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Traditional Food

Glad to be here again after a few days off writing and posting new article at one of my primary blog here, actually I have still another business to conduct today, but I do not want to let my readers down about the blog of mine.

However I have not prepared good articles today as I always did before , I always prepared my complete articles one day before , I am pleased to inform my agenda I did a few days ago. It was all about traditional food which famous for some part of Indonesia such as Jogjakarta and other cities all across the country.

Indonesia is a really big big country,  and one of the most populated countries all over the world, and I am proud to be Indonesian for the rest of my life.  I am Indonesian, and proud to be forever, and that is the main reason why I really love eating some Indonesian food. Why some? It is because of not all the Indonesian food I would love to eat.

Jajanan Pasar
As I told you before at the opening of this posting, however I am Indonesian, and proud to be forever, I am not able to eat all the food of some part of Indonesia including in Pontianak, the capital city of Indonesia. Since however I have been staying in Pontianak for more than 20 years ( I arrived in Pontianak in 1990), not all the local food of this island can be eaten safe and sound by me.

I tried to enjoy some local food of West Kalimantan , especially in some places or areas in this island such as Tempoyak.  I thought many of you my friends already knew the food tempoyak. I tried many times and taste the food in a small spoon into my mouth.  Unfortunately each time I tasted the food, my stomach was shaking and feeling like to throw up. Ups sorry, but this is the fact I can not deny.

Frankly speaking, I hate the tempoyak, and I cannot tell a lie for anything that I was not able to enjoy especially about the traditional food of local West Kalimantan. How about "Pacri Nanas , Sayur Keladi , sambel teri , sambal blacan" and "bubor padas"?. Nyehehehhe I would love to eat them all.   I can say that our country, Indonesia, is a really big country, and we have many wonderful traditional foods from all areas in Indonesia.

The first time I enjoy "bubor Padas" when I had a chance to visit one of my friends from FKIP Untan English Department 90's, Wahid.  The man with a good faith of islamic knowledes was Sambas student, and I knew him quite well during studying at the faculty of English Department.  He took me to his area in around Kampung Dagang Timir Sambas in 1991, and his family offered me the bubor padas.  I felt so good and I love the food so much with some varieties of the food such as beef meat, emping and others

Bubur Sumsum?.  I did know the real name, but I feel this is it, Bubur Sumsum. Sweet and yummy. Very cheap.  Photo by Asep Haryono
Tahu Goreng, Tempe , Bakwan? I like them much really.  Photo by Asep Haryono

My wife and my son , Abbie 4 yrs, purchasing some food for us that day. Photo taken in Pasar Sungai Raya Dalam, Swadaya, 4th of April 2012 at around 09.15 WIB

This happened again a few days ago.  Some local food or "jajanan pasar" in Pontianak has now been part of my food activities in this city.   Having attended some meeting I did yesterday, I had a chance to take my family, wife and my son, went shopping to one of the traditional markets around in Sungai Raya Dalam kabupaten Kubu Raya.

Having purchased some main dishes and vegetables that day such as kang kung (kang Asep too hehehe), Bayam , Red small chili, Union, Garlic , tahu and tempe, we bought some fish too such as lele, and ikan Mahyong.   Regarding the ikan Mahyong, wow I love eating "Gulai Ikan" or "Ikan Asam Pedas" as well.  I am wondering for this matter,  can you differentiate between "Ikan Asam Pedas"  and "Gulai Ikan"?.  My friend, bang Jerry, already discuss the differences of the food in his blog.  Do you any idea?

Back to my stories, having purchased all we need to cook that day,  my wife would like to buy some tempe mendoan, tempe goreng, and tahu in the corner of the market. The vendor or the seller of the food were couples of Semarang , Central Java.  What coincident that my wife took her English degree from IKIP PGRI Semarang too.  She lived in Semarang for four years,  and I let them talked each other.  I took some photos of the traditional food we bought that day ; bubur sungsum , arem arem, tempe and tahu goreng.

Are you Indonesian whose fave food is Indonesian? If your answer is "yes", well that means we have something in common here.  Indonesian proud to be the Indonesian food.  We can understand and know each other that Indonesia, our country , owned many wonderful and colorful traditional food (including GHOST hehehe) from al part of Indonesia.   I love Indonesian food, and I really do


  1. i've heard twice bout bubor padas but haven't seen that image yet.. it seems delicious

    *just visit and follow back*

  2. Loooovvveee those foods a lot (ˆڡˆ) nyamm

    Wonder why recently some of my blogger fellows post their passion on food. Seems we're always getting interested in eating ya hihihi

  3. Dinie, I think we all are generally food lovers and food appreciators (does the latter word exist?).

    I love bubur sumsum and love making it myself as well, almost every day.

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