Kang Guru Trips To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part One - SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem

Kang Guru Trips To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Part One
SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem -October 2010
By Asep Haryono*

These is my stories about touring and visiting to some AIBEP Schools in Bali as I have promised in my previous posting. If you have not read my first stories about preparation at Kang Guru Indonesia at IALF Building, then I recommend you all to read them first.

SMP N Bebandem. Photo by Asep Haryono

As I told you in my previous articles before that the consultative group meeting has been successfully conducted at IALF Denpasar Bali the last 5th to 9th of October 2010. One of the primary assignments for all of us, Kang Guru Indonesia champions, that is visiting to some of AIBEP (Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program) - SMP level around Bali.

I would like to remind you, my lovely readers, that the programs conducted was a part of Indonesia Australia Partnership or AIP which all funding and support provided by Australian Government whose control held by Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) in conjunction with Kang Guru Indonesia based in Denpasar Bali.

Just to refresh your memories about Kang Guru Indonesia Champions, well there are 7 Kang Guru Indonesia Champions so far. They are Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Keyko Sri Rayahu (Semarang), Ririn Pudya (Jakarta), Fadel (Lombok. NTB), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), and the last one is me myself, Asep Haryono (Pontianak).

We are those seven young people who contributed and assisted KangGuru Indonesia to spread its program and promoting KangGURU programs across Indonesia. We have been selected from thousands of people in Indonesia who actively contributions to KangGuru Indonesia through KangGuru Indonesia magazine, Radio programs, and website as well.

Most of those Seven KGI Representatives are working in a variety of positions such as English Interactive radio presenters, English Teachers, and also private-sector employees. Kang Guru Indonesia Champions is not a position or a job which you can get paid. We never received money or salaries for our volunteer work, and we are volunteer workers actually. Well, I think that will be all for your fresh remember of my stories as a background.

SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem

According to the plan, I and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions have been planned to visit some AIBEP Schools outside Denpasar, and the tour will start at 7 October 2010. Some classroom activities have been discussed together with Kang Guru Indonesia for students during the tour. For this time, Kang Guru Indonesia recommended me to join Group A.
We had four cars actually, and each car will load at least two Kang Guru Indonesia champions, and accompanied with another two staff from Kang Guru Indonesia. Only for SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, the team is me myself, Syahrir Badulu and two other staff from Kang Guru Indonesia. The team will rotate and changed with other Champions.

This group A consisted of me myself, Ririn Pudya from Champion Jakarta, and also Syahrir Badulu from Champion Makasar. We have had driver, Bli Darmika from Kang Guru Indonesia and Mahendra as camera man. We used APV and another car borrowed from IALF. Those cars are property of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) Denpasar Bali. The first school we visit is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem.

This is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. Photo by kontra_alayers
The photo taken from http://s1235.photobucket.com/profile/kontra_alayers

This is SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. Photo by Asep Haryono

The journey we took from IALF Kang Guru Denpasar to this SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem is around three hours if I was not mistaken. The school itself located in Jalan Jepun No 9x Desa Bungaya, Kecamatan Bebandem , Karangasem Regency Bali. According to the principle of the school, I Ketut Latri , told us that the school has been opened on April 1st, 2006 by Bupati Karangasem.
The school funded by the Australian Goverment through BRIDGE Program grants. Do you know the BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is stand for Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement. This BRIDGE Program aims to increase knowledge and understanding between Australia and Asia through school-to-school partnerships that link students, teachers and school communities across the region including in Bali.

This school established by the block grant from the government of Australia at the sum of Rp.1.371.760.000,- from the grant term of 2006. The free education program offered by SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem in conjunction with Rochester Primary School Australia. As for documentations , I took many photos around the school which clearly shows that the school really funded by the government of Australia. Awesome.

Meeting With Principle

Our car is working very hard to reach the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem which located in very difficult area in Karang Asem. Unlike in Denpasar or many big cities across Indonesia, we hardly find sign or traffic symbol to guide us to the school. We have never been to SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem before, we have no map with us. We asked local people to give us sufficient information to lead our car reaching the school.

The school is located around the hill, and our car must turn around, going up and down on the street to reach the school. We have simple distance actually to the school, but the problem arise when the street is not good conditions, many holes and lots of turning covered by trees. The street is quite bad, and our car must go down and up with street. Some of us got stomach ache and very uncomfortable journey.
We had meals before at IALF and the hotel we lived in, but we still get trouble in our stomach because of those terrible street and the car shaking our team inside the car. There are lots of turning in the hill on the way to the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. "Oh my GOD, my stomach is terrible" said Lusman our co driver in the car. Hehehehehehe. I feel like to throaw up too.

