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What Makes You Happy?

"I never lived in a building without my name on it" said Ivanka Marie Trump one day, and I found the words from local magazine I have received during my participation on two-day-conference on Youth Engagement Summit last November 2009.

Do you know who is Ivanka Marie Trump anyway?.  Perhaps every one only knew about Mr Donald Trump , an excellent multi-billionaire man on this planet. I was so luck to meet him however through online conference during the YES meeting last November 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some of you did not recognize or know her quite well, but it does not really matter at all as long as you can find out yourself about her through searching for the Internet. Ivanka Marie Trump or well-known as Ivanka Trump is one of the most wonderful women in the world and known as one of the most successful career woman ,socialite, and fashion model as well. I am not one of her fans, and the reason why I put her words on this posting just to refresh our memories together about what we are going to do in this life.

What sort of things on this planet which can make you feel happy?  What makes you happy anyway?  Those simple questions are somewhat very easy to be answered very quickly without thinking it over, but when people get the answer and compare the answer with someone else, those answer can be totally different.  I would like to write down some other things from this posting which you might find interesting.

Being Moslem  , Having Good Family , Having Wonderful Children, and Traveling Around The World  are the most important things of myl ife which cannot be valued with anything, in particular , being Moslem and proud to be Moslem for the rest of my life, and iwill defend it my life and soul anytime.  Now I would like to mention two other excellent things which can make me happy.  Take a look

Having Good Friends
I am not a talent person in searching good friends all over the world by chance, by miracle or even through online communities and social network approach like facebook, twitter , myspace and many others.  I am wondering this kind of good friends can be implemented in several ways of searching friends.  Every one and every body on this planet must have standard of good friend to be carried away.   You have admirable determination to succeed in finding good friends as well as I do.

What kind of good friends that you want to get right now?.  The answer to this question may vary from one person to another, but what I would like to stress on this friendship pattern is about the way of getting friend which should be thinking over and over again.   Friend is a natural thing in this world, and the good friend cannot be created and manipulated in anyway whatsoever,

Having good friends can be believed as one of the most happiness things of someone's life and the friend will be open for any kind of border out of races, religions, skin colors and country.  I have very little friends these days in particular about the good and true friend which can understand and feel the same way of myself in every way.  A friend for me is very special, and I never find a good friend or best friends so far.  Perhaps this idea is so silly especially when you think a friend is very easy to get and to forget.  Are you a friend to me?  Yes you are my friend, and that is why I invite you to become my friend.   Any comments so far?

I am pleased to get a friend or small number of friend if they can understand and help each other, but how can they can be accepted as a friend to someone else?  You must have a criteria for those who wants to be your friend, and I have had either.  There is no way out here for me to express what I feel about a good friend , however the feeling of having good friend happened in the bottom of my heart.  This is too much subjectivity reason, and I should never tell you the secret about a friend.  Let my heart decide whether you are my friend or just pretending to be. You will certainly become my friend, how about me. Am I your friend?

Wealthy And Money
However some people said that "money is not everything" but unfortunately that old fashion quote can not be considered as a forbidden thing for every one to earn more money from their job because of some reasonable reasons such as purchasing goods and services as well.   People will absolutely need money to support their daily life and to cover many needs including food, education , charity and many other social and personal goals. 

Having a wealthy parent is another reason, but the money we can get and obtain from the job or our daily activities is so much fun and can make me , in particular , he happy.  Saving what you have received from your monthly salary for example, can be calculated in the future to support your idea of something. The money can be used to shoulder your trips to other parts of the world, and the money can used for paying your tuition, and many other excellent and dreaming ideas of ours.

This is not mad, just take picture with money.  Photo taken in Bali. Photo by Syahril Badulu

Do you have a dreaming books?.  Well I do, and as I have posted in my previous posting a few days ago about "dreaming books",  I will absolutely need more money to purchase my lovely and dreaming ones in particular in the field of computer and technology books including travel, social development , culinary , and English as well.  

So there is no doubt and undoubtedly thing that people need more and more money to support their initiative in this world and support many goals in life which need money as method of payment.  Do you want to go pilgrimage to Mecca or donating poor people in your surrounding? Yes you need more money for them.  Well, do you believe now?   Without it everything is nothing. Just earn money in a good way and HALAL,  please don't corrupt or making a silly thing by manipulating and cheating.  People will know you.

As the conclusion of this posting, I would like to stress that every one has the right to find happiness in this world and life, and should be respected by people.   You must have your own vision and dreaming about what actual happiness you would to reach out and running for.    As the end of this simple posting, what makes you happy in this life?  Would you mind telling and sharing with me and I will be more than happy to read them here. (Asep Haryono)  


  1. To be muslim and obeying Allah's rule is my greatest happiness ^.^

  2. Anonymous3:10:00 PM

    Woho, that photo makes me giggle (in a good way) in an instant -- just interesting, as a memory that you once have that so much of money :)

    Oh, and what makes me happy? When things make me smile and laugh, I guess :)

  3. The happiness can not always be measured by money. But by money we can buy our necessities...The most happiness in my mind is that I can pray to Allah, I can share with umy friends .. thanks for sharing by posting this really enlights me. maturnuwun


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