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For those whose travel using Garuda Indonesia may have already registered as Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer (GFF). Have you got the GFF card already just like I have?.

Since 2005, I have been visiting to Bali, Island Of GOD , and completing the last trip to the island in December 2011.

I just cannot remember quite well on the number of flight I have ever taking ever since, and what I knew this time is the fact that I have been flying with the Garuda Indonesia more than 32 times. However I flew many times , but my membership status on the Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer (GFF) remains "regular blue", and this is the simple of my posting today

What is GFF?
I am not able to tell you more details about the Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flyer (GFF) due to they have already had an official website which you can find more details about the GFF with your own. Just browsing on the internet, and you will certainly find the official website of the GFF in its online address anytime you feel like it.

Its very simple right?, so I will not retell the stories or the information what they have listed on their site already on this posting. You could have seen the website with your own time. By writing down the URL address at and go. It's simple and easiest way to find more information about the GFF.

How the program of the GFF works? Well this is very simple and important question , ladies and gentlement. Well before I try to answer the question, please allow me to explain very little about the GFF itself. Almost all international airlines all over the world running the frequent flyer program not only in Indonesia.

For the simple explanation is about the reward on every single flying you are using with the Garuda Indonesia you will get a mileage. What is the mileage? Well, I am not sure of the meaning of that word with my own perspective. I think that is such a miles you get range from 500 to 1000 point rewards I guess.

For example, if you are flying with the Garuda Indonesia from Pontianak to Jakarta, and you will get free mileage at the sum of 500 miles. All the accumulated earn miles can be redeemed later for an award ticket , upgrade award or with any merchandises offered by the Garuda Indonesia systems.

My membership status on the GFF membership remains regular blue, and I have the chance to improve my GFF membership to higher levels for certain qualifications. For the blue, I need at least 10 eligible flights (confirm flight) to migrate from the blue into silver. The Garuda Indonesia offered four kinds of the membership status , blue regular, silver, gold and the last one is Platinum.

I have never redeemed my mileages for upgrading tickets or award tickets instead of redeeming with the merchandises or goodies. My current mileages now is around 8,000 miles, and that is more than enough to redeemed with a laptop bag. The bag itself quite expensive for purchasing with fresh money, around Rp.450.000,-. Hmmm.

I love Garuda Indonesia
One of the biggest things in my life for a while is traveling to Bali for free many times, and I have to express my gratitude for Kang Guru Indonesia first.

The Kang Guru Indonesia in conjuction with Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) based in Bali for supporting this traveling.

I will not be able to trip to Bali many times without your assistance and support. This is something I have never imagined that will be happening to myself.

The first trip to Bali I made was in 2005, and I will never forget the moment I am traveling to Bali with my very first flying with the Garuda Indonesia. One thing I never forget is about the seat position. Each time I am flying with the Garuda Indonesia, I will always choose sitting near the window.

I always come to the airport earlier to order this window seat position which I love very much each time using the aircraft. I am able to view the cloud, and every thing from the top of the sky flying over 30.000 feets is really amazing, and I am impreved looking at the skies above and down of myself through the window.

The food is good in very flight with Garuda Indonesia. I prefer Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng etc rather than European or western ones which for me can be very boring. Photo by Asep Haryono

A stewardess demonstrated regular safety instruction on board. If you fly with Garuda you will certainly meet such a pretty stewardess Indonesia. A good view for pessenger. Photo by Asep Haryono

I recommend you to take the digital camera with you every time you fly with the Garuda Indonesi aircraft. It doesn't matter if you are using economic class with the air craft , and you always have the biggest opportunity to meet famous people during the flight. I met many important people and artist during my trip to Bali for many years. I have had some photos to share with you today.

Me and Former Kalbar Governoor Mr Usman Djafar

Diva Krisdayanti (KD) and Me

Do you know a Diva Krisdayanti? Wow. Yes, I am sure of everyone knows her right?. Her smiling face always with her every time, and the song of "Menghitung Hari" is very phenomenal. song of hers. Well yeah I met KD and took picture together with her.

Actually Krisdayanti and Rahul Lamos are together in the executive class in that GA 504 Denpasar-Jakarta in 2008. They both wearing black glasses but I was able to identify the diva quite well. I asked permission to both of them to take photo together with me.

My camera always "on" in my small back and I think this helps me greatly when I come across any wonderful or unpredictable moments like this. I requested one of the stewardess to hold my small digital camera to take photo of three of us, me, KD and Rahul.

Superbejo And me in the car to the aircraft from DPS to Jkt.

Unfortunately before the shutter release pressed on, Mr Rahul get up from his seat and leaving both of us away. So you can only looking at me and KD only in the picture. To be honestly , I prefer KD to take photo together with me to Rahul hehehhehehhee. Rahul's body is big. His body reminds me of Myke Tyson hahahahhahaa.

In the other times, I met Mr Usman Jafar ( sorry if I was mistaken in writing his name) during the flight from Denpasar to Pontianak in 2007. Mr Usman locate in executive class during the flight, and I was in the economic one. When I am passing his seat, I noticed the man and request permission to take a photo with him. Unforgettable experiences indeed.

There are lots of things why I always dreaming of flying with the Garuda Indonesia again and again these days with or without Kang Guru Indonesia as my primary team. On time and awesome services available from this airlines, and I will always get the best things with the airlines so far. In the next posting, I will post some different stories of my traveling to Bali in different cultural perspective. (Asep Haryono)

(Asep Haryono)

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  1. Waaaaa, meeting some public figures on the air! I had that experience too, but it was 'on the air', in the studio, not on the air in the real context as you had hehehehehehe..

    Very great! You must be very extra confident to request them to be on one frame with you. I wonder whether or not I'd be brave to do the same if I were in that flight. But if for the sake of making it last forever in pics then publishing it in blog, I think I'd do the same yeaaaay \(^n^)/

    I just have had one or two times flight with garuda but it was so long long long time ago, when I was in my kindergarten so I didn't notice around me at that time hehe..


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