Asian Beach Game And Kuta Karnival 2008

We are the Kang Guru Indonesia Champions. We are ready to sightseeing now. Preparing ourself and packed and ready to go. Photo taken in Bali, 2008. Photo by Asep Haryono

Having posted very boring articles about Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) and discussions with Kang Guru Indonesia, and Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) yesterday , its time for me to refresh again with fun posting. It is really fun due to no more serious matters or things to discuss with.

Having visited to Bali since 2005 with the other Kang Guru Indonesia champions , I took hundreds of photos during the time and some of those are memories we made with the champions, with IALF staff, sightseeing , culinary tour , cultural events and many others. All of those memories along with our spirit. I had many stories during those period of time.

Today I would like to tell you some stories left during my visit to Bali again with the other Kang Guru Indonesia champions in Bali last October 2008. I have taken some photos during the time, and would be pleased to share them with you just to show that traveling in Bali is really fun and happy for everyone instead of doing some business matters.

A Glance of ABG 2008

ABG here is the stand for Asian Beach Game held in Bali 18th to 26 of October 2008, and I was very lucky to be there just one day before the closing ceremonies of those international event.

Some of local Balinese told me that This is the first biggest and spectacular event in ASIA which attended by at least 45 countries and over than 10.000 athletes, officials, media and spectators from abroad country. Awesome.

I found the overall theme of those ABG 2008 is "Inspire the World’" which representing the strength of the Balinese people emerging from the horrific attacks on the island back in 2002 and 2005. I am not sure of the reasons they put the theme like this otherwise they would not put the slogan for it.

According to the official committee of the ABG 2008 clearly stated that The ASIAN Beach Games is a multi sport even will hold every two years for various beach sports competition such as : beach sepaktakraw, beach volley ball, and many others.

I cannot remember well all of those sport competitions. The event was fully supported by the Olympic Council of ASIA (OCA) and The National Olympic Committee of Indonesia (KONI), Bali Government Office, and Denpasar Government Office.

This is BALI and everything you afford here can be very expensive. An action during the ABG 2008 in Bali. My personal documentation. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Champion Makasar

I and some of the Kang Guru Indonesia champions cannot attend the sport competitions during the ABG 2008 due to some reasons. Some of the sport events during the ABG requesting some fees , and we have to pay some entrance fees for it. We are not interested in. We just enjoy the game outside of the ring as long as we can see them playing.

I and Syahrir Badulu (Kang Guru champion from Makasar) went to the ABG event together, and also the other champions did the same way. We both noticed some excellent T-shirt of the Asian Beach Game 2008 in the corner of the volley beach competition. We were surprised to see the fact that the price of one single T-shirt cost Rp.100.000,-. Very expensive , right?

I took photo together with ABG merchandise staff in front of the ABG media center. A pin of the ABG 2008 cost Rp.50.000,- a small one. Are you interested? Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Kang Guru Champion

we both finally bought one piece of the T-shirt with black color while Syahrir Badulu bought two pieces with different color with mine. I finally bought one ABG 2008 PIN only due to the price was very expensive to my personal pocket. You can imagine , a small and white color ABG Pin cost Rp.50.000,- and I think the price is quite expensive.

A few minutes later after we both bought those ABG pins and T-shirt as well, we walked through along the Sanur beach around the media center, and noticed an excellent and giant hotel.

What hotel? Wow that is a huge and luxurious hotel as based station for national and international athletes of the Asian Beach Game 2008, Ina Grand Bali Beach. Awesome.

Inna Grand Bali Beach hotel is one of hotels in Sanur Bali which have been planned as official accommodation for all athlete, located at the heart of Sanur. I could see their gardens landscaped around the hotel. The Sanur beach was in front of the hotel and you can easily go to the beach for your own needs especially for other outdoor activities.

Kuta Karnival 2008
Another memories were about Bali's event called "Kuta Karnival 2008". Have you ever heard about the Kuta Karnival 2008?. The Kuta Karnival is another event in addition to those Asian Beach Games in Sanur. We were very lucky to enjoy both events at the same time. I would never let this awesome events go away. I took some photos of the event too.

One of the goals for both events is to give spirits and energy for the people of Bali to get recovery soon from the attack of Bali a few years ago and to increase and recovery tourist visit to Bali at the same time. The Kuta Karnival itself conducted on 16th - 26th of October 2008 at Kuta Beach area.

Having seen some sport competitions in the Asian Beach Game around Sanur , I took the quick route to return Kuta to witness those awesome Kuta Karnival with Syahrir Badulu, a Champion from Makasar. I prepared my KODAK EasyShare Z812 IS to capture those wonderful photos of the parade of the Kuta Karnival on the street. Some of those photos I took have been inserted on this posting as follows :

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Many kinds attractions have been successfully performed during the karnival such as food festival, kite festival, sports competition, drawing and dancing competition, traditional and modern art performances, music festival, king and queen contest, fishing competition and many other performances.

My digital camera , KODAK EasyShare Z812 IS consist of some simple and excellent auto exposures and some manual adjustment as well as 24 x telephoto lens. Some photos I took from quite far distances by using its telephoto lens which for me was very useful especially when I came across crowded people during witnessing the parade.

The telephoto lens can capture very quickly both wider angle to full telephoto mode. One funny thing happened when I am trying to take some photos of the participant of the Kuta Karnival from far disctances , I must climbing up the high windows to some trees to get good angle and accurate position "to fire" my camera. I felt like a sniper to take down the enemies in a war.

Just take a look at the photos I took at below. The following photos were my KangGuru Indonesia champions which also witnessing the Kuta Karnival 2008. I was standing in the other side of their position , crawling among the trees and took their photos. Those photos taken by my KODAK Z812 IS and I was setting the camera in a telephoto position.

"Snack time ". Photo by Asep Haryono

"Give it to me". Photo by Asep Haryono

"Discussion". Photo by Asep Haryono

"smiling". Photo by Asep Haryono

"huaa they got me" I screamed in my heart. They knew what I did, taking their photos. The first time in my life I behaved like a paparazzi. Photo by Asep Haryono

I noticed some of the Kang Guru Indonesia champions , Ririn Pudya, Keyko , Saptari Wibowo, Fadel and Suryadi in the crowded people witnessing the Kuta Karnival 2008. This is somethingI behave just like a paparazzi taking some photos of famous film star. It was really challenging for me taking their photos without they were noticing it. Am I a paparazzi? You tell me.

Well I think that will be all for now. I have planned to write down some other stories during my traveling to Bali which you might find interesting. Some wonderful memories for myself as former KangGuru Indonesia champions I cannot forget for the rest of my life.

The next posting is some stories during the celebration of 20 years Anniversary of the KangGuru Indonesia held at IALF Denpasar , Bali. Another alternative theme is about visiting to Krisna, and some information about IALF Building. Nyehehehehe. Insya Allah ya. I am not primising (Asep Haryono)

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