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  1. Blog or Website www.simplyasep.com, the material is largely a result of the translation from English to Indonesian and vice versa from Indonesian to English, the material is obtained and or taken from several reference sources.
  2. Every translated article or copy-paste that has been republished on the website www.simplyasep.com always includes the name of the original title of the article (title), the name of the author, and the URL address of the article's landing page.
  3. Likewise, the inclusion of PHOTOS or pictures originating from other reference sources and/or taken from other sources will still include the name of the photographer and the website address where the photos or pictures were taken in honor of the copyrights of others.
  4. In the activity of updating data and information at www.simplyasep.com, this is not a regular basis in the sense that the word does not have to be input every day. But there will be an effort to change data every day, God willing, if there are no principle obstacles
  5. Except in articles or daily papers that are the main agenda of the writer who is also a blogger. For articles or daily posts, God willing will be present every day. .
  6. For articles, travel reports, culinary tour records, photo galleries and information on Pontianak travel and tourism derived from the coverage and reportage itself. And also articles from enriched and or taken from other sources by originating the original information or material taken
  7. The photos uploaded and posted on the www.simplyasep.com website page are the result of the capture and/or camera shots of the owner www.simplyasep.com himself. If there are photos or images from other sources, the source will be mentioned.
  8. The format in English will be endeavored in stages along with the increasingly broad scope of visitors (visitors) from foreign countries or from international visitors.
  9. The language translator for this article www.simplyasep.com uses tools derived from google translate that can be operated by visitors to this website.
  10.  All input and constructive suggestions for improving the website www.simplyasep.com will always be welcomed. Please contact the owner of www.simplyasep.com with the contact address provided.
  11. Another thing about the use and utilization of the www.simplyasep.com website is that it is completed gradually in accordance with the existing needs and requirements.

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