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Do you like sausage? I do very much. May be many of you loves it with a slice of bread, or in a burger or something.  Well that is fine. Perhaps you can cook the sausage only for your daily meal?

Maybe that your flavorful, smoky ribs had a decisive snap when you bit in? Sausages are like the Voltron of the grilled-beef world, combining the best characteristics of all the other popular cuts of beef into one perfectly juicy, always-tender, well-seasoned-through-and-through, universe-saving package.*

On top of all that, sausages are inexpensive (they're made with cheap cuts, like shoulder and trimmings); are available in convenient serving-sized packages; and, even at the crummiest of supermarkets, come in at least a half dozen flavors. They really are one of the ideal foods for the backyard grill.
deal, that is, provided you do two simple things: start with great sausages, and don't mess 'em up. That's easier said than done.

With 18 pounds of sausages in hand and a few bags of coal, I fired up the grill last weekend for a marathon of prodding, poking, flipping, burning, slow-cooking, steaming, smoking, and otherwise manhandling the tube steak until I arrived at what I believe is the best method to take them from raw to cooked on the grill. Here's what went down.

Adjust your heat to cook the sausage. Don't let it burnt and busted-open casing, sooty flavor, juices lost to the grill gods
Adjust your heat to cook the sausage. Don't let it burnt and busted-open casing, sooty flavor, juices lost to the grill gods

What happened: This is what happens when you throw a sausage over the highest possible heat. Just like other meats, sausages contract as they cook, and in proportion to how high a temperature they're cooked to.
Cook a sausage over high heat, and the casing and outer layers will quickly get very hot, causing them to contract a great deal. Meanwhile, the raw sausage meat in the center won't have contracted at all.

What happens next is sort of like what happens to the Incredible Hulk, but instead of the Hulk growing faster than his clothes, imagine his clothes shrinking in proportion to his body.

The casing and outer layers crack and burst open. Liquefied fat and expelled meat juices from the center pour out onto your fire, causing it to flare up and leaving a sooty deposit all over your sausage. The result is an acrid-tasting sausage, with a dry, juiceless center.

How long does it take to cook sausages under the grill?. What temperature do you cook sausage on the grill?. How long do sausages take on the Weber?.How long does it take to cook Polish sausage on the grill?. And many other questions here.  Are you able to answer those questions? Share with me here okay. (From different resources)

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