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Hillary : Here’s my promise for the debate

Hillary Clinton.  Photo courtesy
Hillary Clinton.  Photo courtesy

For more than a year now, Donald Trump has used his platform on the campaign trail to try to silence and bully anyone who looks or acts differently than him.

So here’s what I’m promising you today: When I step onto the debate stage a week from now, I’m going to use my voice, my platform, and my microphone to speak out on behalf of the Americans he’s trying to put down.

I’m going to stand up for the 11-year-old girl in Nevada, who’s worried that her parents would be deported under a Trump presidency. For the Muslim family in Queens whose young children are terrified of how their family would be treated if Donald Trump becomes their Commander-in-Chief. I’ll speak up for every American who needs someone in their corner -- not someone backing them into one.

I’ve taken part in quite a few debates in my life. But Monday’s is the most important. With so much on the line, I’m ready to give my all.

It’s going to be a historic night, and I’d love for you to be there for it. Will you add your name before tonight’s final deadline for a shot to sit in the audience as I challenge Trump? Time’s running out, the contest ends at midnight. 

Be at the first debate. Enter before midnight for a chance to fly out to watch the first debate!

I hope to see you there



  1. Anonymous5:07:00 PM

    Scared no one will come to see you, that you have to ASK people to come? How pathetic, and cowardly. Will you PAY people to come like you did in the DNC? No one believes you, or IN you Hilary! Only your die hard sheeple. Sad, really.

    1. Hellow there. Thanks for droppung by. I really appreciate your comments here. I really do. Greetings from Indonesia

  2. Anonymous8:35:00 PM

    Trump didn't attempt to silence anyone. He especially didn't try to silence anyone by sending rioters to opponents campaign events.
    Trump wants to be president of the US. Hillary wants to be president of a third world country.
    Trump is running to be commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Hillary is running to be commander-in-chief of families.

    1. Hello there Mr/Mrs Anonymous.
      This is Asep Haryono. I am from Indonesia. I would like to sya thank you for your time here, writing down your awesome comments and suggestions. I really appreciate it.

      Thank You so much

  3. Anonymous12:11:00 AM

    Are you even going to show UP for the debate? Word on the street is that you are going to duck it.

  4. Anonymous3:50:00 AM

    Sick , pathetic,pathological liar, I lay odds you will come up with an excuse not to show up, and if you do you will probably want a sit down debate since it seems you can't stand up for too long.

  5. totally full of shit as always


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