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Google Adsense PIN Arrived

By Asep Haryono

I have been waiting anxiously for my first request to Google Adsense Team to send me a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on April 19th, 2012, and I have already requested on my second, and third one, and I have written an email directly to the Google Adsense Team through their contact support, and yes I am so happy this afternoon.
I wrote this just a few hours from my third request to the Google Adsense Team for that Personal Identification Number (PIN) , and one of my friends at my office , Pontianak Post daily Newspaper , suddenly delivered a post card from the Google Adsense. What a post card?. I think that is a really post card from the Google Adsense Team containing the Personal Identification Number (PIN) I have been waiting for weeks.

I think it is a good idea for you all to be more patience in waiting for your very first Personal Identification Number (PIN), and from this matter I can understand that one of the weakness of myself is terrible patience, and I just cannot wait much longer to get the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my Google Adsense account.

If I was not wrong, that the post card from the Google Adsense which containing that Personal  Identification Number (PIN) I have requested on April 19, arrived safe and sound in my office yesterday 25th of May, 2012.  It means I should wait around 37 days or about five weeks from the date of my first request on April 19th, 2012.   I am pleased to hear this and I really am.  I must say thank you to Google Adsense in advance for this awesome and excellent Personal  Identification Number (PIN).

I am so Happy
Do you know what the Personal  Identification Number (PIN) looks like?.  Well , there are lots of those Personal  Identification Number (PIN) samples available on Google search, and what you have to do now is only writing on the searching tab with the word " Google Adsense PIN " or "PIN Google Adsense" and you will probably find out lots of those the Personal  Identification Number (PIN) images in those JPG formats.

If you are really anxious more and more to know further more about the Personal  Identification Number (PIN) I have received from the Google Adsense, please take your time to see the images I have enclosed herewith.   In comply with the term and conditions (TOS) from the Google Adsense, the code number , name of the person, and address have been covered or blur.   Hope you will understand.
Here are my PIN postcard:

This is my post card from Google Adsense.  A post card contains of Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Photo by Kekes

I must cover up the name and address here. I must obey Google Adsense Term Of Services.  Photo by Kekes

The front cover of the Personal Identification letter from Google Adsense

The back cover of the Personal Identification letter from Google Adsense

I think the PINs are printed on white 4.5 x 6 inch (11.4 x 15.2 cm) postcards and sent via standard mail., and I can see from the top right corner of the post card label words "US Postage Paid Jamaica , NY" and well that is really interesting.  Having received the PIN , I decided to scan them all and discover the important data on the PIN and published here for you all and  share with those who is still waiting for their PIN or those who never see it before. Perhaps not really clear result but at last, you can see it ;)

I have a friend in the Philippines whose PIN also received in a good safe.  He told me that he was so excited about that PIN due to he has  been waiting for the PIN for so long because the PIN was generate on August 17, 2006 and it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery meaning it will reach by Sep 14 but it is already Sep 8. He is not patience just like me and he must emailing  AdSense team for the second PIN.

As the consequence, and in order for me as Adsense Publisher to become eligible to receive payments for my Adsense account, all publishers including me myself are required to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) I have received. 

I have just posted and written the Personal Identification Number (PIN) code number , and the "ON HOLD" or pending payment has been successfully removed.   Is there any comments from you so far about this?  Please do tell me, and I would love to share and discuss them with you.  (Asep Haryono)

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