CGM of Kang Guru Indonesia In Bali

By Asep Haryono*

We are in the big family of Kang Guru Indonesia has been serving in Indonesia more than 22 years and there are lots of things we have done to foster friendship between Indonesia and Australia in the field of English training, teacher workshop , basic education programs and education.

Kang GURU Indonesia has been supported and funded with support from the Australia-Indonesia Partnership (AIP) scheme, AusAID and the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF).

The Kang Guru Indonesia used to produce FREE English language magazines for years three times a year. Each year , all Kang Guru Indonesia Champions all across Indonesia were invited to get together in Bali , in the headquarter of Kang Guru Indonesia main office in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar , to discuss everything dealing with the Kang Guru Indonesia with the staff of the Kang Guru Indonesia, and IALF.

Perhaps some of you do not know for sure what are they look like in those discussions?. Well today's posting is a small stories about the discussions done with them. I have been traveling to Bali for the Kang Guru Indonesia reasons since 2005 until December 2011 . Beside traveling for pleasure goals, I have also my own priority to be there in the island to join with the other Kang Guru Indonesia champions in Bali for a meeting.

We called them as "Consultative Group Meeting" held by the Kang Guru Indonesia for years. This posting is only a memorable articles for all of us in the Kang Guru Indonesia champions, and I would love to tell you our secret stories of the meeting we did for years.

Invitation To Bali
Perhaps some of you used to meet this very busy lady whose name is Ogi Yutarini. Have you meet the lady? Miss Syahdini, and Bu Temi , Program Director of VolareFM radio , used to meet her a few years ago. A short hair style lady in the family of the Kang Guru Indonesia is one of the those top managers in the Kang Guru Indonesia

Ogi has been working with Kang GURU Indonesia (formerly Kang Guru Radio English) since February 1997 when the project was moved to Bali from its original base in Jakarta. Ogi is Balinese. As Project Co-ordinating Officer, her main responsibilities are the overall day to day administration and supervision of KGI program.

Ogi is responsible for organizing all KGI Teacher workshop including times, promotion and travel. She is in charge on developing and ordering all of the KGI promotional items such as t-shirt, flyers, stickers, pen, pin, buku tulis, bag, and so on.

And another big task for Ogi is word processing, layout design and production of the KGI magazine (now bulletin). Ogi much appreciates the support given by thousands of KGI listeners and readers all over Indonesia to the work of Kang Guru Indonesia for over 22 years. Ogi also organizes the invitation to all Kang Guru Indonesia champions to come to Bali for attending the Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) for years.

He always send the invitation to all of us , Kang Guru Indonesia Champions , through email including the schedule of the travel arrangemenee such the hotel we will stay in Bali , discussion materials , pocket money and many others for all Champions. We were requested to give feedback as soon as we can in those invitations.

The pocket money from the Kang Guru Indonesia for the Champions usually get paid through bank account, and the money being transferred at least one week before the champions go Bali. If there are some moneys spent by the Champions, we have to use them with our own money and get reimbursement after we arrived in Bali. Now you knew our secret number one.

Discussions and Meetings
Now this is the main focus of my posting today , the Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) , and discussion sessions we did at the Kang Guru Indonesia main office in IALF Building located in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar, Bali. We did this meeting for years. It is time for you to know our 2nd secret about the meeting and discussions.

REIMBURSE : This is normal activity at the first time we arrive at Kang Guru Office in Bali. All of us will get reimburse for all expenses and money we spend before. All about the money thought. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar

Once after all Kang Guru Indonesia arrived in Bali , we have to meet Ogi Yutarini at the very first time before doing some other programs. Do you want to know what kind of activity that we have to do for the first time we arrived and met her? Money, absolutely. We all here get the reimbursement for the fees or money we spent from our provinces in cash. Do you like money as I do? Nyehehehehehee. Awesome

Who Participate On The Meeting? Each of the Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) held at IALF Kang Guru Indonesia will be attended by many people from all sectors in the framework of the Kang Guru Indonesia

In the normal time , the discussions attended by primary participants , our selves the Kang Guru Indonesia champions all across Indonesia ; Saptari Wibowo (Medan) , Ririn Pudya (Jakarta), Fadel (Mataram Lombok), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura) and me myself Pontianak.

