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Road To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part Three - SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker Singaraja

First of all, I would like to apologize for being late in posting the final stories (part three) from the last two, Part One and Part Two, the trilogy articles of a trip to some AIBEP (Australia Indonesia Basic Education Programs ) in Bali.

Today's posting is the ultimate trip to those AIBEP Schools, end of the trip to the schools, that is Kang Guru Indonesia visited SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker Singaraja Bali.

> This is the final travel report, part three, of my trips with Kang Guru Indonesia visiting to some AIBEP Schools in Bali last 5th to 9th of October 2010, and the last two schools, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem and SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, we have visited before. Today's stories is about the last AIBEP school visit at SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja located in Desa Alasangker, Singaraja Regency.

I got very little information about this Desa Alasangker Singaraja regency due to we had very little information about the village from local officers and administration around Buleleng regency at that time. I only got some information on tourist objects around Buleleng regency such as Taman Nasional Bali Barat , Pura Pulaki, Pulau Menjangan , Air Panas Banjar , Pantai Lovina and many other areas.

While driving to the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Singaraja regency, we found some Balinese telling some information on the village we are heading to. Some local Balinese told me that the Alasangker Village is a village around Buleleng regency which is still original, unique, full of good faith followers of Hindu. They also respect other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Small Preparations Before Departure

After very tiring days yesterday, 7 October 2010, traveling to some AIBEP Schools around Bali, all Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together again to discuss the next programs. All Kang Guru Indonesia champions back to Fave Hotel, our hotel.

The fave hotel , which still the same Accord groups, located n the heart of Denpasar and preferred by many visitors from Indonesia and abroad due to the location is very close to public facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, and electronics within a walk.

If you want buy the second handphone or used a cellphone , this is the right place for you to shop for the second cellphone around the hotel. There are lots of cellphone vendors in surrounding with good and affordable prices.

I have planned to buy one used cellphone for my wife in Pontianak at that time, but I canceled the plan due to some reason. The day is October 8th, and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions are ready to continue traveling to some AIBEP schools outside Bali.

I took a photo with Suryadi Ningrat, a wonderful and talented Kang Guru Champion from Madura with this posting. Have you seen our photo here? I am wearing a red shirt and Suryadi with his Madura's Batik. I got brand new Madura's batik too after returning to Pontianak after this.

Actually there are 11 AIBEP schools in Bali that have been visited by the Kang Guru Indonesia team during that time of last 5th to 9th of October 2010. The schools are SMP 4 Bebandem, Karangasem , SMPN 6 Amplapura, Karangasem , SMPN 3 Rendang, Karangasem , SMPN 5 Kubu, Karangasem , SMPN 7 Kintamani, Bangli , SMPN 3 Ubud, Gianyar , SMPN 4 Marga, Tabanan , SMPN 5 Baturiti, Tabanan , SMPN 5 Busung Biu,Buleleng , SMPN 7 Alasangker, Buleleng and the last one is SMPN 5 Kubutambahan, Buleleng.

My team consist of Syahrir Badulu, Ririn Pudya, Ayu Kusumastuti, Mahendra, Darmika, and Lusman Driber have been planned to visit three schools ; SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem , SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, and SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Buleleng. The first two schools , SMPN 4 Bebandem and SMP 6 Amlapura , have been completed , and the final target for my team will be heading to SMP Negeri 7 in Alasangker Buleleng.

This is the school that I would like to tell you about

About SMPN 7 Singaraja Buleleng

To shorten the stories, I will not tell you the car view on our way to the school. The journey using IALF's car and we need around two and half hours driving from Jalan Sesetan Denpasar to the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in Buleleng Regency. My team consist of Ririn Pudya, Darmika, as cameraman and a Driver.

My team received by the principal (kepala sekolah) of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker in office room of theirs, unfortunately I forgot the name of the principal of the school. The leader of our team, Darmika from Kang Guru Indonesia , introduced us to them one by one, and they were waiting for us since a few days before.

