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Earn Money Online From Internet

If you have an access to Internet, and you have also cellphone or smartphone, and also a laptop on your own, then you have great opportunity to get and earn money online from the Internet anytime.  I am saying this because of I  have proved myself capable of earning money online from my hobbies in terms of searching for the world wide web.  x

Give me specific ways of earning money online, and how it works? Well, as I said before the first thing you have to right now is the motivation from yourself and have bigger intentions to get money as much you can from online activities. Here are some ways of earning money which you might find interesting. Some of the ideas I explained below already be taken and the results is amazing at least for myself. .Beside all, you could have earned from and try your luck anytime you feel like it

The pialasport site I mentioned about is all about possible chance to be winning.  Ok, now get back to our discussion today. Being a blogger can be one of the best ways of earning money,  Being a blogger is not only you put your articles, and writing down somehing because of you love making or writing articles for the world to see.  You are not just publishing your own writing or opinion online and you just get admirations, Followers, Fans and "LIKE:" from readers only

No Way. You have to earn money from your online activities. Can you do it?  How do you start earning the money online? I have put some tips or ways of earning money which you might find intersting. Here we go

I have three times receiving money from Google Adsense.  Do you know about the Google Adsense? If you do not know about the Google Adsense: is a platform of advertising ads or text which can be put into the articles on your blog or website and when people or visitors click the ads, and you will get payment.

The Google Adsense will pay you if you have reach minimum amount of money tp cash out from its publishers, about 100 $ or equal to about 1.450.000 IDR or Indonesia Rupiahs.  The currency in Indonesia is Rupiahs, with 1 USD is equal to about Rp..14.500,-.

You can choose method of payment : Bank Transfer or Cheque.  I Prefer Bank Transfer to Checque . Do you have any blog or website?.  

First thing you have to do is signing up an FREE account on Google Adsense site. Complete the registration from, and fill out the questions by submitting your personal information about yourself, and a handphone number and one email.  Remember one email for one account.. You are not allowed to apply multiple account in one single mail.

The Google Adsense is very easy. Why I say so because of  the instalment of the Google Adsense is so easy : You just put the HTML code on your EDIT HTML dashboard on your blog.  You can just select or choose any ADS format that is suitable for your style, and your website or blog has huge traffic, then you are in good way of earning money very quickly.  Good traffic Good money you can get. Trusts me.

# Guest Post
Your website or blog is a powerful means to earn money online right now. For bloggers in particular, you post any article and publish it through your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram at many others, and you have hundred of thousands of follower, then you have great opportunity to invite third parties or companies to invest on your blog, and you can bet payment so easy. 

How it works? The basic concept is that many institutions, boards, organizations or even companies have programmed in marketing their products online, but they will absolutely need online communities like Bloggers to help them market their products to be recognized in the world.  They even are pleased to pay the sum of money to bloggers for that efforts

The first money I got my blog happened a few months ago, when a company of Bitcoin hired spaces on my blog, and it happened again and again every month.  I am so happy.  I think the companies need third parties to market their products especially for those active bloggers and have had good numbers of follower.  If your readers or followers stable with 2000 followers or above then you wull get a good step ahead to get tasks from your clients.

I have a dream very simple.  I wish I could get payment from the Blog Posts I made or Guest Post from clients with minimum $100 per month is enough for me.  You may say its too small while other bloggers around the world can even earn more than $1000 per month from a sponsored posts. That’s pretty crazy, but it can happen to every bloggers, and anyone get the same opportunity to get much money from any sponsored or guest post.

Please bear in mind that even if you do not have any website or blog at this time, you are able to get much money too if you have a lot of social media followers.   Don't think too far with Youtubers which can make much money fantastically, please be patient with this stuffs. Let's start with you have had and experienced for that.
 (Asep Haryono)

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