The next group of the participants of the meeting is some staff of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) Denpasar including the CEO George Crewes (He resigned already, and now is Denise Finney) , the Project Manager of the Kang Guru Indonesia (KGI) Kevin Dalton , Ogi Yutarini (Project Coordinator), and the last Sue Rodger and Ayu Kusumastuti (ELT media coordinator of the KGI).

The Kang Guru Indonesia Project Manager , Kevin Dalton , usually gives directions, suggestions and ideas about the discussions and meeting including sharing the outcomes. Photo by Asep Haryono

Seriously listening the speaker. Well you don't have to wear formal dress on every meeting held by the Kang Guru Indonesia. You can attend the meeting even with short pant like a man on this picture. He was Adi, IALF Teacher, ADS Alumni. Photo by Asep Haryono

There always separe times for the Kang Guru Champions prior discuss before entering the main discussion with the IALF and KangGuru Indonesia team. You can laugh, joke , narsis actions or even eating on this meeting nyeyeyeyeye. Photo by Asep Haryono

Sometimes we got some personal guidance from Reny Mulyaningsih, IALF Expert in TESOL (Teaching English For Speaker Of Other Language) during our meeting with IALF. Photo by Asep Haryono

Narsis will always part of our activities while discussions and meeting. We took many photos together during the meeting. Yihaaa. Photo IALF/Kang Guru

For normal time available, the discussions and meeting both inside the Kang Guru Indonesia Champions or with the staff of the KGI and IALF , starting from 09.00 WIB and ended at noon. For your information, Bali's local time is 1 hour faster than in Pontianak. Feeling hungry at noon or 12? Yess of course. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, the Kang Guru Indonesia does not provide the lunch package for us. Huaaaaaaaaa.

You just get some small cakes or biscuits during the discussion and meeting with the Kang Guru Indonesia. No lunch package. Most of the cakes and the biscuits provided here are from Australia original. Photo by Asep Haryono

Most of the break time , usually for one hour only , the participants of the consultative group meeting will get for lunch time outside of the building. You have to go for lunch with your money. With our money? Yes of course , you got the money already from the Kang Guru Indonesia right? hehehe. We usually eat at Rumah Makan Muslim Ibu Rahmad or inside the cafetaria or IALF Canteen. Which one you prefer to go?

Cooking for Australian Sandwiches for our lunch with IALF. Photo by Asep Haryono

Do you like Australian sandwich? Come here and join with me. Photo by Mahendra/KGI

Trying to smile while having for Australian lunch with sandwich with Australian IALF staff and Kang Guru Indonesia, pretending enjoying the meals. I love Indonesian food actually. Photo by Mahendra/Kang Guru Indonesia

We sometimes get special privilege each time discussing and meeting with the staf of the IALF Denpasar Bali. We often get invitation to have lunch together with them outside the building especially in the plaza area or the parking area of IALF Building. Most of the lunch are Australian styles and the food usually with Australian recipes such as Australian sandwich and other stuffs.

Short video of my bos , Mr Kevin Dalton, KangGURU Indonesia project Manager who talked about his future concept our our roles in KangGURU Indonesia Bulletin. You will understand now what the discussion held in our meeting in IALF Bali look like. Cheeeersss

Another example of a meeting and presentation about JOEY at IALF Bali. The video taken in April 2011 by my small digital pocket camera. You will see Ogi Yutarini, Mas Alwi, and Mother Joey Ayu Kusumastuti on this clip. Video taken by Asep Haryono

However I prefer Indonesian food to other Westener ones, but I appreciated their invitation. How about the taste of those Australian sandwich, Asep?" well that is a good question. I am not really enjoying the food due to my tongue is original Indonesian, I am not feeling anything in my mouth. The beef is "kurang gurih" (what is it in English?) due to many westeners woud love to use less spicy food than Indonesian. No "micin" or MSG at all. (Asep Haryono)

Asep Haryono
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champion
For West Kalimantan Regional
2005 - 2011


  1. I miss mba Ogi, the energetic lady, fun and so friendly..

    You're so lucky to have a chance being KGI champion and had the wonderful experience..

    Gurih is tasty, but tasty is just too general ya kang.. Let's use umami to describe gurih then hehe..

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