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Travel Tips To Malaysia

Have you ever been to Malaysia?. If you pointed out this question to me, then I will be pleased to confirm it with "yes, I have". Visiting to Malaysia is very fun indeed and very exciting moments that I will never forget. I have written my personal experiences during the Youth Engagement Summit (YES) conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last 16th to 19th of November 2009.

It was really so much fun indeed to be able to the city and I have got many wonderful experiences and met some wonderful people there too. I met some wonderful KL local people, traders, shoppers, and bystanders, and they were all very friendly people. This is the fact I cannot deny it, they are really friendly people indeed.

How proud I am with Malaysia Flag here. Photo taken during YES2009 last November 2009 in Kuala Lumpur
How proud I am with Malaysia Flag here. Photo taken during YES2009 last November 2009 in Kuala Lumpur

I visited Malaysia three times If I am not mistaken. The first visit happened when I was still at the university at Tanjungpura Pontianak. During the time I visited Institute Technology Mara (ITM) in Kuching with several senate students of FKIP UNTAN.

I visited the city for ten days before entering Ramadhan at the time. The second one is visiting to Kuching, in East Malaysia and staying in Merdeka Palace Hotel located in the heart of Kuching.

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The Merdeka Hotel was a really so cool place to stay, and I was so lucky to have these awesome experiences in staying in a very luxurious hotel in the heart of Kuching. I still remember about their "Aurora Court", that is all-Day-Dining Restaurant specializes in authentic local dishes and the best of international cuisine served with chic elegance just for my dinner or supper. It was a really wonderful experience indeed.

INGGIT :  Change your currency into Ringgit Malaysia in advance before departure to the country.   Photo Asep Haryono
RINGGIT :  Change your currency into Ringgit Malaysia in advance before departure to the country.   Photo Asep Haryono

The third visit happens during attending the YES conference last November 2009. Full stories about the conference can be found here, and I think those three visits will be one of my dreams come true especially in South East Asian countries. I have seen Kuala Lumpur in a very close range and stayed there with some wonderful experiences. I have enclosed herewith some tips here are from me which you might find interesting.

  1. Passport Anda Visa. In a country like Malaysia is quite close to Indonesia, and as the commitment of the BIM-EAGA meeting, for those whose original country is from Indonesia, then you don't have to prepare VISA to enter Malaysia. You need to update your passport and take them with you when you are traveling to any cities in the country.
  2. Air Flight Ticket. You can use Air Asia or KLM to travel to Malaysia. If your air flight carrier can take you to Malaysia, and there is no Air Asia or KLM aircraft around you, then they can be used for your carrier to the country. You can direct order the ticket and purchased the airfare tickets online on the website or just simply use your credit card. Your travel agent can arrange them for you. 
  3. Choose Standard Accommodation. There are lots of hotels for your accommodation during your stay in Malaysia. You can choose any hotel which fits your budget from the cheapest hotel until the most expensive one. Just find any hotel near you and within a walk with tourist spots. 
  4. Change Your Money. This is absolutely needed to do when you are planning to visit any cities in Malaysia. The official currency is RM or Malaysian Ringgit, and the price of one Ringgit to your local currency may vary in each country. It is a good idea for you to change your money into Ringgit when you are still in your country due to the price can be an affordable one.
  5. Prepare Your Luggage Take some necessary clothes in your luggage, and do not take too much necessary clothes or outfits with you. Malaysia is a great country and the weather there can not be predicted accurately. Just bring some simple , easy, and comfortable clothes with you.

When I reached the Petronas Twin Towers with several of Indonesian team during the YES 2009 Summit , we were not able to reach the top of the tower due to they were practising emergency drill. We wish we could enter the top of the tower during that moment. We would like to view wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur from the top of the Twin Tower. Unfortunately we were not able to.

My KLM Boarding Pass

Well, I think that will be all for now. Traveling to Malaysia can be very fun if you have visited the place before.

 Please prepare everything better before you decide to go to this city. If you want to stay in good price then you can choose the best hotel for your accommodation there in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia. You can save money either if you want to get cheaper place to stay. Just enjoy your traveling to Malaysia.
(Asep Haryono)


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