I Love Rujak

Is he Kang Asep? Yes his name is.  Photo by Asep Haryono

Hi again with me Asep Haryono here.  How are you all today?  I hope everything is doing according the plan, and I am here doing just fine.  I hope you are all , my loyal readers wherever you are now , having good time these days , get much love and happiness every time  every day and every moment.  Today's story is a little thing about one of my fave food instead of nasi.  How about rujak?  Well , I am sure of every one of you recognize the rujak.  Our traditional food?  Absolutely.

Just look at the photo I took a few weeks ago on this blog. The photo taken in around Muzeum locate din Jalan Ahmad Yani Pontianak. Do you know the rujak is?   Perhaps a few friends here do not like the food due to it hot taste and can make your lips and tongue burning together.. 

Rujak (Rojak in English spelling?-red) is a combination of several pieces of fruit cut in small pieces, then given a sauce (spice-red) which is made from a mixture of bean sauce, brown sugar, chili, and sometimes still sprinkled with the paste. Any kind according to taste, dish salad would be refreshing if eaten after the main meal (eg lunch-ed).   I think there is a little different between the salad and the rujak in terms of contents of the food.  How about you? Do you like the salad too.

According to wikipedia mentioned that Rojak is a traditional food which is usually made from a mixture of various kinds of vegetables or fruit and spiked with spices or sauces. Salad easy to find in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and there called the "Rojak". While this type of type of salad in Indonesia there are many different kinds.

I have a unique experience at the first time I purchased a glass of the rujak mentioned above, The price of the Rujak Petis is around Rp.5.000,- or Five Thousand Rupiahs, and I think every one can afford the rujak petis. How about the taste? Hot , for sure.  Unlike the organic rujak or normal one, the Rujak Petis do not use the peanut sauce instead of gula merah and chile.  The color of the sauce is red dark as the result of the sugar.

It happened to this Rujak Petis a few weeks ago.  Having finished my KTP ( not e-KTP, not yet) in the office of Civil Registry and then proceed  to go home and back to the office through the streets Ahmad Yani. I passed the State Museum of West Kalimantan, I was suprised to see a banner name of the rujak seller "Kang Asep Bandung" which very close to my name. Awesome.  We had the same name.

I dropped for a while that time, and I decided to purchase a glass of the rujak with the man.  While the rujak seller is preparing the rujak as I ordered, I am looking the face of the seller, well his face does not look like me hehehhehehehee.  If you have the same name with somebody else does not mean you must have the same face with them, right?   The name could be the same, the face is another.  Hehehehee.

Do you like Rujak?  I do

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  1. Yeeees, I looooveeee rujak too (ˆڡˆ) . Rujak petis is so yummyyy..

    What a 'coincidence' to find your name in the pic *as the name of tukang rujak hehe*, as well as in my blog :D Asep is sooo popular..


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