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Trump Or USA claims Jerusalem Decision ?

I just cannot wait much longer to give my personal point of view regarding very dare decisions have been made by Donald Trump a few years ago, The President Of The United States of America, on Wednesday said the Jerusalem is actually the capital city of Israel.  I am wondering which one who said the decision? Donald Trump as personal or his personal opinions or calls or as The President Of The United States Of America?

ecognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was not a part of the US overall development plans.   I am not an expert of Governmental officer or  a politician.  I am nothing. I am just a personal in the world.  Just a citizen of humanity who love peaces and living in harmony. I did not understand the system of the US politics about the future relationship between the Palestinian and the Israel.   The United Nations cannot do much more to stop the endless war between the countries

As we have been predicted before, the world leaders reacted to this situations.  Many leaders around the world also commented and shared their point of view regarding the recognizing of the Jerusalem as Israel's capital while many foreign representations did not establish any representative in the area.  Why does Trump says like this?  Does he want to keep his promises during the vote competitions against Hillary Clinton?.

As well know that the most powerful Hamas will respond to this Jerusalem decision by stating "endless war" to Israel country.   This is very dangerous situations and threatening the global peace among the Islamic countries and the Western in the near future.  The world is now in very difficult states that must be awared by all leaders across the world

Even the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh , might declared " a new generations to fight Israel" whatever it takes. The
 Palestinian Authority and the Isarel leader should sit together and talk about the peace again.  Both of the nations should hear the reactions of the world leader. Both of the countries should remember about the agreements once again between Israel and the Palestinians signed in the 1990s .

I stand with Palestine in every way.
I stand with Palestine in every way.

US People Is Endanger Every time

We have seen that the leader of Hamas are not pleased with the decisions made by Donald Trump by saying the Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel.   He cannot say like that if he is the President of The United States Of America.  He cannot represent the US people through recognizing the city for the Jewish. Where is the United Nations to do something to stop this inappropriate speeches of Donald Trump.  Where is the United States anyway?

Now Palestinians are protesting every where in the streets of Ramallah, Bethlehem,and also Jerusalem soon after the S President Donald Trump recognized the Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

The calls of Trump will put the US people is endanger every where in the world.  Now each people of the US passport or the citizen of the United States Of America are now very serious problems in their daily life.  Where ever the US People or American traveling around the world now is in difficult situations and the security of the safety of any US People is not guaranteed

Joko Widodo on Twitter
Joko Widodo on Twitter

The  president of the Republic Of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, also condemn about the Jerusalem decision called by Donald Trump, the President of The United States.  On Twitter, Joko Widodo confirmed that the people of the Republic Of Indonesia in on the Palestine side.

Indonesia strongly condemns the unilateral recognition of the United States against Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The admission violates the Security Council and General Assembly resolution. I and the people of Indonesia remain consistent with the Palestinian people in fighting for their independence and rights

To create peace and harmony among the Palestinians and Israel will not happen is one side cannot respect each other. 

I have to say that the Jerusalem is the future capital city of the Palestinians soon after the county is accepted fully as a member of The security council of the United Nations. With or without the status of the member of the security council of the United Nations, the Palestinians have the right to free and live in peace and harmony with the Jerusalem is the capital city of the Palestinians. (Asep Haryono)

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