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Indonesia Host World Renewable Energy Congress & Exhibition 2016

Press Release From Secretariat Of World Renewable
Energy Congress and Exhibition 2016

Jakarta, 8 April 2015.

In line with its increasing commitment to the development of renewable energy to reduce the dependency to fossil energy, Indonesia will host the 15th World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) 2016.

This international biennial gathering of experts and practitioners on renewable energy will be held on 19 – 23 September 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, and will be hosted by Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI-IRES) in cooperation with World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) headquartered in United Kingdom (UK).

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Bearing the theme “Sustainable Energy for All and All for Sustainable Energy”, WREC2016 is expected to attract some 1000 participants from 68 member countries.

The Chairman of Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI-IRES), Rachmat Gobel, who is presently Minister of Trade of Indonesia, said this is an international forum for sharing of knowledge and experience on the renewable energy utilization and management.

“We are proud to host WREC2016 and hope this event will bring benefits to the participants from both developed and developing countries to promote and speed up the utilization of renewable energy worldwide,” said Rachmat Gobel

“I hope this congress could become a momentum to promote and speed up the utilization of renewable energy massively and consistently, that leads to the reduction of our dependency to fossil energy and bring positive impact to environment.

Other strategic role is promoting investment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, particularly for Indonesia and other developing countries with similar potential in the development of clean energy. Moreover, this investment is also aimed at contributing to sustainable industrial development in Indonesia,” Rachmat Gobel continued.

Meanwhile, Organizing Committee Chairman of 15th World Renewable Energy Congress 2016 in Indonesia, Dr. Herman Darnel Ibrahim, said that, WREC is a forum for scientists, policy makers, experts, business and industry leaders, non-government organizations (NGOs), operators, investors, financial institutions, and international donor organizations involved in the global efforts to promote the utilization of clean and renewable energy.

At the official launching of preparation of WREC2016, Herman Darnel said that congress participants would share knowledge, update innovation and practical experience in the renewable energy development and utilization and energy efficiency efforts.

In conjunction with WREC2016, an exhibition would take place and to be attended by representatives of related industries, research institutions and technology innovators, showcasing their new achievements in the renewable energy utilization and world-class energy efficiency and conservation practices.

“WREC2016 in Jakarta will comply to green and sustainability principles, save and reduce energy consumption during the congress, prepare digital content, use environmentally friendly materials, and so on,” Herman continued.

There are various topics related renewable energy will discussed at WREC2016 in Jakarta. Among these are solar & wind energy system, hydro and ocean energy, geothermal energy, energy efficiency and conservation system, renewable energy integration: smart grid and storage, sustainable transportation system, energy meteorology and climate change, Indonesia renewable energy development.

Also to be discussed, topics in relations to energy efficiency, development and application of technology with energy saving capability in industrial, commercial, transportation and household sectors.

Moreover, topics for discussion also include those in related to the use of new and renewable energy include low carbon energy, technology related to the management of environment and climate change, disaster impact technology control, smart technology based on communication and information.

Meanwhile, Prof Ali Sayigh PhD as Director General World Renewable Energy Network (WREN), who came to Jakarta especially to discuss the preparation of WREC2016, expressed his happiness that WREC would be held in Indonesia, a highly potential country for the development of renewable energy. Prof Sayigh also appreciated Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI-IRES) who has started the congress preparation and hope the WREC2016 in Indonesia would be successful.

According to Prof Sayigh, who has been working and following the renewable energy development internationally for ten years, renewable energy would be significantly contribute to the world to replace fossil energy which has negative impacts to environment and contribute to the increase of green house emission in this planet resulting negative impact of climate change.

“WREN will closely collaborate with METI for the success of WREC2016 in Jakarta and invite a number of outstanding speakers with relevant expertise and overseas participants consisting of reputable scientists, world-class technology providers, successful renewable energy business players, and relevant world organizations to promote the utilization of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation to avoid global energy crisis and manage global climate change impacts,” Ali Sayigh added.

Headquartered in Brighton, United Kingdom, WREN has successfully organized World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) in a number of countries worldwide in cooperation with national organizations such as METI. Since its first congress in 1992, WREC has been organized for 14 times in various countries, including United Kingdom, India, USA, Abu Dhabi, Scotland, etc. Prior to Jakarta, WREC was held in Kingston, United Kingdom

WREC2016 in Indonesia will be widely supported by stake holders in relations to energy in general, government of Indonesia, private sector as well as national and international organizations supporting the development of utilization of renewable energy. (Source :

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