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Good Bye Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb. Foto Internet

Having finished my daily activities today afternoon , I came across a tragic and sad news I read from one of the most powerful and awesome news online on Internet, DETIK COM , which confirming the dead of Robin Gibb, a legend from BEE GEES today. I was deeply sad inside of my heart to hear this very tragic and sad news about the dead of my fave artist from the Bee Gees.

Some of the songs I love from the Bee Gees such as "don't forget to remember" a country ballads which I have seen their video profiles from youtube, and missed watching the video again and again.

Having seen their video on "don't forget to remember", I was trully impressed with the power of their brothers singing the song in a small boat and dress up like a knight on the movie.  Awesome and so romantic indeed.  Actually lots of romantic singers from abroad whose songs are lovely to be heard too such as Air Supply from Australia, George Baker Selection , and absolutely handsome man Gerald Jolling.  Did you know all of those romantic singers? 

"Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10:46: The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery," said officially from the family of Robin stated again by the SUN on Monday last 21st of May. There must be thousand of people around the world will mourn for his dead.

Actually my love artist is only Michael Jackson, but I would love to hear all kind of songs from any singers especially from ballads, romantic memories , and slow rock from western singers, however, I would love singers from Indonesia too. Some of romantic singers from Indonesia that I love so much such as Chrisye (Alm) , Ade Manuhutu , Ebiet G Ade , and BIMBO

 If you think my fave artists and singers mostly from abroad, you are absolutely wrong indeed due to I love them both..  The Bee Gees is one of the best and awesome singers that I loved so much for years, and I have some their CDs and cassettes by the way.

Just a few moment when Robin Gibb clearly stated has been stated as "come back" again from his bad illness and showed in a charity even, and back again to face surgery, and that time after that moment, the singer has reportedly fallen into a coma said many resources I found from the intrnet. We can remember still a few years ago when the previous of his brothers died early such as Andy Gibb and Maurice as well..

For your information, In 1988 at the age of 30, Andy Gibb died because of  a heart attack and In 2003,  Maurice died , 53 year old brother of the Bee Gees family, died too due to  a sudden heart attack, leaving only Robin and his young brother, Barry.   Both of the man were the rest of the dynasty of the Gibb brothers. Now, Robin Gibb is gone now.

All we can do at this point is to pray for Robin Gibb our best wishes and prayers accordingly. May you rest in peace in the hands of GOD. Good Bye Robin Gibb. We always love and sing your songs forever. Just remember about the live and dead of a human is depend on Allah SWT for Moslems just like myself.

"I will recover only for my fans" said Robin Gibb during his fight with his illness said THE SUN, and as matter of fact Robin Gibb is really "stay a live" in different "world".  Good By Robbin Gibb.  Your truly love songs will always part of in the heart of your fans all over the world, and we can convince you that we "don't forget to remember" you and we "still remember" you..  (From many resources)


  1. Goodbye Robin Gibb. Even though I have no idea before about him, hope his journey in the world will be inspiration for people around.

  2. "Run to me, whenever you're lonely.."
    one of their songs that i like very much.


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