sent manually via POS directly from America to your address. You may find Google Adsense Verification Code Number inside the PIN, and then put the 
Google Adsense Verification Code Number in your account then your address has been automatically verified

If you put the Google Adsense Verification Code Number corectly, so the ON HOLD status on your account will disappear. Your address, most the address is home address where you are living, has been identified and verified in good shape.

You are eligible to be paid at least your account balance reached out minimum at the sum of 100 $. Do not forget to select Western Union Quick Cash on your verified account Okay.

What do you need to cash out the earning of your Google Adsense earning?Its very easy and simple.

First thing to do is looking for any Post Office at your place or in your near surroundings. Please have your identification and valid documents such Passport and many valid credentials.

 A copy of your identification card, and fill in the form available to withdrawnn your money from the Google Adsense through Western Union. Complete the form with your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). If everything are set, then you will receive your money from the Google Adsense. Good Luck. 
 (Asep Haryono)

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