PRINCIPLE : After more than hours riding from Denpasar, Kang Guru Indonesia team received at SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. The Principleool I Ketut Latri, M.Pd , sit in the middle of this picture. The right of him is Ayu Kusumastuti from Kang Guru Indonesia. Photo by Asep Haryono

Dadaa.... We finaly at the end of the car journey. Yes we reached the SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. We are four people , myself, Syahrir Badulu (Champion Makasar), Mahendra (Cameraman) and Ayu Kusumastuti (KangGURU) receibved by the headmaster of SMP Neger 4 Bebandem, I Ketut Latri, M.Pd. According to the information we had, Mr I Ketut Latri, has been returned from BRIDGE Program in Australia for two weeks last year. Awesome.

"SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem launched officially in 2006 and we got fund donations from Australia for building physical instruments, and we are running free education for local people here", said I Ketut Latri M.Pd to the team. He explained some information about his schoo, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, and not more than 20 minutes facing with the principle, it's time for us to do action in the class. Woweeeee. Great.

Class Activities : Fun and Laughter

The presentation begins when me and the Kang Guru Indonesia entering a class provided by the principal for presentation, games, and quiz. The room loaded by at least 20 students in the class. Some of the English teachers were also guided us during the class activities, including the principal by himself. The first presentation by Syahrir Badulu, Kang Guru Champion from Makasar.

Syahrir Badulu , a father of four children, was actually a Master Trainer and ELTIS Consultant in Makasar. He completed his master degree from New South Wales Australia a few years ago. He was good at teaching English for Teacher of English in Makasar and capable of teaching English for speaker of other language (TESOL).

This is small video of Kang Guru Indonesia team make a presentation to students of SMP 4 Bebandem last October 2010. You will see Ayu Kusumastuti from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced us before starting the class activities. Video recorded by Asep Haryono. Enjoy ya

Before we start making presentations, games, and quiz to students in the class, Ayu Kusumastuti, Media Coordinator from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced the team to all of the students one by one. You can see the short video of those introduction at above video clip. Have you seen the video by yourself?. You can hear the sound of the students and us at the same time.

Syahrir Badulu got the first turn. He began the class activities by providing game called "English Magic Trick", and the game was quite funny and interesting. The students in the class amazed by his outstanding skills of playing the magic trick. As part of the game, he provided gift and presents for those who guessing was true and correct. The prizes including books, pencils, flyer, and sticker from Kang Guru Indonesia

BULLETIN : Ayu "Joey" Kusumastuti delivered the bulletin from Kang Guru Indonesia to all students in the class. What I am supposed to do here? Just watching the girls nyeyeyeyeyeye

ONLINE : Just look at the left bottom side of this photo, and you will see a computer screen featuring a frontpage of a website. That is the cover of the Kang Guru Official website at www.kangguru.org online. Its my turn to do the action, Ayu. Photo by Asep Haryono

MASTER TRAINER : Syahrir Badulu, Kang Guru Champion from Makasar (left side), and Ayu Kusumastuti, Media Coordinator for Kang Guru Indonesia, and the right one is the principle of SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, I Ketut Latri, M.Pd. Photo by Asep Haryono

Game and fun activities in class we believed as good part of interesting class management and we thought it would be successful for this time. Many students there are laughing and get some amusements and entertainment from us. We were very happy of looking their biggest interests for English lesson however they even spoke with "gado gado" language between Balinese, Indonesia and English at once.

The students clapping during the game, and I saw all of the students in the class got the prize. All the gifts and presentations have been given away to the class , and the time completed by Syahrir Badulu. Soon after Syahir Badulu finished his presentation to the class, it was my turn to make some "action" either. My part during the class was presenting information about the website of Kang Guru Indonesia with computer

"Now students, after Pak Syahrir gave his presentations to you, now we listen to Pak Asep to present about Kang Guru Indonesia website on the computer, so let's give him welcome" said Ayu Kusumastuti , Media Coordinator from Kang Guru Indonesia introduced me to the students. I felt so proud of presenting small presentation about the website and internet for English learning to the whole class.

FRESH : This is a part of other side of SMP Negeri Bebandem , Karangasem, Bali. I took the photo during going outside of the class. Having finished our presentation, games, and quiz to the students. Quite clean and fresh air here. Behind of this building is bigger trees. Photo by Asep Haryono

Not more than one and half hour, Kang Guru Indonesia team (me, Syahrir Badulu, Ayu Kusumastuti, and Mahendra) have finished the game, quiz and smal presentation to students of SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. We step out from the class, and we return to the principal room and saying good bye to him and also to all teachers at school.

In the next posting, I have planned to write another stories of our tour and journey to another AIBEP School in Bali. The next school we are going to visit is SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura. The school is also a part of funding project from AusAID and funded by the government of Australia under BRIDGE Grant programs. The next stories will be our tour, game , quiz and small presentation to SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Buleleng.

The next visit will be at SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura located in Buleleng, around one hour riding from SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem. I will still be paired with Ayu Kusumastuti, Syahrir Badulu and Ririn Pudya, Champion from Jakarta. For your information, Ririn Pudya is a married woman , lady rocker and Radio Broadcaster as well. She was a rocker of hard rock FM based in Bali. The stories will include food trip or culinary tour and other interesting stuff. (Asep Haryono)

To be continued

Asep Haryono*
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champion

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