Some officials from Kang Guru Indonesia already confirmed us that the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker already reconfirmed to the Kang Guru Indonesia about our plan to visit their school. No wonder they were waiting for us already, and we can see some spanduks or banner welcoming Kang Guru Indonesia team at the school. Many students were there yelling and screaming our names too. Awesome


The headmaster of SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker Buleleng Bali with a staff. I forgot the name of these people. Anybody knows about them. Any Kang Guru Indonesia champions recognized the people, please let me know to complete this article. The photo taken at October 8th, 2010 during our presentation at the school. Photo by Asep Haryono

Almost any AIBEP schools funded by the Australian Government always put the information in front of their school to show the visitor clearly that the school funded and supported by the Australian Government throup AIBEP projects. You can see from this photo that the SMP Negeri 7 Singraja took lots of money from Australia. Awesome. Photo by Asep Haryono

I have had very little time to capture all areas inside the SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja due to we have only one and half hours making presentations at class with students there. I was lucky to capture two photos describing little sides of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker as you have seen at this posting. Based on those two photos I have enclosed with this posting, you can see surrouding areas. Not bad, huh?

The location of the class we would like to present a short game, quizz and presentation located at the top of the school. The school itself really located around the hills and we reached the area within a walk distance. If you are carefully looking at the photos at below, then you will see nothing right. What I mean is their students. Where are they? Where are the students? Guess.

DOWN : One side of SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker. We reach the top within a walk. Photo by Asep Haryono.

UP: We look down the basement after we have reached the top. See. Photo by Asep Haryono

I got the information about the SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja from some officials in Kepsek administration. The SMP Negeri 7 Singraja have been officially launched by Bupati Buleleng Gede Wardana. The estasblishing of this school started in December 8th, 2006 with total amount of around 1,2 Billion rupiahs from the Australian Government.

The school consist of six class rooms, 1 laboratory room , one student library, one guide officer, teacher room , principal room and staff as well. There are also some locations for student bath rooms, warehouses, and students canten or cafes.

Class Room Activities
All schools were located in the country areas of Bali. They don't have exact addresses and the KGI group had to go over hills and rivers, and travel on windy raods through rice fields. The whole 2 day experience has brought memories to each of us. This was such a valuable experience to see what has Australian and Indonesian governments have done to support Indonesia.

It's amazing to find schools in the remotest areas of Indonesia and to see the spirit of students who walk for miles to go to school. AIBEP is not just about the school and a facility, AIBEP brings hope and promising future for the younger generation living in the remote areas. Special thanks to everyone and especially to Ogi at KGI for setting up the visits with schools beforehand - Ayu Kusumastuti

Me (Champion Pontianak) and Ririn (Champion Jakarta) in action in front of the students of SMPN 7 Alasangker. Photo by Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

I noticed Ririn reading the drill for students. Me (Champion Pontianak) and Ririn (Champion Jakarta) in action in front of the students of SMPN 7 Alasangker. Photo by Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

Ririn Pudya (Champion Jakarta) is teaching the students in class.

This is the class we both teaching. Only few students as representation to the whole school. Photo by Asep Haryono

Students are singing together during the presentation. Photo by Asep Haryono

After Class Room

The SMPN 7 Singaraja actually located in Desa Alasangker, Kecamatan Buleleng. The school has been officially launched by Bupati Buleleng Gede Wardan, and I and the other KangGuru Indonesia team found the school located in very high position. We have to use many steps to reach the top of the school around the hills in the area.

Having finished all presentations, games, and quiz in the class which attended only few students as represenation, all the Kang Guru Indonesia team requested permission to the principal of the SMP Negeri 7 Alasangker. Both of the people (principal and staff) guided us the basement of the school down there to say goodbye.

We all went down the school and ready to say good bye to all students. Photo by Asep Haryono
TOGETHER : We took photo together with students. They waved their hands to us and saying good bye. Photo Asep Haryono

The very short video at the moment when we left SMPN 7 Singaraja, The video recorded at 8 Ocober 2010. Video taken by Asep Haryono


Many students came along with us that day, and we all took photo together with the students in front of the school. We told the students to learn more and more about every thing, not only English, and we encouraged the school to stay contact with the Kang Guru Indonesia for further considerations about help and assistance in the future. (Asep Haryono)


  1. The school building is almost the same with one or two schools in Sekadau kang. The ones here are located on 'Mungguk' or tanjakan which has higher land so we must have a walk to top to reach the schools.. But SMPN 7 Singaraja is higher, I think.

    It's a great way of KGI to visit the schools in remote area. I was impressed when noticing that Mbak Ogi would go to Sintang for KGI at the time we met in Volare.

    Nice travel notes. The students must be very glad to have new knowledge from you all, the KGI champion :)

  2. @The Kupu : I have planned to write some stories about Ogi trips to AIBEP Schools in Sintang in the next few days. Insya Allah will be tomorrow. I am not promising. Insya Allah.


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